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  1. Sorry for the late reply, I was away. Depending on which mod you mean, it should support any item template, default or modded. It fetches the list of item templates the server knows after the server has loaded.
  2. It seems it's either a bugged guard tower, or bugged tower guard that may have lost its tower. The log is saying that a tower guard is checking the local area for enemies, and a quick look at the code shows it checks if the guard tower is the same kingdom. But for some reason the guard tower value is missing. I'm afraid I can't be more specific than that.
  3. Sorry, I can't help. What's happening is, in order for my mod to do stuff whenever the game 'poll's a Creature you have to create a hook with modloader. In the hook you can also tell it to do whatever it is it was going to do. If that causes an error, it bubbles back up the layers. If there's anything after: Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException It should tell you where the problem occurred. But it may, or may not, help.
  4. MerchantDecayPrevention fix Download Fixed allow_cooling not working. Strange, I thought I had it working, but apparently not. Fixed now, thank you for the report.
  5. Crafter update Download Fixed issue with not accepting coins when using restricted materials. Sorry about that, thanks for the picture it really helped. Turns out when using restricted materials, if the coin wasn't on that list it was rejected from the payment. It was unrelated. Seems to be something to do with when a player, possibly a passenger, is getting out of a vehicle. Not really sure.
  6. That's not right at all. Typically, it works on my end, which doesn't help. One thing I did discover is that sleep powder only works if the weight is below 30 grams, if it's higher then it acts as a meal. In the trade window the weight should read 0.03 (it's actually 0.025), is that correct? Have you tried dismissing and creating a new currency trader? Might sort things. If there's nothing unusual in the server log, then the only other place is in the per trader log, which is in the main folder named othertrader_<wurm_id>.log. If none of the above helps let me know, and I'll try adding some extra messages to the mod.
  7. BuyerMerchant update Download Hmm, it should allow duplicates with different qls as you describe. I didn't find quite that issue, but did have trouble with duplicate entries so I rewrote some things which may help. At the very least, it will send a message telling you when it is skipping because it is too much of a duplicate.
  8. Thank you @Batta. It lists the Crafter mod there, what version is it? It need to be 0.5.2 or newer, as it wasn't compatible with my more recent mods. If that's not the problem I'll keep thinking.
  9. Thank you for the extra details. Haven't quite tracked down the problem, but have a new version that should give a more helpful error message. Download If you could please try another request, then check the server log for the following line, and post the lines after it: Shop exists in getShops(), but cannot get via getShop(). Thanks.
  10. The Beast Summoner will give change, so that's not the issue. When you get to the trade window, does it say the correct price? Does the Beast Summoner say the usual "<name> demands x coins to make the trade." message, and does that have the right price? Any other messages in Event, or in the summoner's log? You're not missing anything. I can't remember the details but for some reason I prevented any duplicates with the same template/material. I think it was trying to prevent any confusion with which rows would be updated when you edit the prices/details. Either I changed something along the way and never went back, or have learnt more since then, but I have it working now. BuyerMerchant update Download Enabled multiple items with same template/material but different weight/ql.
  11. Sorry for the late reply @Batta. It is likely to be a problem with one of my mods. What version of BuyerMerchant are you using? There used to be a compatibility issue, but it was fixed in version 0.5.25.
  12. Bugfix CustomTrader Download Thank you for the log and picture @LightningRoc, they helped me track down the problem. It was a bug with the mod, which I've now fixed. What was happening was that putting the enchantments on in a different order was causing the item to not match with the Currency Trader entry, thus not finding a price and trading it for 0. In my testing I had only checked enchantments in a specific order, so missed it. Sorry about that. Let me know if you have still have issues.
  13. Thank you for the details. There isn't much to the config for CustomTrader. I still can't find a problem on my end, so I've created a new version with extra log messages: Download It should be as simple as completing another 'free' trade. The messages will be in the per Currency Trader log files. Hopefully that will help me point out the problem area. For anyone else reading, I also found an unrelated bug with filtering Currency items. Fixed version is below (already included in above). Bugfix CustomTrader Download
  14. Definitely not right, should still be working. 1) Check you have the latest version. (0.3.7) 2) Any errors in the Wurm log, or in the currency trader log (e.g. .../WurmServerLauncher/othertrader_12345678.log)? 3) What item are you using as currency? Any 'Advanced' settings? 4) What item are you selling? 5) When you say 'free' is that without anything in the players trading area, or with a wrong item? Does the trader say anything different in Event? 6) Try dismissing and setting up a new Currency Trader. 7) Any other trade mods that might be interfering?
  15. Hmm... It definitely says 91 in the 'QL' column, like this? I've added some more messages to the Crafter log, to try and track things down. It will happen right after you place an order with the Crafter, no need to wait any longer. Download I haven't used the mod myself, but a quick look suggests Crafters would benefit.
  16. Thanks. Okay, I think I know what's happening. Was the pickaxe order placed before the mod update? If so, that bug was the cause of the problem. Although the Trade option said 'Improve to 91ql', in the column to the right it was saying 100ql. If you check with a new order it should say 91ql. If not, let me know. The skill cap only affects the job options shown, once the order is placed the Crafter will keep going till it reaches the order. Which was set to 100ql in this case. Sorry about that.
  17. I can't seem to reproduce it on my end, so I've added an extra log message to help narrow things down. I also found another bug, and fixed that, although I don't see it affecting your issue. If you could give it a run and paste the crafters .log file. Thank you. Download
  18. Oh... Were they ordered before the max ql change? If so, that is because the ql the item is ordered at overrides so that buyers don't lose out. I'll take a look and find out what's wrong.
  19. Do you mean they just keep improving, or that they go over but stop? Those settings decide when the Crafter will stop, but they still use the Wurm crafting system. So if the final improve action causes it to go over that is not adjusted. I could add an option that forces the ql to the cap after they've been improved, if you want?
  20. Sorry for the late reply, I was away. I've tried using bdew's BetterFarm mod, as that is the one that is encountering the error, and it doesn't seem to cause a problem on my end. However, I don't know how to make proper use of the mod. Are there any settings you have setup/changed in the mod? Also, which of my mod(s) seems to be the problem?
  21. BuyerMerchant fix Download Fix for scheduling prices and intervals not always applying properly. That's a new one. I just copied the same settings as normal traders. Are they moving as well? My one thought is that there's another mod that increasing movement, but because they aren't normal traders they're being treated as random creatures. Here is a possible fix (Download). I just set their speed and "maxHuntDist" to 0, which should hopefully put a stop to any unexpected movement. If not, does it happen to new Custom/Currency Traders? Any particular settings for the ones that move?
  22. BuyerMerchant update Download GMs (Power >= 2) can now set Buyer specific free_money and destroy_bought_items. You can set Yes/No and also Default to revert to the global setting. All other Buyers will continue to use the global setting. Done.
  23. BuyerMerchant update Download Added a message when you Examine a Buyer, with the time till the next update. No message is added if the Buyer does not have an update schedule. It also only shows the next update, rather than list out all the stock. Done.