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  1. For madnath, global chat IS the game. I preferred to get my drama second-hand from him.
  2. of the beer types listed, only bitter and sour aren't in the game and currently beer type is determined by the woodscrap you use to seal the barrel. This means that beermaking would have to undergo some code changes to accommodate the system you are proposing and all current affinity calculations would have to be redone. Otherwise, the idea of adding more recipe complexity to beer in an effort to increase its timers is a good one.
  3. Requesting secure lodging as an imper in the following skills at 70+: Carp/fine carp Pottery blacksmithing Chain armor smithing Plate armor smithing
  4. along this line, why not cordials too to loop in some bevs?
  5. Well yeah you can do that, but thats just disappointing. As an aside, even unfermented moonshine can make you tipsy - thats for sure a bug: [03:31:20] The unfermented moonshine tastes so good you almost feel like singing. [03:31:20] You are tipsy. [03:31:20] You suddenly realise that you have more of an insight about fletching! [03:31:20] You stop drinking.
  6. This is correct; a beverage once it comes out of a still will always have the same affinity regardless of the ingredients used(tho rarity of the still will affect the end affinity result). As far as I know there is one, maybe 2 beverages that can give the kind of timers claimed in the merchant ad and given that there are 4 potential affinities for 1 or 2 beverages (and to get that you need a rare, supreme AND fantastic still) for a total of 8 affinities...I have to wonder how they are making this claim.
  7. Yes please! Wouldnt mind table lamps w/ candles either!
  8. If pizzas were less dominant, cooking would have greater value; i've spent some time to get multiple recipes and while they're cool for RP purposes there isn't much purpose for them; people either make meals if they want foodbar/ccfp or pizzas if they want mad affinity timers - there's no inbetween. And dont even get me started on the sad state of beverages.
  9. This lot of bricks has been SOLD. Thanks!
  10. 9000 stone bricks available, will deliver to any PvE coastal location, 1s/1k Contact me in game for amounts and delivery arrangements.
  11. we should be able to make herb/spice blend teas with a similar diff scale as meals.
  12. speaking as a coaler, I endorse this idea. It's absolutely ridiculous that the best coal comes from butchering instead of the skill that takes FOREVER to grind. Hell, even being able to imp the piles somehow would be an improvement, or maybe a more advanced coal pile that takes 70+ skill to make that discards the mechanic OR mentioned.
  13. This is an excellent idea, but would require a new system to be put in place to track 'affinity points', assign affinity point costs to skills (because obvs. milking, weapon smithing, and body strength should not have the same affinity point costs), a method of earning these affinity points and so on. I think it's worth doing, but also recognize that it will take a LOT of work and the implementation of new systems in wurm has been kind of hit-or-miss - no disrespect to the devs intended.