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  1. Crafter fix Download Fixed potential issue with workbooks being invalid/not being found and causing NullPointerException. Not doing very well, am I? I've dealt with the error itself, but it is likely caused by a problem with one of the crafters workbooks being missing, or not being valid. I've added a couple more error messages that should clear things up, or maybe I'm wrong and it'll all be fine now. Let me know if you get any more problems.
  2. You set the values in in your mod folder. It should look like this. No, these settings apply to all buyers. I could look into it, but am currently working on another mod and don't have much spare time. Sorry.
  3. Crafter Fix Download Fix for error when removing Job. Not sure what the original cause of this was. Trading multiple times seems to run okay on my end, and I'm not sure why it would affect all crafters. However there was definitely a problem, which I've now fixed. See if that clears things up, if not let me know and I'll keep looking.
  4. If you're sure, that shouldn't be too difficult. Firstly, prices are defined in BuyerHandler.getTraderBuyPriceForItem. If you want to add any item exceptions you can do it here (e.g. you only want to accept gems), and then just call the parent method. So something like: @Override public int getTraderBuyPriceForItem(Item item) { PriceList.Entry entry = priceList.getEntryFor(item); if (entry == null) super.getTraderBuyPriceForItem(item); return getTraderBuyPriceForItem(entry, item); } Which will also handle all the local buy price stuff I have never really looked into. The other part you'll need to change is in suckInterestingItems, which decides what items traders will accept, and for Buyers ignores anything not on their PriceList. Starting here. Then you'll need to extract, or copy, this section to add the items to the trade. The stuff inbetween only relates to PriceLists. I think that should be it, just let me know if you have any problems.
  5. BuyerMerchant fix Download Fixed apply_max_to_merchants was not being applied when destroy_bought_items was also true. I think I may have found the issue, do you also have destroy_bought_items set to true? If so, then the above fix should sort things out. Otherwise, sorry, I was looking at the output rather than the server.log. In my server.log I get: [03:42:45 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.steam.SteamHandler: Starting the server *** [03:42:47 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.steam.SteamHandler: Server connected to steam With the *** being any number of lines depending on how many mods you have that put messages here. Although I think the "Server connected to steam" line can vary in timing, so it may appear in the middle. In there, you should find a line like: [03:42:46 PM] INFO mod.wurmunlimited.buyermerchant.BuyerMerchant: Buyer and merchant max items set to 200
  6. That is how it should work. In the logs, just after the server is up and running (between "Starting the server" and "Wurm Server launcher finished at..."), you should get a line saying "Buyer and merchant max items set to <your max setting>". The only limitations are: Players can only carry 100 items (GMs are not limited), so they can't receive in trade more than 100 minus the number of currently carried items. You can only drag 100 items between windows at a time. Since items don't leave your inventory until the trade is complete, you will need to select the lower items separately when dragging. i.e. You can't just drag across a stack as it will only drag the first 100 items. Anything else, just let me know what message you are getting and I'll take another look.
  7. Crafter update/fix Download Metal lumps of special types were becoming bugged when they were low weight. Missed Hire question in previous fix. Added remove_donations_at option to .properties. Set to a whole number (positive, zero or negative) to have crafters destroy donation items when the item reaches the ql plus the value relative to their current skill (Default disabled). For example, at a value of 10, items will be destroyed when their ql reaches 10 or more ql above the crafters skill for that item. e.g. With 30 skill in Blacksmithing, a shovel will be destroy when the ql is greater than: 10 - 40ql -10 - 20ql 0 - 30ql Fixed. This was caused by special metal lumps having a low default weight, so that larger items consume the entire lump. I was so certain I'd sorted that out, but it must have been for something else. Shouldn't require any extra work on your part. Whoops, I missed the Hire question in the previous update. I've added a new option that should help with this.
