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  1. Mini Update Download Changed GM Destroy action so that it destroys items that have fallen out of a contract. Added a server command (#dcCleanup) to check for the above and remove across the whole server. Limited to once per minute because it could cause lag with a lot of items on the server. Added two options to .properties, default for both is false. no_decay_in_contract If true items inside a contract will not be subject to decay. no_decay_food If true food inside a contract will not be subject to decay. Overridden by no_decay_in_contract. Fixed bug with items in containers in contracts.
  2. Fix Delivery Contracts download Fixed issue with packed items not being cleaned up properly. Mini Update Buyer Merchant download Changed Copy Price List to two actions, for copying in each direction, to help clarify things. Sorry about that, it originally cleaned things up better but then I changed over to keeping the contract around until all items were gone. I forgot all about destroying with a wand and possibly some other ways. I have added it back in and now it works properly. I've run out of time tonight for the clean up command, but will get it done tomorrow. If it is a problem in the mean time and you're okay with using SqliteBrowser open up the wurmitems.db, got to the ITEMS table and filter the TEMPLATEID column by 769, MAILED by 1 and MAILTIMES by 0. That should show up the ghost items. It's the other way around. Although I think your way is probably going to be more common, so I've changed it to two options. "To Contract Buyer" will copy the list from the buyer you right click on to the one who is controlled by the contract. "To This Buyer" will copy the list from the contract buyer to the one you right click on. Hopefully that will clear things up. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to make it more obvious. Thank you very much for being my guinea pig.
  3. Mini Update - Delivery Contracts Download Added Multi-Packā„¢. You can now "Pack up" multiple times with the same contract, overcoming the maximum items per pile limit. Added new option to .properties max_items Higher numbers may cause performance issues when trading with Buyers with price and minimum purchase calculations. Default 1000. Higher should be okay, just something to be aware of. Sorry, don't know why I left that in. That'll teach me to try rushing out an update in the evening. What happened was when I was first working things out I hit an issue with the maximum items per tile limit. I tried to get it working without making it possible for contracts to hold onto any un-dropped items, but ended up having to do it in the end. I already planned to add multi-pack at this point this but needed some more time so released as it was. I could have at least taken out the 99 item drop limit, but oh well, it's all done now.
  4. Update Buyer Merchant download Delivery Contracts download Made contracts compatible with buyers. If all of the items in the delivery note meet the requirements then they can now be accepted by buyers. Both mods need to be updated for it to work. Also, as I was going through I noticed a possible exploit. Minimum purchase items could be accepted even if they were underweight, which I assume is not the expected behaviour (you want 100 rock shards not 100 0.01kg rock shards). So I have now changed it so that any items that are not full weight are not accepted to fulfil a minimum purchase. Normal buying will still correctly scale the price based on the weight. You're quite welcome.
  5. [WIP] Ghost Tower Guard Mod

    I haven't quite gotten my head around load order myself yet, so someone may have a better answer. But I just gave it a quick try and if you move the onPlayerMessage code out of your mod class and into another and just call that from the onPlayerMessage method it doesn't cause the same error. There is probably a better way, but it should get things done as a workaround. Not tested it fully of course. Only just learning about it myself, but I've thought of two ideas. One, create your own extension to the CreatureAI class, then in the pollCreature method returning true signals that the Creature should die. The big drawback to this one is that you'd need to implement the combat stuff yourself. The easier way would be to hook on setOpponent and check if it receives null, then just call the die method.
  6. Default is 1c. The price is configurable in the .properties file. I don't think I ever used the mail system when playing Wurm Online and have been out of touch with delivery price changes so the default may be way out. Figured server admins may want to set different prices anyway. No worries, that's actually a good idea I hadn't thought of. I will have a chat with the guy who made the buyer mod and work something out.
