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  1. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Put me down for BS/CAS/PAS and I'll pop around to all the forges/stations as usual. I may also contribute to Shizno's drink cart if he brings it again this year. Shizno, reach out to me to coordinate.
  2. Trellis Love

  3. completely worth bumping
  4. Archaeology Journals

    +1 and i don't even do archaeology (much)
  5. Too expensive. Remove the wax sealing kit and replace that with a peg and beeswax. still more of a pain than a sealing kit without the added pain of doing sealing kits. to clarify: 1 beeswax 1 peg 1 ribbon 2 rivets
  6. Slaying - Black Dragon Hatchling

    Nice map! 10/10!
  7. Slaying - Black Dragon Hatchling

  8. I can sympathize with both sides on this one. It's true that the ability to seal large barrels or huge oil barrels would make amphoras and sealing kits obsolete but on the other hand, would be very nice if I could consolidate my beverages in larger containers while aging. With this in mind: New Barrel - Large Wine Barrel - 250 kg capacity (fine carp) 2 New Barrel Container - Large Wine Barrel Rack, Large Barrel Rack, holds 8 large wine barrels/large barrels. 4 wooden beams, 2 large nails, 4 planks to build. Same size as small wine barrel rack. New Sealing Item - Bung - Made with 3 pegs and a woodscrap. Used to seal large barrels and large wine barrels. Not reusable. As for sealing huge oil barrels...I just can't see it.
  9. While we are discussing terraforming, can we do something about surface mining? It really shouldn't be this tedious.
  10. New Server / Islands / Region?

    -1 population too scattered as it is.
  11. To explain the setup: I create a circle of 20 stills that take up about 1.5 tiles. dynamic lights was set to 7. Everything is ok when I light no more than 5 stills but anything past that everything in the tile gets saturated with more and more white until by the time I light the last one all textures in that tile are completely washed out by white. After bringing it up in CA, I decided to switch back to the legacy renderer and the problem went away; light sources shed light normally but did not 'white-out' the tile. I'm not sure if this is by design or not, but I wanted to let you know. I can't use the modern renderer with my stills because it is seriously blinding.
  12. Goblin Leader

    will be there
  13. Animal Handling Revisited..... Again!

    tentative +1 if you can include traits for increased yields or quality of animal products (meat/milk/wool/eggs). I don't need fast or tough pigs - I want big fat ones with tender cuts!
  14. Mine large shards

    +1 - i'd like this option on rock type resources if only to make it a little easier to clear said rock tiles from my mine. You could even make it more difficult to do skill-wise (maybe +10 to vein diff?) Actually, keep it for metals too, why not. would allow you to stick more in a smelter.