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  1. Golden Valley (circa 2009) More from this era on my old (abandoned) blog. Independence (2010) Desertion around opening (2011) Altar of Three on Elevation (2011)
  2. Sorry for the late reply, I was away yesterday. Thank you for the detailed report. What you're saying suggests the item is really gone, but hasn't been removed from players view for some reason. You could check the wurmitems.db to see if the id is still there, but I doubt it. I couldn't get the problem to occur on my end. I packed and unpacked a caravel, traded it between characters, put it on a merchant, rebooted the server with the delivery note both on and off the merchant. Is the ship still there when a player exits and logs back in? Still there after server restart? Sorry you had issues too. If the 'No item found with id' errors said a number between 1-4 that was just an overly cautious message on my part. Which I've now removed. When destroying an item DeliveryContracts might appear, but that's just the normal log warning. Something else however and I'll have to look into it further.
  3. Hmm. Okay I've added lots more logging to try and narrow down the issue. Download Hopefully that will at least narrow it down to something I can fix.
  4. Sorry, I've been a little busy with other things. Don't worry though, I haven't forgotten.
  5. Banker fix Download Fix for the fix for window closing. No, you're supposed to say "Bad Mthec, get back to work and get it right this time.". Sorry.
  6. Banker fix Download Fixed turning for more situations. Fixed bank window closing because player wasn't near the token. Sorry about that, thought I'd sorted turning. As for the window closing, it turns out that was because the player wasn't near the village token where there bank is located. In my test world I had them together, so it never came up.
  7. BeastSummoner possible fix Download Strange. I'm really not sure what could cause this situation to arise. However I've done an update that will try and recover from that situation. If you could check the TRADER table in wurmeconomy.db, and see if the NPC is actually missing a shop, that might help narrow things down. If, somehow, the shops had been removed. That error is caused by the same issue, not being able to find a shop for the trader. Are there any other mods you are using that affect shops? Specifically I'm thinking getShop might be being override and blocking these mods from getting their shop. If the BeastSummoner fix does work, I'll release one for the other mods. If not, let me know and I'll have another look.
  8. CustomTrader update Download Added new options for Currency Traders. Selecting item type works as normal, but now there is an optional Advanced button. Clicking this takes you to a new menu with the following options: Material - Currency must be of this material type to be accepted. Exact QL - Currency must match this QL exactly to be accepted. Minimum QL - Currency must be at or above this QL to be accepted. Not checked if Exact QL is set. Rarity - Currency must be the selected rarity to be accepted. Full Weight Only - Currency must be the standard weight of the item (e.g. 24kg for logs) to be accepted. All options have an 'Any' option (leave the QL fields blank), that will allow any currency of the correct item type to be accepted. Any current (or new, but not advanced) Currency will default to any in all categories, except Full Weight Only which is on by default. Done. Also took the opportunity to add some other options.
  9. Unfortunately not at the moment. It's something I can definitely look into, but I'm going to be away for the next few days so it won't be particularly soon. As a temporary possibility, you could use a BuyerMerchant which can give coin in return for items of a specific rarity. But that may not suit your servers economy.
  10. Weird, when I went on Edit release the upload had failed for some reason. Sorry about that. Should be fixed now.
  11. Banker update Download Fixed turning towards players. Updated customisation, you can now customise the model and remove Give-n items as with the other mods. Removed the Changer face menu item and added an Appearance button in the Manage menu as with the others. Done.
  12. That message appears when there is some issue with the database. If you don't have any traders placed yet, you can try deleting "customtrader.db" from WurmServerLauncher/<server-name>/sqlite, and trying again. Otherwise if you could check the server log you should see a section that contains "SQLException", paste what you find here and I'll take a look.
