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  1. 1.5s for rare barrel? cod Raycg please if good
  2. Looking to start my own collection. What I have, JK JK Template Crusader Empire of MR Black Legion legion of Anubis Wurm University I have extra JK templates if you want to trade or buy Thank you!
  3. Chisel, Iron, 75coc - 2.5s cod to Ragecg please ty
  4. from the test meal [17:19:56] You suddenly realise that you have more of an insight about animal husbandry! Looking for Plate Armour Smithing and Jewelry Smithing 10kg each. Thank you
  5. COD Rare Scissors to Raycg please. Thank you
  6. Bump, added PAS and a note for people I get enchants from. Thanks!
  7. COD Rare Saw to Raycg please. Thank you
  8. 3 snowmen, 1 snow lantern, 1 yule reindeer COD to Raycg please. Thank you
  9. 95,13ql rare small metal shield, iron - 88coc // 4s 88,92ql rare small axe, iron - 101nimb 103fb 97coc 5s Cod to Raycg please Thanks
  10. I will say that the new server names don't fit in with the others. Must be why they are up north Grats to winners and art work is nice!
  11. Banners: 1.5s 2 Jenn Kellon Flags 1s , Mailable 2 Jenn Kellon COD to Raycg Please
  12. 92.16QL - Ropetool, Pinewood - 92 CoC & 92 WoA - 3 silver This is under rare, may i get this please? Thanks
  13. Bump, busy with work but should be able to fill orders. Thanks!
  14. 80,63ql rare hammer, iron - 90botd // 4,25s COD to Raycg please
  15. Close

    Bought, thank you.
  16. May i get a snowman and the picnic basket, 2s each?