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  1. Can you enlighten me? I don't see using money to remove reinforced walls+floors in an instant or blocking enemies while fighting as clean PvP. There are spells for the exact same purpose which require skill, all templars dead and a casting time.
  2. I'd suggest to make it impossible to shaker orb reinforced cave floors.
  3. Malnutrition leads to more energy and faster dodging reflexes in this universe. Buy my dishwater.
  4. Yeah, storage mines have proven not to be that secure on chaos. In fact sometimes they dont fulfill the promised expectations. Sad for the owners ofcourse. I'm glad we got so many investigators around on chaos who like to share their interesting thoughts. I guess the unknown seller doesn't want to pay for protection against invading alts on freedom. It surely is an armorset with a story now. I hope the next owner can live in peace. Have fun!
  5. I think copper, bronze, silver and gold are not visible right now. In the art patch notes of 16 april theres a message saying the code for those horsebardings have to be tweaked.
  6. Thanks for sharing your drama with the community. I agree on the cooler part.
  7. Nadroj, tell us about your great bug reporting capabilities to inspire the rest of wurm. An extremely rare item like this has doubtlessly a good story.
  8. I know how to find items under the terrain. Thanks for the tip but this toolbelt is not in wurm anymore as we know it.
  9. Hello, Today I dropped my undamaged ql 80 toolbelt which was equipped on cobblestone. Now the toolbelt is nowhere to be found. Anyone else ever had this same issue? Some testing to be done maybe? Greetings, coolecola
  10. Also made it. [17:44:11] The venerable fat red dragon breathes fire! [17:44:11] You are dead. [18:00:33] You feel supernatural. Invincible! [18:00:54] The venerable fat red dragon breathes fire! [18:00:54] You are dead. Poor skills! Instant dead to make the fight more interesting. Dragon is not dead yet.
  11. Not me but we could decide a starting place for the day close to a train station so most of us won't risk to get lost.
  12. This is an example of the 2nd bug, this one is not fatal for the horse, you get kicked off the horse and the horse gets stuck in the wall like here but you can easily lead it out.
  13. Indeed Redd, that is the second bug I tried to describe but the first bug about horses vanish on server restarts I seen no solution for yet.
  14. It seems that animals especially horses turn invisible if they are parked in a mine before a server restart. I lost this year already 2 horses to this bug and never seen them back but I was still to see them in the animal list of the spell 'reveal creatures'. Now I heard from other players that they also lost horses cause of horse hungry mines. I have once found one of their horses back inside the mine after the horse given birth but the gear was gone. Sometimes it also happens that you will get disembarked from your horse after you made contact with a cavewall. This does not happen with reinforced cavewalls. I think players posted about these problems before but I think it is good to be aware of those animal eating mines.
  15. An enchant for keys to locate their matching locks. Good for sorting old keys.
  16. It is fixed, just had to delete my 1024 x 768.txt folder. this can be closed now.
  17. What about an enchant for compasses to point to nearby arrows in a radius of 10 tiles? I'm not good at finding arrows back since I haven't got the best eyes.
  18. Champ Pics

    A champ unicorn crossing the road
  19. +1 A sleep option on a bench would be nice too with like 3 times less sleep bonus.
  20. I think it would make the wurmers lazy. Then I want the keybind - Repeat previous wurm day :
  21. +1 ~~You see a smoked fish~~ More nutrition value for the newbies:D Maybe a smoke sub-skill?