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  1. Alrighty 11 silvers it is, i will message details:)
  2. Id like the fine med rug please
  3. Id like all you 5c mallets, saws, trowels, rakes, sickles chisles and files. Also, your 10c water skins and dredges. Lastly, your 2 highest 20c shovels. Will either pickup coastal or accept delivery:) GOODLUCK AT IMPALONG!!!
  4. I do agree with every point made in proposed arguement in header.
  5. +1 on this i need a new name as it shows personal information. 1st account i made is this one Smwwodburn and i thought that was username(login like other games) not actual character name. I very much need a name change any would even pay for a name change ticket. And in order to regulate it you would need to have had your account for at least a year or specified amount of time. Ive been playing for about 5 years or more now so much needed. I can see the reputations and such but id settle for my in game nickname as ive built up a decently positive renown. Maybe have it to where it shows your original name in parenthesis or have a sub-menu (toon history) that you right click on their toon or in chat channels and shows all the names theyve had prior on that toon. Again, i see a lot of issues that may occur with such a thing. But no way am i starting a new main toon after all the Time, Money, and Work ive put into this one.
  6. Who enjoys the look of marble and slate craftables? For a much fancier lifestyle why not surround yourself with premium white or shadow black built from your very hands and tools? Now we have a few choices for each such as floor plans, marble statues, and bridges, but i believe we can do so much more with what we already have as well! Everyone likes the new and improved so lets expand our options here and live the high life!!;) Maybe even a new cart or wagon plan 6 animal hitch to cover weight difference i petition for more craftables with Marble and Slate similar to the options of stone, what say you my fellow wurmians?
  7. Sorry i just saw this been busy with work and will begin today when i get off if you are still interested. Thatll be 13.5 silvers for the rss themselves.
  8. Back in business! Casvz ordered 1k shafts, 500 lg nails, 500 small nails with delivery at 2.5 silvers
  9. precisely i think it would get people out and more active and draw more attention to the game
  10. This would go with my customization post
  11. I Like all these ideas! would love to see this happen and yes make them moderately rare maybe say for a bear skele statue you need 20 small bones and 10 large bones rib cage skull and spine but the small bones be the most common large bones uncommon ribcage moderately rare and skull and spine rare to find? but a separate kind of rare than the rare strange bone not in the same category and still have the rarity class for each
  12. yes indeed many uses for bones
  13. Here's an idea, what do my fellow Wurmians think about skeletal statues? For example, when you kill mobs they drop regular small bones, large bones, skull, spine, rib cage not all at once just after killing many of the same type. After you accumulate a set amount of required bones you can create a skeletal statue of said mob. Kinda like the ones we have in science class of human skeletons and in museums! Wall mounts and display cases also
  14. Yessss i would love to see ebony and obsidian added to Wurm as well love both of those! As for the money system it also requires people to either pay for premium to get the skills to build such items or buy silver in order to pay for such items. It would increase money flow and possibly even fix the economy and in the process of doing so attract more attention of a new crowd of gamers. Maybe even add a new skill for customization, or better yet to make it in the devs best interest add a contract in the trader store that cost say 10s for either a set amount of time you can customize through that contractor vender that you place on your deed just like a merchant or have a set amount of times that you can customize an item. This will also allow money flow from the creators themselves directly into the devs even if its just for a set amount of time? The creators of custom items would either be paying for personal use or to build custom items and ships that they sell and make more money from to then buy another after lets say a 10s contract 30-50 uses and they make 50s-1gold depending on what they do, custom ships would obviously cost a decent amount more as would custom heavy armor and dragon armor and such. Honestly another thing id like to see come back is wood colors based up type of wood.
  15. What if instead they added a claim stake where it claimed a specific creature from a list of creatures in a say 20 tile radius that allowed the hunter/finder to lay claim to the slaying of said creature and they had an option to add whoever they chose to the list of slayers so both sides can equally participate both slaying and watching claim stake costs a bit to buy depending on rarity of creature and age and lasts a certain amount of time 1 day claim costs 50c 1 week costs 4s 1 month cost 15-20s which why would you wanna wait that long anyways? just an idea?
  16. The owner of the wagon was in east Xanadu drove it to the dock where we traded each other and i loaded onto my ship hopped servers back to west Xanadu and dropped off at my docks and immediately attempted to embark as commander and open it with no option to do so following that i examined it and the owner was not myself anymore. The situation has been resolved but this was for record purposes and letting people know about the issue as a precautionary measure.
