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  1. That's what I meant in my previous post. Here is a screenshot I took on a second character of the Trade window. Where it says "limit", it tells you the most they will buy. Unless you mean if they have enough money to actually buy that many, then no there currently isn't a way to see that as a normal player.
  2. It works for both. Technically you can have a currency trader and a custom trader use the same tag. Although the prices would be off, unless you want several hundred of an item in exchange. I also forgot to add before, that old stock entries won't be deleted when loading, to save losing any information. It just adds ones that are missing.
  3. CustomTrader update Download You can now use the /dumptags command (with a GM character) to create a copy of all the tagged trader stock info, for loading on other servers. Copy the file found in the mods/customtrader mod folder, called tags.db and put it in the same location on another server. Tags will be loaded when the server starts. Hopefully this will work for you.
  4. Crafter bugfix Download Fixed bug with underground forges. That was a strange one, think it might be a bug in WU, or I am doing something quite incorrectly. For some reason when a Crafter put items in a forge, it moved them to the surface. Hence too far away. I just never noticed it because most Crafters were used on the surface. Thanks for the report.
  5. Unfortunately I don't know much about networking, so I don't know how to automatically sync tags across servers. If you know of a mod that does it, let me know and I can take a look. However I could add a manual option, where the tags are copied to files and you could manually transfer them to the other server? It will say "- limit n" on the item in the inventory window, although it may be too long to fit for some items. It will also put a message in Event when the limit has been exceeded and the Buyer can't accept any more.
  6. CustomTrader update Added AuxData option. Thank you. It's set on the Place/Management screen, there's a dropdown with all the different item types with an optional filter, similar to creating an item entry.
  7. CustomTrader update Download Added new Currency Trader. This trader trades items, added in the same way as Custom Traders through a menu system, in exchange for a specific type of item used as a currency. e.g. HotA medallions. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, took a little longer than I thought. Hopefully this suits your needs.
  8. New mod - MerchantDecayPrevention Download A new mod that prevents item decay whilst held by a merchant or trader. allow_cooling If true then items will still cool down whilst held by a merchant or trader. Default true. Done. Sorry about the long mod name, couldn't think of anything better.
  9. This new setting only works for CustomTraders. Can I just confirm you mean merchants, as in personal merchants? If so, I could create a new mod that does the same for them.
  10. CustomTrader update Download Added new option, prevent_decay, if true it will prevent decay from occurring on all CustomerTraders. Default is true. You're not missing anything, added it now.
  11. Sorry, DeliveryContracts was never designed for PvP. One of its main purposes is to transport items that can't otherwise be transported. As such it bypasses some of the security, in the guard tower case items marked NoTake. I could fix the guard tower issue for PvP, but wouldn't be able to guarantee the rest of the mod was safe for PvP.
  12. Ah, I think I see the problem. You have to drag the "Improve to..." and donate/mail items down into the bottom left area. As you would with a normal trade. Dragging the items onto another item doesn't do anything. Then the Crafter will automatically drag your spindle down. I see what you mean by checkbox now, but that's not how it works. That's just the symbol that says the item is a container, but it doesn't apply here. It's just how I repurposed the trade window.
  13. Crafter fix Download Fix for "All" material checkboxes. Thank you for the detailed reply. I should have been more clear in my previous message, there should be at least one option in the top left window named "Improve to XXql". Since you didn't mention any, I'm guessing something has gone wrong with the skills. When I tried creating a new Crafter with all wood it wouldn't let me, and I found a bug in my code. However I'm not sure how that would apply to your problem, as it prevented me even summoning a Crafter. But just in case, dismiss the current Crafter and try the new version I have posted above. I also added some more error text, which should help show what is wrong if that doesn't clear things up. The donate and mail options are applied when you drag them down into the bottom left trade window. EDIT: Forgot to say, the error messages will only appear for GMs to prevent taking up players' Event.
  14. Not sure. What are you trying to trade? One thought off the top of my head, is the correct item selected from the Crafter section? (e.g. blacksmithing, weapon-smithing, etc.) Anything else should be giving a message in Event.
  15. CustomTrader and BuyerMerchant fixes Download CustomTrader Download BuyerMerchant Added missing wood types. Interesting. So in the Wurm Unlimited code there is a list of all the wood types, but for some reason it is missing lingonberrywood and orangewood. At first I thought it was because they were less common wood types, but raspberrywood and blueberrywood are included. Thanks for the report.
  16. Weird. I guess don't argue if it is working, but it's strange all the same.
  17. Crafter bugfix Download Yes please, if you wouldn't mind. What I'm seeing there is that something is going wrong when removing the ash from the forge, but it works fine on my end so can't tell what the problem is. I've hopefully fixed the issue with the mine doors, thanks for the logs, but you may still have problems starting up if the ash related issue is still causing problems.
  18. Crafter bugfix Download Crafter logs weren't being written to. Now fixed. Sorry about this, still not sure of the cause. But hopefully with the fix to the message logging it should clear things up. Check the individual log files in the WurmServerLauncher folder, if you haven't already, sometimes the messages can get log in the console output. The only other idea I have at this time is to dismiss and replace the Crafter. Have you tried that since the previous update?
  19. I'm not sure what the problem could be. Did you get any output using output=print?
  20. No, the problem you posted was just blocking acceptance of orders, old orders will continue as usual.
  21. Crafter update and bugfixes Download Added global restricted materials. Now GM can limit which materials Crafters may use. This works in combination with Per-Crafter restrictions, but cannot override globally blocked materials. Type /restrictmaterials into chat as a GM to bring up the list. Also fixed several bugs. Should be fixed now. I have a suspicion as to what the problem is, see if the new version fixes it. If not, could you try turning on crafter output by putting this: output=print In your .properties file. It should hopefully say what the problem is.
  22. If you take out the ash with a GM does it start working again? I'm not far off releasing another update so I'll include a possible fix in that. Hmm, that doesn't sound right. Something else to look at I guess. Never tested it with a large amount of items.
  23. Sorry about all that, not your fault. The weight "fix" has always been a little finicky. Try this new version and see if it helps: Download
  24. Crafter bugfix and update Download Fixed bug with the order of restricted materials. Added change_skill_after_placement option, if added as false then skills cannot be changed without dismissing and re-hiring the Crafter. Works with single and multiple skills.
  25. Crafter update Download Added restricted materials list, found on the management screen. If left blank the Crafter will accept all item materials as usual, if not they will only accept items made from a material that is on the list. Added single_crafter_skill option to .properties. If added and set true Crafters can only be assigned 1 skill, instead of allowing multiple. Already placed Crafters will continue to finish current jobs in other skills, but will limit all new jobs to 1 skill. Which will be the "first" skill in the order I use in the mod, it can, of course, be changed if it is not what the owner wants. Tagging @Cley