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  1. Crafter fix Download Fix for issues with large anvils. Added optional (default disabled) "/crafters collect" chat command for collecting mailed items when there are no mailboxes. Uncomment (or add) mail_command=true in the .properties file. That's one sorted, hopefully. Turns out the issue was water. When restocking crafting items the crafter used to use the default weight for water, most items never used it all, unfortunately large anvils did. I've bumped it up so it won't be a problem anymore. You also got me thinking about servers without mailboxes. So I added a command to allow people to collect mail items from crafters without a mailbox. Unfortunately it won't apply to old items, as I didn't want to add a command that might bypass other server features.
  2. Should be feasible, I'll take a look. Keeping track of all the players will involve using the database, and the buyer mod is starting to get a little bulky, so I'll probably make it an add-on mod. Hmm, I shall take a look. Guess there might be a problem with how bulky large anvils are. If something ends up in the mail then as far as I'm aware it will remain there, so it's not really gone but without a mailbox it's not accessible.
  3. Crafter fix Download Fixed donations not being used, and money being given out for donations. Fixed accepting donations of wrong type. Finally got it. I was testing with 1ql items, since that's what I imagine I'd donate, but of course you could donate any ql and that finally revealed the problem. Receiving money for donations was totally unintended, so I've just removed that. I also found a couple of bugs along the way, so I dealt with them too. Thank you for the report.
  4. Thank you. Sorry, I don't quite understand. You shouldn't get any money from donated items. As for setting the modifier too high, won't that still require someone to pay that amount in the first place? If I've misunderstood let me know. Oh well, guess I need to think up a new excuse reason.
  5. Thank you for all the information @Xyp. I still can't reproduce it on my end, so I am assuming there is a mod conflict somewhere, something else working on carried weight. I have created a modified version that applies the weight modification in a different way that will hopefully resolve the situation. Download If you could give it a test to verify it works on your end, I can tidy it up any loose ends. Thanks.
  6. Hmm, can't seem to reproduce it on my end. The end part sounds like it might be a window update I missed. Does the contract or inventory show an increased weight, or does it just slow down movement? I am also assuming this is on one character, and not a contract that is being traded around? I can't see anything at the moment, but it may just be getting late, but I'll have another look tomorrow. Also, interesting, just looked it up and 70kg is the actual weight of a forge/oven.
  7. Crafter fix and update Download Mail when done fixed. Forges are now put out when jobs are done. Added Modify skills option to the Manage screen, to allow changing a crafter's skill set without dismissing and re-placing. There are two options on this screen, one to remove/destroy any donation items that are no longer useful, and one to refund all items that can no longer be improved. The latter still won't allow you to remove a skill for a current job if unchecked, it either refunds (which you may not want to do) or blocks changes. Done. Strange. Seems to work for me, it should work if the crafter is a citizen and has the pickup permission. Could some build settings be override the settlement ones? By walk around, do you mean wander when they're not busy or won't move to a forge when it is assigned? They won't do the first at the moment. Whoops, that's a bit of an oversight. Guess I was paying too much attention to mailing when dismissing the crafter. Should be fixed now. You can't drag them onto their inventory, you have to use right click -> Give. Thinking about it, it may just be a GM thing, for equipping to the normal NPCs. Done.
  8. Should be easy enough to make it modifiable after placing. I've gotten a bit behind on my modding but will sort it out. Thank you.