  17. I don't see the need for it to be removed honestly it just seems like its being requested for removal so the people who know where to look and how to for that matter the higher level players that do nothing but hunt these and make a ton of money from what they get from killing it. it just seems unfair yes the lower level players wont be able to kill it of course but it allows more people to involve themselves in that awesome experience. yea you may or may not have more or less money in your personal pocket but that goes without saying the fact that these lower level people wont even be able to kill it by themselves so it keeps everyone involved and makes it more of an event instead im sure loads of people would love to just see these battles take place as it is an awesome sight let alone fun to participate. yea i can understand the difficulty of not being able to hit the dragon with so many people trying to hit it but that is why you fence it in and have an area for viewers to come see it.
  18. yes indeed everything worth it always takes time this is just to start that timer and get what was in my head out into the thoughts and minds of others haha
  19. Hey everyone just curious if anyone else would like a more customized system? Where, when you are crafting an item you can put emblems and such on shields and shape them different ways based on your personal preference. Size would still be the same small, medium and large but shape and ability to form different types would be based upon skill level and possibly even thickness as well which would add more durability or last longer but cause it to be heavier and slower block speed depending on thickness. As for weapons: instead of just plain styles of each weapon be able to do things like engravings in the ax handles and shape the heads differently and swords bend them and shape them how you would like this is of course just for looks as to give is more personality and suit it to your style nothing necessarily as a bonus. As for armor: we all know the armor already looks pretty awesome but, I personally would like to see more of a customized look for each type of armor as such mainly crests on chest plates and layering options colors and dye applications with the dye system already in currently being used just being able to apply to different sections of the armor yes original color would be stronger and more prominent than if you were to dye it but this would give a wider variety. Also, being able to change the looks of each piece adding leather straps like gladiators or furs onto leather as more of a viking Nordic look for example. Maybe even apply animal claws to leather gauntlets, or use dragon wings and turn them into a cape of that dragons color? These are just examples of course. As for jewelry: we all know that a lot of the items have only a couple of uses but what if there was a system in place where you can actually use that shark, bear, wolf, dragon, death crawler teeth and claws to make a necklace out of it. Maybe use Leather straps and gems to make a headband of sorts with a gem in the middle of it. As for ships: In my opinion, the ships we have already look pretty cool but lets see if we can make them a bit more. I suggest that when beginning every ship you have the option to choose from a menu firstly what ship you wish to build, have an entire menu with tabs first tab would be ship: rowboat, sailboat, corbita, knarr, cog, caravel and everything required for it would be the same if you just wanted to make a plain one. The second tab would be an additive tab where you can choose how it looks item wise....for example the knarr has shields on the side of it what if you were able to change those to ropes or add banners to the side maybe even hang lanterns over the side of bigger ships or next to the doors to captains quarters on bigger ships? Also, maybe add hay on the flooring in the ship maybe customize the seating by adding pelts or furs even wooden seats or chairs and position them on the ship same frame but the way it looks would be different. Could line the rims of the ships with gems, chains or plain bones, or severed heads etc with a choice of preset templates positioned in different places. This would add a variety of new drop possibilities from mobs and give more use to items that either do not have many to begin with or already have many uses. Furthermore, weapon racks placed on big ships and maybe shapes of the sails? Now on the third tab there would be an option to place emblems on the sails and should you choose to keep the shields on the ship those as well, maybe even keep the shape of each animal skulls of that particular animal as such a wolf skull would looks like a wolf skull on the side of the ship or wherever. Each gem you add would look like that gem on the side of the ship or wherever you template it to be. Also, would like to be able to dye different parts of the ship say you want black sails with a skull and cross bone emblem on it have white or red or something colors and be able to drag a template onto those. Finally, on the last tab it would be a requirement for everything you chose to add to the ship and such everything you would need to do so including: materials and skill requirements and highlighted red if you are not able to do so and will have to go back and adjust accordingly. then a finalization and the unfinished item placed in front of you as normal. Examining the unfinished ship plan will show everything you needed to add to it. Also, if you are buying a particular ship from a shipbuilder and would want to customize you will be able to either go there and work it out with them how you want it or team up with the person and have a share build option with both people as to show up on screen but the initiator would be the one the skills and ability would be based off of. The amount of templates and other such additives you could use either total or per individual section of said item (ship, armor, weapon etc..)would be based on a mind logic skill and the level of that particular skill combined. For example, for ships you would need a 30 mind logic to add 3 templates to a section or sail but also 30 ship building to be able to complete that amount? As such for the rest of the items for armor youd need mind logic for say the way your armor looks the amount of changes you could apply when crafting dependent upon mind logic and as for being able to successfully do so would require leather working with same method. Now i know this is a lot and I am not even expecting this to be entirely considered but it would be nice to look into for the future with updates. I also understand that some of these items mentioned would be difficult to achieve the process for and would either not happen or take many updates to achieve. I would just like some input and anything else my fellow Wurmians would like to see with this topic if it is even a shared desire to see? Please leave your comments below and lets see where this goes!!! thank you for your time and patience!