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  1. [BETA] Buyer - A new NPC based on the Merchant

    It does. I used the same format as the other npcs, so "Bob" would be named "Buyer_Bob". Unless you mean the thread title, in which case I should probably clear that up a little too.
  2. [BETA] Buyer - A new NPC based on the Merchant

    Sorry, guess I need to go back and clear some things up. It is neither a merchant or a trader, but it is based on the merchant. So for your second question, it creates a new npc that buys instead of sells. (It uses the same "Salesman" creature the others do.) Absolutely, you summon a buyer just like a merchant, using a new type of contract. Each buyer has their own Price List and you can add whatever items you like to it.
  3. What does it do? Introduces a new type of NPC, based on the merchant, that will buy items from players instead of selling them. How to use Simply head to your nearest Trader and buy the new "personal buyer contract" and place it as you would a merchant. The name will have a "Buyer_" prefix to distinguish from merchants. Then right click on the contract and choose "Manage traders". This will bring up a menu like the merchants but with "Manage Prices" and "Add Item" buttons. Go through the add item menu (see the screenshots below) to add an item to the buyer's Price List and when a player trades all the items on the list will be shown, along with prices and minimum ql requirements. Features Add items to the buyer's list and specify material, minimum ql and price of items. Specify "Any" material, for example to accept any type of log. Will accept low weight items and charge appropriately. Multiple ql price bands. Want to pay 1c for up to 20ql but 2c for 50ql? You can. Gets price of the highest ql price band so if you want to pay more for low ql items, you can do that as well. Donations. Set the price to 0 for people to donate unwanted items. Only accepts items on the list so no worries about filling up with tonnes of wood scrap. Unless that's what you want, of course. Merchant fees. The buyer contract costs the same amount as the normal merchant contract. The buyer charges 10% on all transactions, which goes to the King as normal. Logging The mod provides a couple of lines output in the server logs, allowing you to keep an eye on where the money is going. Uses all item templates on the server. Apart from items marked "no trade", uniques, etc. So it should be compatible with any modded items. The mod is designed to be open to however people want to run their server, this does mean that you can add items and material combinations that cannot be made normally by players. There is a filter for both lists however. Price List is an item. Part of my plan with this mod was to not add any extra database entries. The price list is a paper with inscription stored on the merchant. If the buyer is auto-dismissed or killed you can trade the list (found delivered or on corpse, respectively) to your new buyer and it will overwrite their list. Screenshots Beta Everything should now be working as it should. However I haven't tested it on a populated server, and with all the item possibilities something might come up. I also wanted some feedback on how it works. Menu improvements, etc. Requirements ago's Mod Launcher Instructions Download the zip file Copy contents of zip into your Wurm Server mod directory Settings In order for already placed traders to stock the new buyer contracts the mod needs to add the item to their inventories. There should be no perceptible performance impact, however you can change or just remove the update_traders entry in the property file to stop the search after the first run. New traders will be stocked automatically.
  4. Sorry, now I see my mistake. When I looked on my Creative server database I didn't see any dens so I wrongly assumed they wouldn't be a problem. I just checked my Adventure server and there was one there. Deleting them is a little more tricky as they don't have Creature names attached, only ids which we don't know unless you want to read through the huge log output. Fortunately the default Wurm creature ids only go up to 116 and from the log output you posted they are all much higher. I've updated the program I wrote, but it's probably just as easy to use the Sqlite browser I mentioned above. Load up wurmzones.db, go to the "Browse Data" tab and select "DENS" from the dropdown. Then just sort by "TEMPLATEID" and delete the high numbers. java -jar WurmDatabaseCleaner.jar -remove-modded-dens
  5. What has happened is that the mod has added creatures to the database, then the entries remain even after you remove the mod itself. Without the mod Wurm doesn't know what kind of creatures they are so you get the errors. You can look at the database information with something like Sqlite Browser, but even if you deleted all the modded creatures there are other entries scattered in other databases. Now, they might be perfectly fine to leave them there, but I don't know for certain. So I've written a quick program that will go through the database, find the creatures and delete all the related entries. The one issue is I don't know which modded creatures you added, so you'll have to look up the mod you added and find the template names. I mentioned the browser above because that could be useful to find some of the modded creatures, especially if the first run doesn't get them all. A quick disclaimer, this program is not particularly clever so I strongly recommend backing up your server in case it deletes the wrong things. Paste this jar into the "sqlite" folder of the server. (e.g. WurmServerLauncher/Creative/sqlite) Then open a command line up and type: java -jar WurmDatabaseCleaner.jar Animal,Names,Separated,By,Commas The output will tell you if it has found anything. Let me know if there's anything I've missed and I'll try to help.
