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  1. There was. Not had much chance to see this years, spent most of the day underground.
  2. The Epic roadmap

    A quick question I haven't seen mentioned yet, how are people meant to get to Wild in the opening days? For example if they wish to setup a PMK or just wish to live closer to the action. Since even the smallest boat requires wemp which you need to first find, then farm for several days, with little guarantee of early success and will mean you have to setup at least temporarily on the home servers. Will the maps be designed with land connections, or will there be starter towns on the Wild server which you'll be able to teleport too? Or is there something else I'm missing?
  3. I also have this bug. Additionally, when my lantern went out due to lack of fuel, attempting to refuel with tar activated didn't bring up the fill option. Transferring into a container also fixes the label, and examining gives the correct result whatever the label says. Think this bug appeared after the last server update.
  4. I may be wrong, but I believe the Art team are waiting on the new animation system for puppets. At the moment everything held in the hands has a single position, that position works for tools and weapons but would look a little strange dangling puppets. There could also be some other issues we don't know about to do with the delicate nature of puppets (all those strings and joints) and the modelling. Or they may just think it's more important to update the current models first. Be nice to see them whenever they are added.
  5. I no longer have the option to Enchant trees, of any type. The option is still there under Nature>Enchant for grass tiles. I thought it had possibly been moved, but there's no mention on the News page and asking in CA Help didn't reveal anything. EDIT: Okay forget that, I was trying to do it whilst riding a horse. : I thought I'd been able to do it whilst riding before, guess I remembered incorrectly. It did appear on grass whilst riding.
  6. Since this is just speculation at the moment, I'd go for a third option. More advanced underground works are something that I've thought about for a long time, so I don't like the idea of preventing that from happening. But at the same time there are a good number of canals around and I know of several rather large ones in progress all with lots of player time invested in them. Not to mention people who setup in an area due to the availability of certain ores. So I would say, take the extra time to either; take requests for specific projects to be transferred over or develop the system for converting the current map fully. Of course this entirely depends on how much time and effort we're talking about (which we currently don't know), and if it's even (reasonably) possible in which case it's back to the original question and I'd be undecided.
  7. Sort of covered by Mark above and might also be too complicated, but what about mosaic paving? You make the mosaic tiles and design as an item, which you can then improve before placing. Higher ql grants different designs of increasing quality and beauty, maybe in jumps of 20ql giving a total of five designs?
  8. Maybe not large, but there should be a window for those of us with venerable only stocks to breed replacements. I've been holding off breeding because, well, I haven't needed too. All I want is a couple of horses for riding and pulling my cart. But now all of my good horses are venerable and due to the cap I haven't been able to breed replacements. I'd be more than happy to lower the number of animals I keep, I only ever had them in the first place for trying out breeding, but if this change goes ahead in the current situation all of the good traits I've been developing will be lost and I'll have to go out to find new horses. Which is what a lot of other people will also be doing, limiting the chance of individuals finding any.
  9. Mrbloodworth has posted that bow racks are on the way, here. Depending on the length of time till they will be ready, allowing bows in the current weapon racks might be a feasible temporary measure. However that may cause coding problems later (i.e. what to do with bows in the current racks when the change is made), I don't know.
  10. I'm currently working on a project which is partly taking place on a deed where I do not have terraforming permissions. Un-allied, token says visitors cannot "Dig, flatten or pack". When I try to dig on the deed I get the usual lack of permissions message, but I can dredge.
  11. For those who don't look at the blog:
  12. But, but, it wuvs you. Seriously though, don't see any reason why not. So long as it's not too easy to accidentally click it, would be annoying to accidentally release a champion crocodile. Maybe a chat command or would that be too easily confused with /release corpse?
  13. An e-mail association like that would just be annoying for the general population. Clearing a characters friends list should be a proactive decision on the part of the seller\buyer. Why not just add a chat command, something like /removeallfriends or /accountsold, which would remove everyone on the characters friends list? That way either the seller could do it before the final transfer, or the buyer could do it when they receive the account. The only potential for abuse that I can see would be if someone gained access to your account and wiped your friends list, but if someone has access to your account wiping your friends list is the least of your worries.
  14. Had some spare time whilst mining, so: An little example of the boat version. A good idea to unify the various permission menus, would need to see and use it in-game to be sure it was easy enough for new players to understand, and not too many options for day-to-day use. Definitely the right direction though.
  15. It disappears again after a while. I buy 2 months premium, once every two months. I bought my last lot just under two weeks ago and if I visit the shop now I have the option, but when I next go to buy more premium the option will no longer be available. Not exactly sure why.
  16. Just to add in another alternate suggestion, what about having a guard spawned whenever a villager logs out, equal to that players skill. This would follow the above that players should be the ones sorting out the guarding of the deed, but would balance out timezones\times of day. Then you could increase the price of current guards as a supplement to that.
