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  1. WTS Silver Coins

    I've got an old character on Deliverance and I just want to get rid of the currency on his person. I have 9s, 89c, and 99i. I would like to sell all of it for 9 euro.
  2. Price Check Rare Unfinished Colossus 17Kg

    What server are you on? Release? Pristine?
  3. New Server With Wurm 1.0 ?

    Lokked, check out this forum page: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/71037-the-wurm-academy/
  4. New Server, New Characters, New Alliances?

  5. The Wurm Academy

    I'm down to join. I'll get on TS when I can. EDIT: I am using my phone to get on the TS while I am at work. Could someone try talking to "Dorrim"?
  6. New Server, New Characters, New Alliances?

    I'm going to look at Wurm academy and see if it would make more sense to just merge with them.
  7. You're Late Rolf!

    26 minutes!
  8. New Server, New Characters, New Alliances?

    What's annoying about PTT? Don't have a mouse with an extra button? AFAIK leftctrl doesn't have a function in Wurm, and that seems like a decent PTT key... I have no idea on the settlement name.
  9. Groups For New Server

    Mine will be Dorrim, hopefully.
  10. New Server, New Characters, New Alliances?

    When I get home from work, I will officially set up the TS server. Otherwise PM me for my contact info and we can go from there.
  11. Groups For New Server

    I'll be foreveralone with you guys. How can I contact you?
  12. New Server, New Characters, New Alliances?

    +1 With my Mumble and/or TS it should be easy to get in contact with me. If you have Steam, look up "Cpl. Fisher[82nd AB]"
  13. Will There Be A Rush On The New Server?

    Will those Epic only characters be able to transfer with their skills?
  14. You're Late Rolf!

    So... that video was pretty awesome. Now I am really itching to make a stone first floor and wooden second and third floor.
  15. Will There Be A Rush On The New Server?

    Meaning you can bring money over from a current character, or you can buy it when you make the character? Because I didn't mean you couldn't BUY money, just that you didn't START with money.