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  1. -1 to korean MMO mechanics to this discussion. I came back to Wurm to get away from that crap.
  2. -1 for additional tool -1 for pine sap being exactly like tar +1 every thing else
  3. -1 for reasons stated in this thread.
  4. I applaud the efforts of a fellow infernal!
  5. Just to add on to this, I found another odd factor in beverages - made wine with a rare fruit press, which changed the affinity of the grape juice. However, the modified grape juice appeared to have no effect on the end product (red wine). It seems like there are certain parts of beverages that don't follow the affinity/cooking system - is this intended?
  6. woodscrap doesn't matter for wine or I would have seen it by now. I'm talking about the barrel rarity.
  7. I was doing some beverage testing with some red wine sealed in a rare barrel I created. Today I unsealed it to test the affinity and said affinity was the same as if it was fermented/aged in a regular barrel. Is this an oversight? many other things in the process such as fruit presses or stills will modify the affinity, while one theory I have is that the affinity for most beverages is static during the fermentation stage. Can we get confirmation that this is either intended or an oversight?
  8. Wow, that's just depressing
  9. Make it a different sound, like trumpets. Otherwise, +1
  10. +1 for chicken coop structure
  11. I am unaware of any goods that I have bought or sold that have come from/gone to chaos. Furthermore, if certain lines of progression I was interested in were closed off by PvP I would likely quit - especially those who have been dedicated to PvP have been able to essentially 'buy' affinities (not saying its right or wrong, just stating what's been going on since 2006) It seems to be a common theme that players who enjoy PvP keep trying to drag people who just want to play the PvE side of things into PvP situations - likely because they see them as easy prey (see the wolf/sheep analogy posted during the UO timeline). If I want to play in a PvP environment, I don't look to MMOs which have inherently flawed systems but rather to FPSes which are generally more balanced/skill based. As far as the MMO genre is concerned, I very strongly believe (based on observations and experience) that PvP should be voluntary and that PvP and PvE should be kept separated.
  12. If you want that kind of gameplay, go play Archeage. I'd rather not deal with PvP to do my thing.
  13. As someone considering attending a rift for the first time, what fighting gear/skill would be recommended?
  14. I suggested something like this years ago, so you get a +1 from me
  15. +1. Was talking to someone in game about something like this - basically a water tower/rain barrel that you can fill and run pipes from to various containers in a house. Have it be gravity fed, so that you would have to put it up on the top floor or the roof.