  17. Same. I think the reason for the random slope is because you're just ploughing through the rock, which would create an uneven surface where some sections chip off in large blocks and others are harder to remove. So making a perfectly flat tunnel would either require taking more time or a second flattening process afterwards. But I agree it is annoying. In the canal we're building we mined out a column (a line from one entrance to the other) for a walkway, but if you then mine a second column alongside it actually distorts the already mined path. Not noticeable when you mine a couple of tiles but on a long straight run you eventually develop a reasonable sized slope. Removing the random slope would be the easy option, but like belthize I would prefer that a way of (slowly) re-raising a corner would be a nicer option. I believe this idea has been suggested before in various ways, rock shards plus mortar for example.
  18. Neither the rake nor the scythe harvest vegetables, you pick them by hand. Took me a while to realise this since I usually had a rake activated. A scythe is required to harvest grain produce, and a rake for tending, those are the only requirements for tools when it comes to farming.
  19. I'm going to use a personal example, hopefully it won't come across as a whine because that's not my intention. I can see the point of not allowing players with vast Wurm fortunes being able to transfer it all across, as that has the potential to imbalance the server. However what about people like myself who have tried to save up what money they can for Epic. I've very much enjoyed my time on Freedom, but I'm ready for a change, and Wild is not what I am looking for. I have bought money from the shop in the past to fund my deed and a merchant, however I cannot afford to purchase any more at the moment when I also have premium time to pay for. This means that if I do move to Epic I will be starting off with no money. Yes I was planning on joining a village when I get there, but I don't like the idea of relying on other players to pay my way and there are probably others in my situation who were hoping to setup on their own, which won't be possible. A cap on money transfer may be a better idea. I have about 15 silver in my bank account and will try to raise more before Epic arrives, however if free transfer isn't to be allowed I'd be happy for a cap to be set at 10s or possibly even 5s. That would be enough for any player to purchase their own deed (with another player with a 5s cap) with several months upkeep, from then, if they work (raid) hard enough, they can work to earn more money to pay for upkeep. If transfers were to be blocked completely, it would be fine for the people with lots of gold that they can sell to regain money to buy Epic Silverâ„¢, and also fine for new players who have yet to pay any money into the game, should they decide to go straight to Epic, but it asks more of people who already play the game yet don't have enough that they could sell. I'm not asking for a free ride, just a chance to get started on a new server. I would be happy to buy more silver from the shop at a later date, it's just not a possibility at this point. EDIT: Oh well, pipped at the post by Jekev.
  20. Relevance? I'm guessing more to your post than to the OP. Unless you also meant to add buying items with in-game silver from the shop. Getting rid of traders and moving everything to the shop without adding purchasing with silver would restrict the more interesting items to those who are willing\able to spend real world cash on them. At least at the moment people with lots of real world cash can buy silver then buy the items, and people who don't have lots of real world money can earn silver in the game to pay for the items. As for the OP, sounds like a good idea to add an extra option there, adding Settlement Forms might also be useful since the shop is the first stop for people moving to premium. Although I personally enjoyed walking up to the Samling trader to hand over my silver coins.
  21. I've not posted so far but I have been following this discussion. When it comes to non-prems being allowed to plant deeds I am on the fence with Aeris and Urman, in that both sides have their positives and negatives and both have multiple workable solutions. As_I_Decay seems to enjoy posting how easy it is to buy an alt with practically no extra outlay, and I think this may be the best solution. Firstly, make settlement forms only purchasable by premium accounts. A group of non-prems wish to have a deed for whatever reason. One of them pays for a premium character (either their own or an alt) for 1 month and 5s, then they sell the referral (or possibly give the referral to somebody they trust to give them the 5s back). That leaves them with one character with a months premium time and ~10-12s which allows them to buy a settlement form (assuming Othob Rithol's suggestion for lowering the cost to 5s isn't implemented). They plant the deed, send out the invites, set the appropriate permissions and then do whatever they want with the premium character. From then on they can either earn silver by doing jobs or buying it from the shop in order to pay for upkeep. Assuming they never buy silver from the shop this leaves them limited when it comes to the size of the deed. Rolf has his (real world) money, and the non-prems have their deed until such a time that they decide to leave or go premium full-time. Those who wish to play without paying anything can still continue to do so either out against the elements, or within a welcoming village. For those who wish to setup their own village 10e is a very small outlay for unlimited playing time, if you're willing to put the effort in. That's the workaround within the current game framework, assuming this idea is acceptable it could easily be streamlined even further, only allow them to pay for a deed with money bought from the shop. If it's not possible to track this then add a settlement form to the Wurm shop that can be bought by non-premium accounts for 10e (and prevent purchasing them from traders). The workaround would then be a positive push towards getting a player to buy premium time, since it would be more economical to pay for a premium account rather than paying for a form. But the difference is small enough as to not persecute non-prems.
  22. Male: Jekev - For being Jekev. Digiseer - It's always the quiet ones that get things done in a village. Except Digiseer isn't quiet. Female: Veerserif - For putting up with all us males. Hearteternal - A more pleasant neighbour I couldn't ask for.