  9. I haven't been doing any modding lately (apart from fixes) but plan to get back to it this week. Had a few games in my backlog to cut down. Inaccessible delivery locations are an issue, but I'm not sure there is any way around it. Even if it was restricted to NPCs there's nothing stopping people blocking them off, or placing them in a locked building. Such is the freedom Wurm offers. Maybe it's something that will just have to be left up to the server owners to sort. Definitely, it's something I was keeping in mind. I did think one related idea would be a kind of "premium" delivery option, for an extra fee, where if after a certain time the order hadn't been delivered it would be delivered automatically. As for cancelling, cancelling a delivery that hasn't been picked up yet (e.g. realising an error just after you placed the order) should happen easily. However if a player has already picked up the package there should probably be some kind of cancel time. Otherwise the person who placed the order can cancel immediately (e.g. if they need the goods at the start end) but forfeits a certain percentage of the cost to the person doing the delivery. Now that you mention it, splitting too much might mean an order takes longer to be delivered. It was something I thought about a while back, shouldn't be too difficult with a highway in place. I thought about creating a different kind of waystone that would serve as a sort of centre post for a market. It could block modifying the area, which the owner could turn off temporarily disabling the market whilst changes are made, so that a one time pathing calculation could work out the routes to all of the stalls. A merchant that can wander everywhere would be nice, but long distance pathing and getting stuck would be an issue. An easier way to do it might be to just have merchants teleport between unoccupied market stalls. That way every market would see some fresh goods on a regular basis, and you wouldn't need to have highways in place. One drawback would be that if people create too many stalls across the server loads of markets would be empty. Could even be used as a type of griefing.
  10. Crafter and DeliveryContracts fix Crafter Download DeliveryContracts Download Fixed compatibility with other server command mods. Strange, I'm not really sure why that caused an issue, but and issue it did cause. Should be fixed now. Buyer still worked because it doesn't have any server commands, since I reused the same code in the other two mods they both caused an issue. Getting the NPCs to control the humans... yes, that's what they've been planning all along. Seriously though, that sounds interesting. It shouldn't be too difficult to implement. I wonder what the best way to deal with navigation would be? If everything is tied to deeds and there is a highway in place to help with directions it would be okay, but otherwise how would players making the deliveries know where to go? Suppose the order could have a Locate style action, "The destination is far away and to the East" kind of thing? Another idea is that rather than requiring an NPC at both ends the person placing the order could receive something like a stake, which they can plant into the ground at any location, to allow for delivery to building sites and the like. Then it could be that the NPCs will also accept the stake and so it can still be delivered to an NPC. As for the packages, as you say the weight can be set to whatever, without worrying about dividing up the items for larger deliveries, so it should be easy to allow for multi-part deliveries. The delivery could be split up purely on numerical weight, then the destination gets a "Delivery completion percentage" which fills as each package is delivered. I'm thinking mainly for new players with low weight carrying skills, who could just take one, or transfer multiple to a cart, and more skilled players could carry multiple if they preferred. It would also allow multiple people to fulfil a larger order. Or am I over complicating things and it will just end up with parts of orders being fulfilled and final delivery taking ages?
  11. Crafter fix Download Fixed placing issue with last update. Whoops, sorry about that. Thank you.
  12. The way it should work is the crafter will improve the item to get skill as a player would. It's not an instant boost or anything like that. The item is added to their work book but paid jobs take priority, so if the crafter is busy they might not get to them. If that doesn't sound right, let me know. Yes please. I think what might be best is if, one, I add an option to turn off price modifier for server owners that don't want it, and two add a minimum option for those who want finer control. Balancing the economy between Wurm and various mods can be difficult. Crafter update Download Added two new options, use_owner_price_modifier (default true) and minimum_price_modifier. Fixed "Money to collect message".
  13. Crafter update Download Added shield smithing and pottery (clay) to skill options. Altered Forge message in Manage to specify when a forge is not needed. Not a waste at all, needed to be fixed. Ah, I knew there was one of the main ones I was missing. Fletching and weapon smithing should already be on the list. I missed shield smithing. As for clay, I left it off because I wasn't sure people would use it much, but I don't see any reason why not to add it so added it is. Thank you for the feedback.
  14. Crafter fix Download Fix for issue when BuyerMerchant is not also installed. Not your fault. The problem was I also had another of my mods running on my test server, running without that mod caused your issue and of course it wouldn't appear for me when I was testing. Sorry about that. Should all be fixed now.
  15. 1 for "Min. Purchase" and 0 for "Limit" would be correct. Not sure what the problem is as it seems to work fine for me. Minimum purchase must be 1 or higher, but you should be able to set limit to 0 (for infinite). It won't work for the owner, but if this is for other GMs then it should still work.