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  1. That works, cod to " Chiqqa" please.
  2. I would like 1 create clay and 1 create peat please, Cod to "Chiqqa".
  3. The cost is so minimal now compared ot what it used to be that this should not be a hardship.
  4. I remember this also , not all impers did it but some did. It was also discussed up front, no surprises. I have not seen this in practice for years, nor have I ever done it myself.
  5. I have no interest in starting grinds all over again, been there and done that once, that is enough. I play with the same friends I have known for years. I have no interest in losing that either. A well established deed with good supply of mats on hand. I have no reason to go to the new servers.
  6. I see the lower participation as due to both time zones and lower overall attendance. While having multiple impalongs throughout the year can be fun and easier it also reduces overall attendance. I see the pvp games as a bragging rights/fun thing more than sliver making thing , just my personal opinion.
  7. I have a deep appreciation for those that make unique hunts public, ( Sub zero) , and I understand , respect why some do not.
  8. hmm this one is tough for me. I loved the previous system even tho it did lack some depth. I held Tich in extremely high regard and appreciate her work tremendously. All of that said I do not enjoy our fishing system much now. I think it has a tad bit too much depth. I will have to say "Uncool" .
  9. Definitely sub zero. From the first time i logged in years ago I was impressed by the community. Many miles and deeds later I still think the community can be the best part of Wurm.
  10. Nope, it is a hard grind we know that , I know it better than some, did it to 91 on one toon, doing it again on another. I would not change a thing. While i am much slower with it the second time it is still worth every minuscule gain. I don't think ws on easy mode would be anywhere near as much of an accomplishment.