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  1. Hmm... It definitely says 91 in the 'QL' column, like this? I've added some more messages to the Crafter log, to try and track things down. It will happen right after you place an order with the Crafter, no need to wait any longer. Download I haven't used the mod myself, but a quick look suggests Crafters would benefit.
  2. Thanks. Okay, I think I know what's happening. Was the pickaxe order placed before the mod update? If so, that bug was the cause of the problem. Although the Trade option said 'Improve to 91ql', in the column to the right it was saying 100ql. If you check with a new order it should say 91ql. If not, let me know. The skill cap only affects the job options shown, once the order is placed the Crafter will keep going till it reaches the order. Which was set to 100ql in this case. Sorry about that.
  3. I can't seem to reproduce it on my end, so I've added an extra log message to help narrow things down. I also found another bug, and fixed that, although I don't see it affecting your issue. If you could give it a run and paste the crafters .log file. Thank you. Download
  4. Oh... Were they ordered before the max ql change? If so, that is because the ql the item is ordered at overrides so that buyers don't lose out. I'll take a look and find out what's wrong.
  5. Do you mean they just keep improving, or that they go over but stop? Those settings decide when the Crafter will stop, but they still use the Wurm crafting system. So if the final improve action causes it to go over that is not adjusted. I could add an option that forces the ql to the cap after they've been improved, if you want?
  6. Sorry for the late reply, I was away. I've tried using bdew's BetterFarm mod, as that is the one that is encountering the error, and it doesn't seem to cause a problem on my end. However, I don't know how to make proper use of the mod. Are there any settings you have setup/changed in the mod? Also, which of my mod(s) seems to be the problem?
  7. BuyerMerchant fix Download Fix for scheduling prices and intervals not always applying properly. That's a new one. I just copied the same settings as normal traders. Are they moving as well? My one thought is that there's another mod that increasing movement, but because they aren't normal traders they're being treated as random creatures. Here is a possible fix (Download). I just set their speed and "maxHuntDist" to 0, which should hopefully put a stop to any unexpected movement. If not, does it happen to new Custom/Currency Traders? Any particular settings for the ones that move?
  8. BuyerMerchant update Download GMs (Power >= 2) can now set Buyer specific free_money and destroy_bought_items. You can set Yes/No and also Default to revert to the global setting. All other Buyers will continue to use the global setting. Done.
  9. BuyerMerchant update Download Added a message when you Examine a Buyer, with the time till the next update. No message is added if the Buyer does not have an update schedule. It also only shows the next update, rather than list out all the stock. Done.
  10. I'm not well versed on the differences in the GM levels, but I've just taken a quick look and both of those commands need level 5.
  11. Actions list

    Here are the ones I could find. Although I'm not sure if they all work. They are found in client.jar!\com\wurmonline\client\options\keybinding\PlayerKeybind.class.
  12. Crafter update Download Added some messages clarifying when permissions are needed. Thanks for the update. I've had permissions set up on my test server for a while and so have forgotten what was needed. So I tested it and found that you need the Improve permission for general crafting, and Pickup as well to use a forge.
  13. They should start as soon as they have jobs, or donated items, to work on. They will also wait for the items to heat up. If that's not the case, are there any errors in the server log?
  14. Crafter update Download Added "Invite to settlement" button to the Manage window. It will only appear if your village is different to the Crafter's. CustomTrader update Download Another update someone requested, you can now set inscriptions and recipes to paper items for the CustomTrader to sell. That message appears when the Crafter does not have the "Pickup" permission for a deed. I guess most people have it set for Everybody, but it makes sense that there should be an invite option. So I added it to the Manage screen. Then you can change them to whatever role you want, so long as it has the Pickup option.
  15. BuyerMerchant update Download You can now schedule resetting the amount of an item that is purchased ('Limit'). Click Schedule on either the Buyer Management or Prices screen. Every interval (in hours) the Buyer will update the 'Limit' option on their price list for the listed items. e.g. With a 'Limit' of 5 the Buyer will purchase a maximum of 5 of an item, as it did already. If players only sell 3 of the item, then at the next update the Buyer will go up to 5 again. If players buy all of an item, it will be temporarily removed from the list, then at the next update added back at 5.