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  1. Patch Notes 08/MAR/18

    are servers up or down? Cannot log in but web site and client say the servers are up.
  2. Patch Notes 17/NOV/17

    I would take this to mean that when a person is no longer a citizen of that deed they will lose perms with the animals .
  3. Deliverance Community Map

    Horse at Y7 is now Horsedog, I had to go with the original name for it. Thank you
  4. Ended: Horsedog - prime coastal development

    A very nice old deed. I would buy it if I had soemthing to do with it.
  5. No. I lag terribly with it. Even with settings turned way down.
  6. sold

    I want to thank my crazy and wonderful Wurm friends and extended family for helping out right now. While my husband struggled with mental and physical health problem for years this was very sudden and something we where ill prepared for. Over time I will visit in Wurm on Chiqqa and get eaten by a spider or three for cheap entertainment a I hang out and bother old friends. If anyone wants to find me on facebook fee free to pm me. Ye I actually went back to fb, shock I know. No matter what anyone says I ti maintain Wurm has the most kick ass community ever!
  7. Weekly News #11 Fly me to the moon

    For GV I would like to see a tutorial like we used to have. Educate these newbie please. They need to make that first mallet, tree fire etc. And we all know most will not do it if given the option. Waiting to join the game then become frustrated when they do not have any understanding of how to do the simplest of tasks tasks.
  8. I have struggled with this for a very long time, sometime it is my it dropping. Other a described above seems to be only the client with hiccups. It has contributed to my becoming a casual player.
  9. bdew WO account is sold

    Have fun Bdew. You know you will be missed.
  10. unstable client performance feedback

    I have been running the Unstable client for several day now. ailing I have allot of "Travel Lag" even at low sailing speeds. Keep in mind this may well be due to poor connection on my end of things.
  11. End GM Censorship of the Forums

    To me it comes under "My house My rules" We all know things get carried away on the forums. Often times thing that would be better handled in pm end up here then we have a dog pile of opinions arguments, debate, bashing and what have you. Sorry guys but the adults have to send people to the corner every once in awhile and cleanup the mess. When I come on the forums it is with the knowledge it is not acceptable for me to be a much of a B**** as I would like to sometimes. If I do then I can expect to have my post removed etc. I know the rules and expectations just like everyone else.