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  1. Beer, mead, sake and wine all decay if kept unsealed. Distilled liquors (vodka, brandies, rum, etc.) do not.
  2. Mead

    Mead exists, but it decays like beer not ages like wine. You are warned.
  3. Just as a note - there are 220 affinity combinations for brewed beverages alone, plus a total of 88 affinity combinations for distilled beverages (though functionally its 66 because good luck getting a fantastic still and thats still not going into rare/supreme/fantastic batches of pre-distilled product for the brandies) PLUS 3 different affinities for the eggnogs (which are counted under baking for some godforsaken reason). This is a total of 289 potential affinities Numbers of affinities aren't the problem; the problem is the spread (even with this many, there will be an affinity 'deadzone' where you will never get certain skill affinities) and the duration - ESPECIALLY with low quality products and brewed products. Given the amount of time and effort it takes to make this stuff (ESPECIALLY anything distilled, dear god), the duration timers should really be much better than they are now. And this isn't even counting teas, which have all of the downsides of regular foods with the crappiest possible affinity timers. Until the skill spread and timers are changed, foods will always be a superior choice when it comes to affinity selection and duration. I come to this conclusion after MONTHS of study, comparison, and experimentation. So yeah, +1 to a bev overhaul.
  4. This update was the final frustration for me. After seeing what they did to fishing, I closed my account.
  5. There is more than several. There are something like 120+ different combinations for tea - I mapped them out. it's a shame the timer is so crappy on them, they could be useful otherwise.
  6. So after experimenting with this skill, I find this update seriously lacking. I will list out my reasons and suggestions below: A twitch based system in a skill check game: the necessity of clicking to hook a fish has been added in order to make the skill more interactive. However, I find it frustrating that I can complete the twitch based operation yet still fail the skill check. Additionally, you can fail the skill check while reeling in the fish and have it jump the hook. SUGGESTION: remove the skill check from the twitch based action to hook the fish, but keep it during the reel in timer. Watching text: In order to know when to click, you must keep your eyes glued to your event log for a particular message. You cant risk chatting with other players or let your attention wander during a 3 MINUTE TIMER lest you miss your cue to click. This makes fishing even more dull than it was previously. SUGGESTION: Split the timer into 2 parts - the first one starts just after you cast and lasts for 1 minute and extend the amount of time you have to click a little based on character's fishing skill. This is the period in which curious fish come to bite the bait. Once a fish is successfully hooked, a 2 minute 'fight' timer starts. Additionally, add a sound cue to when a fish hits a line - i had to do this via wurm assistant. The Mystery of the matryoshka dolls: The fishing poles themselves are a victim of Wurm's outdated UI - you have a container within a container ad nauseum. This makes changing your fishing strategy with different baits, reels, hooks, floats, lines a real pain in the ass. not only that, but looking at the description of the items gives very little clue as to what they do or what they catch. SUGGESTION: Simplify the rods by making them their own items: basic fishing pole, light fishing rod, medium fishing rod, deep sea fishing rod, and professional Rod - each assembled out of its respective parts as they exist now. Keep the bait system as is, but change the float system - allow floats to be crafted out of wood and include in their description what depth they are intended for. This will keep the desired fishing complexity while simplifying the pole itself (not to mention the amount of time it would take to imp all of the individual parts for each type of fishing). Also, please include more information on the bait so we have an idea what it can be used to catch. The disappointment of small fry: While fishing out in deep water, I would be excited to actually have a line strike only to be immediately be disappointed that it was a herring. While I understand that this is realistic, it isn't exactly fun. Not only is it a waste of bait for small fry, but you cant even use herring as bait. SUGGESTION: Allow the fishing net to be used in deep waters to catch herring and other small fish. Take the small fish (perch, roach, herring) off of the regular list of fish that will strike a line. Also, let herrings be used as bait. Tedium vs. Reward: I wont get into a discussion of Wurm's gameplay systems (and for the record I really love this game despite the grindiness), but while the complexity and apparent failure rates have increased for the activity of fishing, the rewards appear to have not increased in a similar fashion. You still that don't do much. You can feed yourself with them, use them on pizzas and...that's about it. I've heard of clams being caught with nets that can have pearls or seafood meat, but that's still not terribly impressive for the amount of time and effort involved. SUGGESTION: include new uses and recipes for fish and fish products. Maybe salted fish that don't go bad that can be used as travel rations, fish oil, something to do with natural substances/alchemy? new dyes or additives? Analysis: As it stands now, the only thing necessary for players looking to make things like pizzas is a fishing net and access to brackish water. The systems' overall complexity is daunting while at the same time presenting lackluster rewards. These two halves must be brought into balance to make this skill update more successful. PS: I really love what you guys did with salt and water types. Seriously, that's been a long time coming. 1 salt per 1kg of water was a little silly, but 1 salt per 10k should be perfect. Thank you very much for that.
  7. Wanted to focus on your 5th point. In order to make a fishing rod and all the tackle, you need 4 different skills: jewelrycrafting, cloth tailoring, ropemaking and fine carpentry JUST to get a decent rod to fish with. Could we maybe make all the lines either cloth tailoring or ropemaking?
  8. I have been unable to try out the new fishing system because its going to take me days to lay in all the supplies necessary to do it properly and start cataloging fish. while I appreciate that the previous system was pretty braindead, this system appears to have gone too far and overcomplicated what used to be a relaxing activity. Reduce the amount of bits and bobs.
  9. Tell Enki not to blow his wad before the weekend even starts!
  10. honestly, if we just changed the dredge action to work in the same way as level (i.e. you keep digging dirt at that corner until the dredge is full, your ship is full, or you run out of stamina) that would be enough.
  11. I'm usually so focused on what i'm doing that I only notice 45 minutes later after they're gone.
  12. Hey shrimpiie, can we show up tonight to setup, unload, give gifts etc. with the understanding that no imping or enchanting is taking place?
  13. maybe instead of converting 'useless' rares to more useful rares, they could instead be used as a resource to make something else? Put it under alchemy; maybe it could be an item that improves the quality of consumables like food and drink - only as an example; other ideas in this vein elude me at the moment.