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  1. Katavia, brand new 24/7 PVE server

    Edited original post to let everyone know the starter deed is open for business! Markets, public mine, and inn are ready to go! Got a couple already trying it out, feel free to come have a look. No obligations!
  2. Katavia, brand new 24/7 PVE server

    Welcome to Katavia, a new PVE server just launched. There are two reasons I have decided to start my own server rather than join any of the great servers already out there. First, I am really excited about running events for a playerbase such as spawned dungeons and GM ran missions. I think this is a great way to keep the server involved and keep things fun for the GM(s). I will also be working on my own mods for the server (software developer back on earth) and I hope to be able to bring new and exciting mods of my own to the server, mainly concentrated around content development. Starter deed is up and functional. We have an inn, public mine, and docks to help the new players out. This is run on a dedicated Windows Azure server running 24/7. On to the good stuff: Settings Map Size 2048x2048 Skill multipler x 5 Action timer x 8 Starting Body Control - 25 Starting Mind Logic - 25 All other body/mind stats - 23 Player Combat multiplier - 3.0 Creatures - 10000 Aggressive - 30% - UPDATED!!! Adamant & Glimmer are set to 0.05% veins Mods BetterDig BoatMod BountyMod BulkMod CropMod HarvestHelper InbreedWarning LibilaFixes MeditateMod MoveMod MoveToCenterMod ProspectMod SacrificeMod SpellMod SalveMod TimerFix Disclaimer: I didn't write any of these mods but they are easily found here on the forums, so look them up and give their authors a thumbs up. They are all great! Server Events GM ran missions GM spawned dungeons Awards and prizes, and mush more Online Map The map dump: FYI: The spawn point is in the center of the map on the peninsula sticking out into the lake. Come on in and give it a try! Or come tell me how bad it sucks! Either way is good, lol. I may or may not be giving out door prizes to the first settlers
  3. Close plz

    Please COD the butchering knife with WOA 62 to Mikaeli. Thanks.

    Please COD the following to Mikaeli : pickaxe, steel ( 77w 77 c ) 90.19 QL - 2s Thanks! Mikaeli
  5. (Xanadu East & Pristine) Bricks and Dirt

    Looking to buy 1k bricks on Xanadu East side, M23. PM me on forums please with your schedule. Mikaeli
  6. WTB 3k Bricks [Xanadu East]

    Looking to buy 3k bricks on Xanadu. East side of map, Whisper Island, M23. Post here or PM Mikaeli. Delivery negotiable. Mikaeli
  7. I would like to order 3k bricks delivered to Whisper Island at M23 on Xanadu. Mikaeli, mayor of Whisper Island
  8. 21.84 QL Oaken Star Sapphire staff

    Bump! Surely someone wants this elite staff so you can show all your friends how classy and refined you are.
  9. Deed size is 27 by 25. It sits between the ocean and an inner lake. Very nice location. There's a church, stables, blacksmith, and bakery already on deed. Plenty of room to build more. Docks are clear and ready to be built. Lots of raw materials, bsbs, fsbs, crates etc...all staying. Lots of iron on deed and in the area, all the way up to utmost. Tin on deed, zinc in perimeter. PM for more questions. Asking 18s. EDIT: Here is a dropbox link for the images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/b0ku6i4ki3tp17w/A8dOzCzmav
  10. Gems For Sale 1c per QL

    I am located at Barataria Bay in the SW part of Release. I will meet people as far as Linkloping for free if its a decent sized order. Inquire for all else.
  11. Gems For Sale 1c per QL

    1c per QL rounded up. You Pickup or I can deliver (extra charge). PM me with the ones you want. Feel free to post here as well. Diamonds: 49.21 48.43 34.00 25.00 18.39 17.29 Rubies: 56.07 55.74 25.46 16.03 Sapphires: 40.30 37.42 5.68 1.00 Emeralds: 28.00 2.84 Opals: 3.43
  12. Auctioning an Oakenwood Star Sapphire staff. Please post bids here. Bids will star at 4s, and auction will go until timer ends! 25c increments please! Adding a 1 hour snipe protection to this. Thanks for bidding! I will deliver to winner. Edit: to add timer, thanks Shrimpiie!
  13. My game froze up and now I am trying to connect and I am getting a "Network Error: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host". Is it only me?
  14. Add/remove Tiles From Building

    Just a few more euros...
  15. This probably does it for me. Basically, the trader drainers that have been milking the system and living off our purchased silver are going to continue to get a free ride at everyone else's expense. Rather than making everyone buy premium time, Rolf continues to accomodate these freeloaders who have silver draining down to an art. I can afford the price hike. I could afford 10 accounts if I wanted. But because I refuse to support any more freeloaders than the U.S. government makes me support, I will dump all my silver into my deed upkeep and let my subscription drop. Maybe I will change my mind before it runs out, but I doubt it. I am already on the lookout for the next best thing. Seeya around!