  13. BeastSummoner, Crafter, and CustomTrader updates BeastSummoner Download Crafter Download CustomTrader Download Some fixes and new features, see below. I've also change the lists to use radio and checkboxes, whilst I prefer the buttons they don't layout properly when the lists get long. Thought I might find a workaround, but sadly not. I forgot to add a little disclaimer to my post. I've let BeastSummoner add all the creatures that the GM Summon tool will allow plus any others added by mods. This does mean some spawns might behave strangely, or not at all. Turns out Skeletons are an easy enough fix. Every creature has a max age, and for skeletons that means an ancient 2. But even when you spawn one at that age there is a somewhat random chance of them dying of old age anyway. So, firstly I've added the max ages to the summon list so that you can't spawn one over that age, secondly I've adjusted a setting so that the age won't be checked right after spawn (although this could still mean early deaths, depending on how long you take to fight), and thirdly, for good measure, I've bumped skeleton max age to 10. Sorted. Strange, they work for me. Are you just using a plain "cloth shoe"? Added. There is now an option called Remove item, which only shows if one, you're allowed, and two if they have any items that can be removed. Then it opens a window where you can select which items to remove. On a related matter, when adding the Give to CustomTraders I forgot to block them wearing their stock, it will now not let you Give them anything they supply. However, providing an item with a small QL difference will work just fine. Done. Added an option to the .properties, and set the default to 0 (as GMs can hopefully be trusted). I hope you know what you're doing...
  14. New Mod BeastSummoner plus updates to BuyerMerchant, Crafter, and CustomTrader BeastSummoner Download BuyerMerchant Download Crafter Download CustomTrader Download BeastSummoner, a new type of NPC that can be placed by GM, to offer creature spawning services to players. Features include: Summon lists Specify creature templates, prices, age, cap on amount spawned in one purchase, limit creature type modifiers. Currency Choose between normal coin and (nearly) any item type for payment. Tagged summoners Like CustomTrader, set a named tag to share a summon list between multiple summoners. Set spawn point Set the spawn point where the creatures will be created, it doesn't have to be near the summoner themselves, and you can also set a range (in tiles) where multiple creatures will be spread out. Creature Type Price Modifiers Set global modifiers for creature type modifier in .properties. e.g. Champion creatures could be set to 2 to double the price compared to other types. Summoner customisation Set the model, and optionally the face (if using human model), of the Beast Summoners. Disclaimer - In order to support the widest possible use of this mod, I've not limited the creatures you can spawn, offering all those offered by the GM Summon menu. However this may mean that there are things you shouldn't be spawning. Be sure to test any before you unleash try them on players. BuyerMerchant - Required compatibility fixes with BeastSummoner and other mods. CustomTrader - Required compatibility fixes, moved Face/Model customisation to new window. Crafter - Various fixes, see below. Stop current job button. For those times where a job gets stuck or would take a long time. Automatically refunds and mails the item to the customer. New Player Give option, allowing Players to Give items to their Crafters like GMs can. Only works for Crafters the player has the contract for. Moved Face/Model customisation to new window. Note - BuyerMerchant and CustomTrader don't need to be updated if you don't want to use BeastSummoner and Crafter. But if you do, the updates are required. Sorry for the inconvenience. Creature ages information: 2-3 young < 8 adolescent < 12 mature < 30 aged < 40 old >= 40 venerable Fixed. Be sure to transfer any affect crafter contracts back to the server where the crafter is before updating. Added. Donations are removed either when they reach the crafters skill + remove_donations_at, or when they pass 99.999999ql. I kind of set that maximum just because, so if it would be useful to be slightly lower I could change that. Added for Crafter. Requires they have the contract in their inventory. GMs are unaffected. Banker already had that feature, in fact they don't need to be owned, I just hadn't done it elsewhere. Hot wood items seem to be fine on my end (tried bow and shield at glowing). What item in particular is the crafter getting stuck on? Anything in the crafter log file that might show another reason? Glad I could be of help.
  15. CustomTrader update Download Added a new feature that allows you to set the character model of a Custom Trader. Options are: Trader (default) Human (Allows clothing and face customisation.) Custom (Any Wurm model, yes even items.) Same face customisation 'quirks' as the other mods that allow it. Done. Ended up being quite the little rabbit hole, exploring what models can be used. Will have a go, I don't think it shouldn't be too difficult as there is already the GM wand creature summoning system.