  8. Crafter update/fix Download Added a new window only accessible to GM (specifically power 2+) characters that allows setting the skills of Crafters directly. Donations should now be improved in the proper order. Some miscellaneous changes. This is more of a difference between how I started the mod (for players) and how it's developed with feedback (also GM controlled). So what I have done is, firstly, made it so that GM characters can always set the Skill Cap of their controlled Crafters (subject to starting_skill and max_skill in .properties, commenting them out sets them to defaults (20 and 99.99999)). I've also added a second screen, that will not be available to normal players, called "Set Skill Levels", which lets GMs set the skill levels directly. e.g. You could set Blacksmithing to 50 and Jewellery to 30, when using can_learn=false, and customers will only be able to select improvement for items up to that level. The message was a bug. This one sort of comes down to laziness on my part. When setting up donation items I didn't want to accidentally throw an item away just because it had reached its cap for the time being. I've changed it now so that it will always work in order of lowest to highest ql. Sorry about that. I haven't had much time for modding lately, but this is a suggestion I was given a long time ago (and felt I didn't know enough at the time) and has also been recently requested. So I've started working on it now. It shouldn't be too difficult, but due to time constraints it might be a while before it's ready. It also depends how many more bugs people find in my current mods... Apologies for taking a year to reply.
  9. Crafter fix Download Hopefully fixed the issue with items being mailed repeatedly or being available for pick-up after having being retrieved the item from the mail. Fixed several other bits and pieces I discovered along the way. Also, I have changed the way money is handed out to Crafters. Before the value on the Management screen would be inaccurate, now money is only given out on completed orders. Note: Some money may be lost on pre-update orders. Sorry about that. Apologies for the late reply, thought it would be dealt with sooner so I left off posting. I couldn't reproduce the multiple mail issue, however I have experienced it in the past (and thought it was fixed). But I did find another issue that was causing similar problems and have re-jiggled the system in a way that should fix all problems of that type. Let me know if things still aren't right on your end. DeliveryContracts fix Download Fixed issue with dropping items. No idea why it was released that way, just my own stupidity. Just to let you know, I haven't missed this and will working on it next. Well that was easier than I thought it would be. Thank you for the kind words.
  10. Crafter update Download Added crafter_skill_gain_rate to .properties (default disabled). This overrides the server wide skill gain for Crafters if applied. Set 1 or comment out to use server skill gain value. Also removed the beta tag since everything seems to be going okay. I've added the option, let me know if it doesn't quite work right for you. The skill gain rate for Crafters isn't really set anywhere, it just uses the built-in skill system. Depending on how your system is applied I would have thought it would still work for Crafters. The one possibility I can think of is if your system applies to Players, as Crafters are technically Creatures, so some of the Player specific skill stuff (e.g. stamina affecting amount gained) does not apply.
  11. It should be following the server skill rate already. I could add a separate skill rate for Crafters if you want, there is just the question of would it be a multiplier on top of the server rate or override the server rate?
  12. Crafter and MerchantCap fix Crafter Download MerchantCap Download Fixed issue with one of my libraries being updated before the recent Crafter update. These should be the only mods that are affected, however you don't need to update MerchantCap unless you also want to use Crafter. Sorry about that. I updated one of my libraries a while back, but since I have all of my mods installed it hid the problem on my end. All should be good now.
  13. Mini Crafter Update Download Added moon_metal modifier. Default is 1.0 to keep it in-line with past behaviour. The modifier is applied on top of the base_price modifier, like dragon_armour. To be explicit, moon_metal consists of adamantine, glimmersteel and seryll.
  14. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    That's what it is supposed to do. It seems to be working fine on my end so I am not sure what the problem is. When the deed owners check their upkeep does it show the correct cost per month, or is that wrong too?
  15. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    Fix Download Fixed use_per_server_settings option. So sorry@Batta, I must have broke it when I was cleaning things up. Thank you for your continued feedback.