  6. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    Yes, that is correct.
  7. Sorry, I didn't get around to changing the title. No, I haven't worked on this for quite some time. I just tried giving it a quick run and it seems broken on more recent versions of modloader. The interest just never seemed there and I was ready to move on.
  8. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    Sorry all, I thought I had finally sorted the forums email notifications. I have been out of the world of modding for a while now, and have not visited the forums in just as long, so sorry for the late response. That is strange, I didn't need a second copy when testing earlier and the per server file should be create automatically. Oh well, glad you got it sorted anyway. Whoops, that's rather a big oversight. Very sorry. New version should fix that problem. @Darkness1990 Update Exploit fix, plus some odds and ends from Wurm Unlimited updates. Download
  9. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    Sorry everyone. It has been a while since I was modding. However I have taken a look and think I have updated it to work with the latest version. Just let me know if you have any problems. Update Download
  10. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    Sorry it has been a while, but I've been busy. In the end I didn't really find anything else that seemed to be working incorrectly, but feel free to prove me wrong. I did find an edge case where the Kings Shop (something related to trader funds I think) wasn't being updated. Since it only happened on a 0 upkeep interval it probably had no effect, but I fixed it just in case. I've also added an extra message, following Eject's suggestion a while ago, to the low upkeep warnings regarding free tiles and perimeter. It will only show up if you have those options set to something other than 0. Update Download
  11. I did intend to look further into the deity system, but got distracted by other projects. Unfortunately it's not as simple as you would hope, the code for a deity is quite spread out. Some of it is in deities, some of it is in spells, some of it is in epic\Valrei and that's just what I've found so far. It should definitely be possible, after all Wurm Online has extra deities, but I'm afraid it's a bit beyond my current knowledge. Even if I did copy everything, there's probably some other code I've missed that might cause things to behave strangely in-game. Sorry I can't be more help.
  12. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    Confession time... When I added the free_tiles and free_perimeter options I messed up the upkeep calculation, as a result deeds have effectively been operating as if upkeep was 1i per tile. I found it while looking over the code just after the last update, and it was one of those things where I have no idea how I made the mistake. I'm very sorry if this has caused anyone any issues, knowingly or unknowingly. I have created what I hope is a fixed version. I have also finally gotten around to working on some proper tests. It's still early days, which is why I'm not 100% certain the mod is error free, but I have verified that the problem I found has been fixed and I will continue to work on more tests. The initial tile costs during founding won't have been affected. Update Download
  13. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    Many thanks for the feedback. The problem was partly to do with the limited testing I'd done, and partly to do with me not fully understanding the draining mechanics. Doesn't help that the server I was testing with didn't have PvP turned on so I didn't see the extra part of the message in your screenshot on my end. Sorry about that. Should all be working now. The bolded message is triggered when the money left in upkeep falls below 3s, since I couldn't work out why it was set at that value I changed the message to "soon" and it now triggers when the the upkeep falls below 5 times the current drain value. I could probably change it to take more values into account, but it could get complicated with the changeable values and ongoing upkeep, etc. If anyone has a better suggestion let me know. Update min_drain option wasn't being used properly. Download
  14. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    Apologies for not being around lately. Sorry you've been having difficulties, I've given it a quick test and don't seem to have any problems on my end. I set min_drain to 2500 (25c) and drained a deed and got 35c something. Can I just verify, you've changed the min_drain in Wurm Folder/Adventure/mods/upkeepcosts/ and in Wurm Folder/mods/ and when you launch the server you should get a line in the console that says something like: INFO: Upkeep costs are as follows: Tile 1 copper, 20 iron, 10 free tiles - Perimeter 50 iron, 5 iron, 100 free tiles - Guards 10 iron, 10 iron - Minimum 0 irons - Into Upkeep 0 irons - Name change 5 silver Draining values are as follows: Minimum drain 25c, Maximum drain modifier 5.0, Drain modifier increment 0.5 And all the values have changed correctly, except "Minimum drain"? No "WARNING"s show in the console?
  15. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    Sorry about that. I changed the location of the translation files before making these changes, and didn't test them on the non-ui version. Should all work fine now. Download It will act the same as if you had no free tiles, and start the disband process. The King wants his coin. Was there another way you like it to behave?