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  1. Hi there, was gone a while. I actually checked the cookbook and did what i did on friday: entered the terms "herb dumpling" ..but this time i got a hit: "Corvand's herb dumpling". Dont know why it appears now. Be sure that i did the search in the cookbook on friday too.
  2. The recipe is: herb dumpling (nameable) learn HFC Oven, Cauldron chopped fish fillet, raw slice of bread, chopped parsley, chopped fennel, chopped onion, olive oil (10% of solids), flour, water (100% of solids), chopped oregano, chopped rosemary, butter, raw egg, meat broth (200% of solids), salt. It works with the listed ingredients and vields a "herb dumpling" without name, but i dont get the note in the cookbook, tried it 2 times.
  3. Yvw. Another bug in this topic is(found it out actually) that you get white sauce or mayonnaise, when you drop both into a pottering bowl. Whatever you dropped last in, will be. This offers a sort of exploit, because mayonnaise is more difficult to make then white sauce, so make 5 kg white sauce and 0,2 kg mayonnaise and drop the mayonnaise to the white sauce = 5,2 kg mayonnaise.
  4. Not that easy to describe that for me but i do my best. Problem is there are recipes where you shall add white sauce and when you click "lore" it asks for more mayonnaise. I have both recipes in my cookbook, so both exist. Actually i try to make the recipe "fish pie"(its not with optionals in the originals list so look it up here, its the one i build actually). In this recipe white sauce is mandatory and mayonnaise is optional. When i have mayonnaise but no white sauce in the pie dish, the game asks for white sauce. When i add white sauce and i click "lore" it says "Not enough mayonnaise, looks like it should use between 576 and 864 grams." When i add mayonnaise, 1 kg, message is still the same(as mentioned its optional anyway). When i add 600g white sauce, i get the message "You think this may well work when cooked in a cooker." This occures with other white sauce-recipes also, in the WU-client also.
  5. All the recipes base on the 2 mentioned pages, and the russian page was not on the server i played, it was a very small server. It had a few own recipes but i had them marked by color code and later i doublechecked them on another server to be safe. But if you find a recipe not working, pls tell me.
  6. Ahh got it, ty. Will look up the files then.
  7. So in WU there is no learning of recipes anymore or what does that mean ?
  8. Short version: WU recipes 2020 Longer version: The upper recipe list is verified, i cooked all the things myself so they should work. As source for the list i used the original old Wurm Online recipe list and a russian WU recipe list i found in the net. All recipes on both sites i cooked in WU on a free server and made the WU recipes page from them. It took me some weeks so be patient with me;) For sure its not a complete list but something you can cook many fine foods with and drinks certainly ! For some reason i posted it in a freeserver forums 2018 but not here, this has changed now. If you have other recipes that are not your freeshard only but generally WU, please let me know and i add them to the list. If trusted people want to help and have edit permission, to add new recipes in case i'm on a break, i would be happy to give you permissions, CA and board mods very welcome for this. I just need your google name so i can add you to the sheet.
  9. Cool, didn't know that there is that much interest in it. Would love to be able to serve drinks to guests, or sell bottles of good old stuff on a trader, in selfmade, selflabeled bottles - [of different size and form]
  10. Sorry, don't know where to post this, while cooking i found that the following foods don't have a icon yet, when i want to place them i only see a brown sack with a question mark on them. Carrot Crisps learn HFC Oven, Campfire Baking stone mandatory: chopped carrot, cooking oil (25%) optional: salt Cheese and Onion Crisps learn HFC Oven Baking stone mandatory: chopped potato, cheese (cow), chopped onion, cooking oil (25%) optional: salt Corn Crisps learn HFC Oven, Campfire Baking stone mandatory: corn dough, cooking oil (25%) optional: salt And a recipe named "shami kebabs+" has only a turquoise huge mass.
  11. Made a lot of different barrels of drinks like vodka, whisky, moonshine, gin, brandy and all that, white, red and rice whine. Then a thought wouldn't it be nice to be able to make [bottles] with a [glassblowing kit]. Materials for glass could be charcoal and sand, maybe a little bit of metal for different colours. Or colours of the bottles could be defined by temperature they are made also, in a [glassblowing oven] ? Glassblowing could be a skill or subskill( pottery ?) and to be able to make own bottles and fill them with beverages with your Name on them (Reskal's Moonshine)could need a certain skill level in beverages. Labels would be used in the process of making bottles also. Placed on tables the filled bottles (if clear glass) could show the liquids colour too, same for glasses. In a [bottle rack] you could store filled and labeled bottles to let them age further. Just as an idea, there are for sure more things in this to have.
  12. I made another barrel of moonshine, means i fermented unfermented moonshine some days ago and got actually while farming the message: [17:27:35] Recipe "undistilled moonshine" added to your cookbook. Edit2: took the barrel from the rack on the ground, unsealed it and then i took it into inventory and fed the still from there: [17:53:46] Recipe "moonshine" added to your cookbook. So the inventory thing is a reason, but what about that, that you have to be online, to get the "distilled" entry into your cookbook, in the moment when the fermenting liquid changes to distilled ? Can this be true also ?
  13. This can be it, i often take the shortest way. Thanks, will try it out
  14. Edit 3: for Whisky it worked fine, all 4 steps are listed in my cookbook: - unfermented whisky - fermenting whisky - undistilled whisky - whisky
  15. Maybe a dev can tell me clearly, why i don't get the entry, and why in case of vodka a step is not appearing in the cook book too. There seem to be some things not working right.