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  1. CustomTrader and BuyerMerchant fixes Download CustomTrader Download BuyerMerchant Added missing wood types. Interesting. So in the Wurm Unlimited code there is a list of all the wood types, but for some reason it is missing lingonberrywood and orangewood. At first I thought it was because they were less common wood types, but raspberrywood and blueberrywood are included. Thanks for the report.
  2. Weird. I guess don't argue if it is working, but it's strange all the same.
  3. Crafter bugfix Download Yes please, if you wouldn't mind. What I'm seeing there is that something is going wrong when removing the ash from the forge, but it works fine on my end so can't tell what the problem is. I've hopefully fixed the issue with the mine doors, thanks for the logs, but you may still have problems starting up if the ash related issue is still causing problems.
  4. Crafter bugfix Download Crafter logs weren't being written to. Now fixed. Sorry about this, still not sure of the cause. But hopefully with the fix to the message logging it should clear things up. Check the individual log files in the WurmServerLauncher folder, if you haven't already, sometimes the messages can get log in the console output. The only other idea I have at this time is to dismiss and replace the Crafter. Have you tried that since the previous update?
  5. I'm not sure what the problem could be. Did you get any output using output=print?
  6. No, the problem you posted was just blocking acceptance of orders, old orders will continue as usual.
  7. Crafter update and bugfixes Download Added global restricted materials. Now GM can limit which materials Crafters may use. This works in combination with Per-Crafter restrictions, but cannot override globally blocked materials. Type /restrictmaterials into chat as a GM to bring up the list. Also fixed several bugs. Should be fixed now. I have a suspicion as to what the problem is, see if the new version fixes it. If not, could you try turning on crafter output by putting this: output=print In your .properties file. It should hopefully say what the problem is.
  8. If you take out the ash with a GM does it start working again? I'm not far off releasing another update so I'll include a possible fix in that. Hmm, that doesn't sound right. Something else to look at I guess. Never tested it with a large amount of items.
  9. Sorry about all that, not your fault. The weight "fix" has always been a little finicky. Try this new version and see if it helps: Download
  10. Crafter bugfix and update Download Fixed bug with the order of restricted materials. Added change_skill_after_placement option, if added as false then skills cannot be changed without dismissing and re-hiring the Crafter. Works with single and multiple skills.
  11. Crafter update Download Added restricted materials list, found on the management screen. If left blank the Crafter will accept all item materials as usual, if not they will only accept items made from a material that is on the list. Added single_crafter_skill option to .properties. If added and set true Crafters can only be assigned 1 skill, instead of allowing multiple. Already placed Crafters will continue to finish current jobs in other skills, but will limit all new jobs to 1 skill. Which will be the "first" skill in the order I use in the mod, it can, of course, be changed if it is not what the owner wants. Tagging @Cley
  12. Sorry for not replying to your PM, I did read it. I was busy with the bugfix and I'm busy today, but will look into it soon. Should be possible.
  13. DeliveryContracts fix Download Fixed issue with items taking damage in delivery contracts when no decay was true. Think I've sorted it. The decay was happening somewhere else in the Wurm code, and I missed it. Sorry about that. Let me know if you have any more problems. Terrifying. Take it from me, don't let yourself get drawn in or you'll never escape!
  14. It is the other way round, if no_decay_in_contract is 'true' then no_decay_food does not matter. Unless, I guess, you did want food to decay but nothing else, in which case that wouldn't currently work. So, if you only want food to be protected from decay, then no_decay_in_contract should be 'false' or removed, and no_decay_food should be 'true'. There shouldn't be a minimum weight for items in contracts. The '*' marks which items were no decay before going into the contract, so that when they leave they can be reset properly. The two values are used in, in markItemAndSubItems. Strange that the food is decaying, especially as the '*' is there meaning the food shouldn't have decayed outside the contract either. Any other mods that may alter decay rates? I've changed the setNoDecay behaviour slightly, in case taking the items in and out of contracts was causing issues. Download. But I don't think that is the cause. I've made an update, hopefully it covers what you need. Let me know if it's not quite right. BuyerMerchant update Download On a Buyer, if the item has a purchase limit it will now show the remaining number on the item label. e.g. log, applewood - limit 123
  15. Weird. I'm thinking then, that it doesn't have anything to do with CustomTrader. The reason it's appearing in the logs is because the problem is happening at some point when the creatures are polled and CustomTrader hooks into that. But it shouldn't actually do anything except to CustomTraders. Sorry I cannot be of further help. If you get any different messages, let me know.