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  1. It can I've actually done it in my game. You have to ad the map.png to the client .jar file and change the name to which ever map is being used. There is a post here on the forms that explains how to do it. It's probably buried, but if I can find it, I'll post it.
  2. I believe so, I started the map and ended up digging down to rock... Not hard if you know how. With the starting tools, it's easily possible, and you need digging skill anyway Ya, one thing I regret is making some of the biomes as big as they are. It looks good on the map.png, but when in game, they are to big IMO. I think tar is probably the only biome that suffers from this however.
  3. It's the 'black' areas on the map... There's actually quite a bit, once you know what to look for.
  4. Thanks! Unless there is a current mod to do this, you actually have to edit the .jar for your client. (copy the map.png into the client .jar) There is a post about it somewhere on the WU forums here, don't remember the post name however.
  5. I believe so, if you want the regular respawn time. Otherwise it will remain so any server restart will randomly regen the tiles. Unlike Prospect which will set itself to false after it runs during server startup.
  6. Wurm.ini in your server folder. CREATESEEDS=false change to: CREATESEEDS=true
  7. Thanks guys, so far the new upload (v1.1) seems to fix all the issues. Let me know if any other issues are found with the map.
  8. That was the exact issue I had experienced. After I recreated the map in WGenerator, and replaced the said files, I haven't had these problems. Don't really know what Darkregis is going on about.
  9. I wouldn't say it's sparse, but the jury is still out on whether it is to dense.
  10. Thanks, since this is in a DC, was just curious if you had a 1/2 U server. Either you're an admin or possibly a DCM with access to a cage to place what you wish in it. The server actually sounds like what I have on my home desktop, and I'm running this map along with the client on the same PC. I'm pulling an easy 60fps and the server is only using 1.6GB of RAM with 50K animals on this same map. I'm sure that might change with more than myself logging into it however. For that I'd put it on my actual server though. I'm a little jealous of the bandwidth you have access to however.
  11. Sweet, I'll have to check it out! What kind of server are you running (model and specs)? Just out of curiosity...
  12. Thanks Xeon! I was having this exact issue as well and apparently that is exactly the field which you need to update. Just FYI, I checked the default database and the "WORLDTIME" is listed as 5575600. Changed it to that in my own 'wiped' database and I'm back to summer time.
  13. Updated the OP with the map download link.
  14. Moot

    That's a pretty cool map, I like it.... 1024x1024?
  15. Nice, what size is it?
  16. Just to let everyone know, I'll be trying this map out tonight and post the map files shortly after. I'm at work currently so I have neither the map files nor can I test. Which makes me sad,
  17. I'll be making an "all sizes" version of my map soon. If you'd like more of an island map (indy), that's pretty much what I've made.
  18. If you want, I can make the exact same map again, but smaller... Which I might be doing for all the sizes anyway just to have and test them. I've also seeded the map in such a way that you wont find all trees in all parts of the map. i.e. Some are only in the lower regions and some are only in the higher regions. Edit: Oh, and thanks btw!