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  1. Yes, if you want 90 skill crafters you should set it to 90. The way it works is this: skillCap is the lower value of max_skill and the value set on the individual Crafter. startingSkill is the lower value of starting_skill and max_skill. Create new Crafter -> All skills set to startingSkill. Right-click>Manage>Modify skills>Save -> All skills moved up to startingSkill but not above skillCap. Every action -> Make sure skills are not over skillCap, set to skillCap if they are. can_learn only affects whether the Crafter accepts item donations. Phew, hopefully that's clear enough.
  2. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    Update Download Added options (free_tiles_upkeep, free_perimeter_upkeep, free_guards_upkeep), if true it re-enables upkeep for their respective option, leaving only the initial cost as free. Default false. Added upkeep_grace_period, the number of (real) days following new village creation during which no upkeep will be charged. Whole numbers only. Default 0 (off).
  3. The options are generated for each trade, so they will show up automatically. They go up in increments of 10. It's been a while but I think it would be easy enough to customise the increment if you want it to go up in 5s instead.
  4. ToolPurchaser update Download Added new pricing options. In, you can now add flat rate prices for specific materials. Add entries in the format flat<id>=price. For example, flat7=100 for a flat rate of 1c on gold items. This can be combined with price modifiers, so you can have a flat rate for a material and multiply the price at the same time. In, you now add a flat rate for the number of enchantments on an item using flat_rate. You can also list enchantments you wish to be excluded from pricing altogether using ignored. Ignore multiple enchantments by separating ids using commas. All prices are in irons. Done.
  5. New Mod - ToolPurchaser Download A new NPC that will buy tools and weapons according to various factors. ql_price in sets how much per item ql. (found in the toolpurchaser mod folder) stores the multipliers for the ql price based on item material. (again in the toolpurchaser mod folder) stores the prices for any enchantments on the item. Spell type enchantments (CoC, WoA, etc.) are multiplied by the power of the cast, enchantments (demise spells, etc.) are a flat rate. Both use the format id=price, see the individual files for what the ids are. All prices are in irons (fractions will be rounded down). Hopefully I haven't made any bad assumptions, but if you want any changes just let me know. Sorry about the name, couldn't think of anything more appropriate. They are prefixed "Trader_" in game.
  6. The biggest problem will be getting consistent results for all items. Sand/dirt, crops, and so on are easy to get at high ql, for example. Picking out item types to ignore could get quite long, depending on what you are looking for.
  7. That is odd. I don't do anything with the built-in AI. I can only think the randomness of the AI behaviour means it doesn't happen all the time.
  8. This isn't related to my mod. It's only named in the logs because of a code hook. The problem seems to be something to do with an AI character trying to eat an item. Npc is not one of my classes, it's for the built-in AI players. Sorry I can't be of further help.
  9. CustomTrader update Download More optimisation. Was at a bit of a loss as to where the problem was, but I think I've found it now. Let me know if it's still not enough. Also, nice map. Must be tough finding wood.
  10. CustomTrader update Download Try this and see if it helps. I'll have another look if not.
  11. Not sure what would cause that. Is there any way to make it happen reliably? Where did the coins originally come from, withdrawn at a token or from selling stuff to a trader?
  12. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    Fix Download Fixed missing class file. 0 upkeep deeds should not disband. Sorry about that, not sure what happened there but Manage Guards should be fixed now. Also changed when disbanding occurs so the free deeds should be fine now.
  13. That's what I meant in my previous post. Here is a screenshot I took on a second character of the Trade window. Where it says "limit", it tells you the most they will buy. Unless you mean if they have enough money to actually buy that many, then no there currently isn't a way to see that as a normal player.
  14. It works for both. Technically you can have a currency trader and a custom trader use the same tag. Although the prices would be off, unless you want several hundred of an item in exchange. I also forgot to add before, that old stock entries won't be deleted when loading, to save losing any information. It just adds ones that are missing.
  15. CustomTrader update Download You can now use the /dumptags command (with a GM character) to create a copy of all the tagged trader stock info, for loading on other servers. Copy the file found in the mods/customtrader mod folder, called tags.db and put it in the same location on another server. Tags will be loaded when the server starts. Hopefully this will work for you.