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  1. Thanks for fixing Harmony spawns! Seem to be working great!
  2. Is there a Northern Island that has good hunting? My alliance is planning a Halloween hunt for Friday but we are based on Harmony and have no idea where to go. There is nothing here to hunt.
  3. Looking to buy a lot of mortar. Willing to pay 5s per 1k mortar if delivered. Harmony H21 at Raven's Perch Harbour. Crate swap. Will buy smaller or larger quantities as available. Thanks! Contact Cerick Demand met for the foreseeable future.
  4. Trowel, Iron, 65woa - 1s Rake, Iron, 51coc - 50c + 70ql imp To Cerick.
  5. WTB 3+ enchanted grass. 1s per tile. Harmony H21 Contact Cerick Thanks!
  6. Tabards and banners were added years ago but there still is no template system for villages or alliances to create their unique heraldry. You can't even dye tabards. The Chaos server had unique heraldry for their PMK's, I can't image its that much of a step to implement a template system. Go one step further and give villages goals to work for to unlock extra heraldry options. This game is severely lacking in goals that bring people together.
  7. Always looking to support a fellow Fo priest. I'll buy the sickle imped to 55. I'm also looking for 20 maple sprouts if you come across any. -Cerick
  8. COD to Cerick. I'll be in and out all day and on tomorrow evening. Thanks! PS. Also shopping for a 70+ LT longsword. If you happen to make one.
  9. Would you take 25s with the 70ql imp tossed in for the four items below? -Cerick Horse shoe, Iron, 83woa - 4.5s Horse shoe, Iron, 93woa - 6s Horse shoe, Iron, 97woa - 6s (note these can be improved to 71ql for an extra 75c per shoe) 71ql Saddle, 97woa - 10s
  10. I'll buy 1,000 mortar. Large Crate exchange. Pickup by ship. In game contact is Cerick. Thanks!
  11. I'd like to order a suit of your highest quality bronze plate. I'd also like to order a suit made of your highest quality brass for the missus but I do not see it offered. Also, do you happen to have a picture of what the electrum plate looks like? I couldn't find one on the wiki. -Cerick
  12. @Farmboy102 Received! Thank you! Message me in game. I forgot to write your IGN down.