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  1. WTA Rare oven 50QL I don't own a wagon so you are going to have to pick it up To the Winner, the pickup spot will be S14 on the in-game wurm map on Deliverance Starting Bid: 4 silver Increment: 50 copper Sniper Protection: 1 hour Delivery: Pickup at South Deliverance No Buyout
  2. send one to Giamiester Thanks!
  3. 88.19ql Adamantine Lump 0.37kg pm offers
  4. 75 Quality also will edit the original post to include it
  5. rare lump, adamantine 88.32ql | 0.35kg - 3s necklace of focus, seryll 75ql | 0.10kg - 2s
  6. Looking for a little extra cash, I live in South Deli, i am willing to travel to anywhere in Deli and i'm looking to see if anyone need's extra labor or any help making things. Thanks. These are some relevant skills that i have: Carpentry: 57.55 Fine Carpentry: 33.43 Woodcutting: 40.76 Mining: 43.01 Digging:47.24 Masonry: 38 Stone Cutting: 20.97 Blacksmithing: 30.87 Hot Food Cooking:27.46 Farming:43.03 Fighting:69 Prospecting:20
  7. Hatchet iron 5QL (coc78) Price 40c Send to Giamiester ? Thanks!
  8. The 10ql Pickaxe (72 coc) for 30c To Giamiester Thanks
  9. COD this to Giamiester, longsword, iron 80ql NIMB71 LT71 COC78 - 2s60c (+any demise for free) with animals demise. Thanks!
  10. Lump, Glimmersteel - 83.59ql 0.33 weight - 3s Left Layered Shoulderpad, Steel - 2s Left Elaborate Shoulderpad , Leather - 1s pm me or post your name in a reply and i will COD it to you. Edit: [09:47:45] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.
  11. 4 Hours 33 minutes, After around 10 hours offline, It was still 4 hours 33 minutes.
  12. I used a bed to log out last night and while the action bar was saying i was going to bed I minimized the game and waited for it to close by itself. Fast forward 14 hours or so, I log in standing in my bed and i notice my Sleep Bonus did not increase a single minute. I checked my log for that day and it ended with "[19:52:22] You start to go to sleep." which is perfectly normal. I don't know what happened and i am reporting this as a bug.