  7. Yes, if by buyer you mean merchant. I haven't actually tested sending items across server, but I just checked the one thing that might have complicated things and it wasn't an issue. The items are just stored inside the contract, so it should transfer just like any container. Sorry, should have been more clear. So you buy a "delivery contract" off a trader, then when you pack the items it renames the contract to "delivery note", and also sets the description based on the contents. You then set the price and put the "delivery note" on your merchant to sell. Then the player who buys it takes it to the place they want it delivered and it disappears once all the items have been dropped. If there are any complications in delivering some of the items (e.g. too many items already on the tile) the note stays and you can re-deliver the rest later. One other thing I forgot to mention, unfortunately you can't select a range of items in your inventory, this ability is controlled by the client. So if you select one item in a group (i.e. where there is one entry for all the iron lumps and you click the + to see them all) it will also pack all of the others in that group.
  8. Multi Item Contract for Selling on Merchants

    For anyone looking at this thread in the future. Delivery Contracts
  9. New Mod Beta Release Delivery Contracts Download Purchase one of these from your local trader. Activate and right click on an item or pile and select Pack up. The spirits will then take the items and hold them for later delivery. You can now sell this item on a merchant no matter the weight. For the buyer, all they have to do is activate and right click on either their villages token or a nearby waystone and select Deliver Here and the spirits will deliver the items in front of them. For use with heavy piles and items (e.g. piles of bricks, logs, high ql dirt, forges/ovens, etc.) Note - You cannot highlight a range of items and only pack those. If you pack one item in a group it packs all the others of that type in the container/inventory. There were a lot of permissions and restrictions involved, so if I missed any just let me know and I'll add them to the list. Sorry it took longer than I originally thought. So many little loose ends to clear up. Think this fits your requirements. @McKenna
  10. Mini Update Download Added Copy Price List action. With both buyers placed take the contract of the buyer you want to copy to, right-click on the other buyer and select Copy Price List. You must own both buyers to dissuade people from copying other people's price lists and setting up easy competition. Note - This will destroy the old price list. Thank you. Not that it matters now, but if you select Look > Equipment as a GM, as well as the normal body window, you get a window showing the creatures inventory. I have been learning a lot about the action system recently and decided that would be the simplest way to add this. I thought about copying price lists before I first released this mod, by allowing the owner to drag a copy down when trading, but didn't want any angry admins blaming me for creating free paper.
  11. Bugfix Download Fixed issue with adding and removing pages. Sorry about that, one of those "don't know how I didn't notice" things. Think I've fixed the bug but you might still have issues if it has already affected the item. If you still have trouble it would help if you could examine the buyers inventory with a GM character (looking for the book, how many pages its contains, and if any pages are in the inventory but outside the book) and any log entries you might think apply. If the buyer wasn't important it might be simpler to dismiss and summon a new one, but if that is difficult let me know. Sorry again.
  12. Update Download You can now sort the price list using the Sort button on Manage Prices. First it sorts alphabetically by name, then by minimum QL in descending order. (e.g. acorn, log 50ql, log 10ql.) Updated Buyers to use books instead of a single sheet of papyrus. This multiplies the space for entries by 10. Old price lists will be silently updated. There were also some other minor fixes. I'm still working on Delivery Contracts. Hit a few small snags but starting to get there.
  13. Sorting shouldn't be difficult. The reason for the limit is that the mod uses paper inscriptions instead of the database. However, whilst working on my next mod, I realised it might be a good idea to use a book, then just add more pages. That would multiply the maximum by ten (which should be more than enough?) and be somewhat realistic.
  14. Thank you. I've had a quick go and it definitely seems doable. There are just a few more details I need to work out. The one issue I can think of is that it will mean people can store an infinite weight of items whenever they want (or can afford the cost), also bypassing the bulk storage system increasing item count on a server, but I guess that's just a drawback some server owners will be happy to take. From this and the other posts on the forum I think McKenna means a type of contract that will bundle up a bulk set of goods to be sold as a single item on a merchant, and then deliver them when the player gets the contract back home. At least I hope that's correct now that I've started.
  15. How very strange. I can't even imagine a situation when the mod would would send a url to event. I've played around with it and checked all my logs and haven't received anything like that. Could it be another mod that sent the url and it's just a coincidence that you pressed a button at the same time? Sorry I can't be of help.