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  1. I dont see why not; its still roadblocked by maple syrup and after making some rice wine if you want to go through all those extra steps be my guest.
  2. More uses for Fruit Juices

    Sangria! there is already a way to make berry gin, you dont need to juice it. There is another post about introducing cocktails to wurm which would be a good use of various fruit juices for screwdrivers, lemon drops, etc. As for current uses for fruit juices, I think you need it for jelly/jam and you can make candy with them as well - i think.
  3. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    Last night I scored my THIRD mind logic affinity.
  4. More complex drinks (cocktails, etc.)

    and while we're discussing it, can we move eggnog from baking to beverages? the wlogic bends my brain.
  5. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong (Friend-A-Long)!

    Sign me up - I do anything with a forge. I may even bring a few barrels of whiskey and vodka!
  6. I never thought it would happen to me, but apparently I've won the monthly review reward! The goods are so incredible I'll take the store credit!
  7. More complex drinks (cocktails, etc.)

    +1 for bartender profession in wurm!
  8. Increase Picnic Basket Capacity

    +1 for the ablity to cut portions off of food. -1 for increasing capacity.
  9. VirusMD took time out of his busy schedule to get me exactly what I needed. Very friendly. A+, would buy again.
  10. Congrats on the April Fools

    I like the earth mover sounds while digging, its soothing However, the sounds really threw off my timing while imping things - i had to give it up and go dig more. Still, great prank. My deedmate came up to me all worried while I was farming asking about strange sounds
  11. WTB lingonberry sprouts

    As above, looking to complete collection. PM me to work out details.
  12. Separate Beverage Affinities

    i'll throw a +1 on this as well. Beverages do have some advantages over cooked food (longer timers at lower qualities, much easier to store, some do not decay even when unsealed) but these are overshadowed by the use of small or large magic chests that a lot of the older players have. A boost to beverages isn't a bad idea.
  13. more liquor variants

    Given that there are certain variants of brandy and gin, why not also include the same variants for vodka? it's an odorless, colorless spirit so it would make sense. Also, moonshine lends itself to flavoring as well. lastly, just to change it up, would it be possible to include spice variants of rum? A certain amount of wlogic would have to apply, but I think it would be interesting.
  14. Wool bandaging

  15. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    This conversation has been played out countless times in countless game and it's always the same thing - people who enjoy PvP and think its the greatest thing since sliced bread want to share this joy with the other 90% of the players in the game who would really rather not and continue to grow potatoes or bake bread or what have you. PVPers, you like that playstyle and that's cool - you do what makes you happy. All we ask is that you don't try to drag people who don't want to deal with a PvP environment into your world. There will be some who are curious and may end up joining you but that's about as good as it's going to get. PVEers, perhaps we shouldn't reject the notion of visiting a pvp server to see what it's all about and make a decision from there. Personally, I've had enough experience in MMOs and MUDs to know that PvP really isn't for me - if I want a PvP competitive enviornment I'll play an FPS where it's more about skill than how much time or money is sunk into the game by each participant. My gaming time is limited and I would like to make the most of it. Can we all just agree to disagree and play the game as we like?