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  1. please send to Joedirttwo digging and blacksmith
  2. send me all the potions of woodcutting and all the ointment of stonecutting Toddly
  3. just a thought. a craftable that uses stamina like the level option with digging. have mats in inventory, activate appropriate tool, click on craftable and select the action. I am sure there is more to consider, just a thought that I have not entertained for much time.
  4. just bought 4 hellies, didnt have cages, so Platyna made them for me, price was great! excellent service! will recommend!
  5. Sold

    Rare Strange Bone 49.69QL [14:20:32] This looks like the collar bone from some animal. These are said to provide luck. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. first 17s takes it. Thank you.
  6. game is refusing to download client, down
  7. 3032,1508 Pinewood Docks
  8. would be nice to have and option to pay in game currency only to buy a selected amount (up to 10 points) of your choice of skill (unavailable after 50). one scenario could be : craft a "Desk for skill gain" (call it whatever), and be able to make selections and pay with in game coins. Maybe there could be a timer countdown. or even a "quest" to complete the transaction. Thoughts?
  9. Strongwall

    i can head over there and do that for you. will send you a pm in game.
  10. winner Xiled. thx for bidding
  11. Can deliver cross server, pm me with your desired location, and i will let you know if i can deliver to it.