  16. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    Update Download Added use_per_server_settings to the .properties file. If true it will use a .properties file in the individual server folders, if false it will only use the main mod file. Default is true, to keep it in-line with previous behaviour. Changing the value will not delete the old per server files, so you can switch back and forth at will. Also took the time to refresh the mod a little. It was one of my first and I've learnt a lot since then. May have found (and fixed) a bug with disband warnings along the way.
  17. Hmm, strange that you would be getting that error without having placed a crafter. What it is saying is that it has found a creature that it thinks is a Crafter, but can't find it's workbook. Further up in the logs, during server load, there should be a line that says "No workbook found on creature (<creature-id>)". If you don't mind, could you use a GM character to find out what creature it is? In-game you can use the GM wand, right click on an item and select Creatures>GM interface, scroll down to GM Tool and type the id in, then click send. You could also look in the creatures database if you know how to do it. If you're not comfortable doing that, I can look in to writing up a workaround. Some quick possibilities off the top of my head, it is a Crafter (in which case deleting the creature is the easiest solution), some kind of problem with the mod id database (maybe a removed mod), some other mod conflict involving creatures, or I've missed something.
  18. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    The reason the order is all jumbled is because the file was generated by the mod, and the only way I found to make it preserve order seemed a bit involved at the time. But it doesn't actually matter which order the entries are in, so you can copy and paste as you like. The only important bit is the "classname" and "classpath", they must be in the main .properties file for ago's modlauncher to find the mod. It wouldn't matter if they were copied into the per server file though, they would be ignored.
  19. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    Yeah, the original intention behind it was if people wanted different prices per server. I also did it back when mods were still somewhat new and didn't know if server specific options would be a thing. They do need copying manually, although I will probably add an option to the main .properties file that will allow automatic overriding for single server setups, as it's not typical behaviour and can be easily forgotten when changing values at a later date. Anyway, glad it's resolved for you.
  20. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    Hmm, that doesn't look right at all @Batta. Some of the other values are off according to the message. That looks like the main .properties, does the per server file have the same values (WurmServerLauncher/<server-name>/mods/upkeepcosts/ Also, to help narrow it down, at what stage does this happen, founding, resizing/expanding, just hiring extra guards or all of the above?
  21. MerchantCap fix Download Sorry about that, forgot to include one of my custom libraries in the download. The problem masks itself on my end. Thanks for the report.
  22. DeliveryContracts update Download Delivery contracts can now be sent in the mail. Haven't tested mailing across servers as I don't have that setup, but everything else seems okay. Let me know if there are any issues. MerchantCap update Download Added clear_history option. Default is off, options are daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. All times are in Wurm time. After the specified time has elapsed, all player spending history will be erased. Caps will not be affected. Differentiating between real time and Wurm time was a bit tricky, so I opted for the latter. I figure that's more "realistic" and hopefully still does what you want. Let me know if it is a problem.
  23. It's manual. I can add a settable timer if you want. I just figured if people are going to keep a merchant/buyer restocked they would just reset it whenever they want (if ever).
  24. New Mod Release - MerchantCap Download Set a per player trade cap for merchants. If a player makes any trade with a capped merchant it will add to their player spending history and if any trade would go over that amount it will prevent the trade from completing. Using a GM character and wand, right-click on the merchant and there will be a "Cap Trade" option, with "Set Cap" as a sub-option. This will bring up a window where you can set, and later remove, the cap. After a cap has been set there will be a second sub-option, "Clear History", if you wish to remove all player transactions with this particular merchant. Otherwise the history will remain, so you can toggle the cap on and off without losing history. Can be used without BuyerMerchant on normal merchants, or with BuyerMerchant to also work on buyers. Unlike most of my mods, this does use a database. It is called "merchantcap.db" and can be found with all the other databases in <ServerName>/sqlite. Hopefully this should do what you want.
  25. Sure thing. The contracts are marked "noDrop" to prevent them from being used for storage, so I just need to find a way to work round it. Already started, but not done yet.