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  1. WTS stone bricks

    Bricks are sold; thank you for your inquiries!
  2. WTS stone bricks

    6k stone bricks available at 1s/k. Free delivery to coastal areas on freedom servers (no chaos deliveries). crate swap expected.
  3. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    [22:16:40] Mind logic has increased to rank 4 affinity
  4. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    So THAT's why Shrimpie wanted me to bring the brandies, you've got everything else To add to this list, I will be bringing/supplying: NOTE: there will be 3 different distillations - normal, rare, and supreme; this means there will be 3 different affinity results for each variety Brandy Blueberry Brandy Raspberry Brandy Lingonberry Brandy Strawberry Brandy Apple Brandy Orange Brandy Lemon Brandy Cherry Brandy I may also roll out a couple of barrels of 'Jet Fuel', for those who prefer to drink while imping.
  5. Uniques Overhaul

    This suggestion certainly warrants some examination; if a balance could be achieved between the economic effects of changing the unique system and the increased participation likely if this changes to the rifts system it could be a great improvement. ideas like giving the whole server blood just seems like a bad idea. That said, the rift system itself may need some tweaks before it could encompass uniques.
  6. Bring back uses for alcohol

    Beverages already have some advantages over food affinities: 1) preserve high nutrition since bevs dont affect the nutrtion bar 2) easier to store/transport and in some cases non-perishable 3) quality improvements if stored properly 4) able to drink even if water bar is full The only unfortunate part is that you can get a wider range from HFC and better durations from things like pizzas - which is why we need to be able to make mixed drinks! And make teas have better durations, they're hardly worth making except for a meditation affinity.
  7. Idea for future of toys

    Thats not a bad idea. It wouldn't even have to be a buff to skill gain, but maybe to crafting speed or quality imp amount.
  8. [FIXED] Can not attach runes

    still unable to attach runes after today's patch.
  9. Wurmiversary 2018

    You're not wrong, but considering that no one even knew it was a thing for months before the GM who set it up said anything implies that if no players even saw the beginning of the quest, its unlikely that any will see the end.
  10. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Put me down for BS/CAS/PAS and I'll pop around to all the forges/stations as usual. I may also contribute to Shizno's drink cart if he brings it again this year. Shizno, reach out to me to coordinate.
  11. Trellis Love

  12. completely worth bumping
  13. Archaeology Journals

    +1 and i don't even do archaeology (much)
  14. Too expensive. Remove the wax sealing kit and replace that with a peg and beeswax. still more of a pain than a sealing kit without the added pain of doing sealing kits. to clarify: 1 beeswax 1 peg 1 ribbon 2 rivets