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  1. I was macroing my prospecting skill, being on nightshift and taking a nap for a while. As i returned hours later(my boss would ban me too but he cannot detect my macro for this) to my notebook, there was a antimacroing-window popped up, asking me a question beyond my level of education. "What has no legs ?" A seal ? A stool ? And something else i could not read, my reading glasses were somewhere else then me. I clicked "a seal" i think and the macro test failed. Said something not to use a pickaxe wrong or something and that i have to log out, what i did. Then i logged back in and worked a bit around, drove with the cart around to do this and that. As i was cutting gras on a hile a hour later, the flash of anger and justice hit me. Saying something of a wrong used pickaxe and that i'm banned for 9999 days. Well, that was unexpected but refreshing. I loved Wurm, i loved the communities, the new one on the northern islands is not as bad as i thought, even it is created under the influence of the steam community. The new interface and the new graphics(the colours of the sky are way better then earlier, it was fun looking into dusk and dawn). I loved all the possibilies you have in this game. Its really special in all the things you can do, combined with your fantasy and your creativity. I loved helping, i never were the guy to have a own deed, much more to travel around and stay with people and work for them. All i was for was enchanted tools, coc, makes the life so much better. Eddie was not a experienced character but was planned to be, until i was banned, because i wanted to be able to find ore veins and especially i wanted to be able to predict how long they will last. It would be for sure a good feeling to tell how long it will take to mine this dang vein out, that is blocking your tunnel project( 1 of 37). I loved the friends and the huge game area where you could travel, settle and meet people; i forgot to say i played wurm since 2004, with long breaks between. I even loved wurmpedia, because its really helpful and fast to reach(after 15 having the option ingame, it finally worked !). And i loved mining also, so prospecting was a must for me. What i never loved and could not even stand was the imagination to stand for hours, staring at the wall and again and again for a number to raise, even without macroing it was sometimes tedious. Using no macros in some situations overwhelmed me totally. So i lost the game i guess, what had to happen, happened. Yes i knew the risk. Bye Alliance, you were really a nice bunch of peeps. I'm a real maverick, ever been, don't have friends and since im 54, the little family(parents and their relatives) i had is dying out slowly. Sleeping at day and working at night as a nightwatchman, so much time to play(and to sleep), i'm the paradigm for the guy about that players of all games laugh, because he has no life, but with you i managed to have fun in all the hi's and bye's, all the fun- crap- and smalltalk, the helping out with work or informations. Short said, i enjoyed you very much and i thank you all for that time.
  2. Cool, thanks for the info, at 49-something right now
  3. Is somebody here having more then 1 villager ?
  4. Next thing i found is, that i have 1008 coins now, should be able to buy the 2nd villager, since it costs 1000 coins, but the button is still red, refreshing browser did not help. I closed the application, reopened it and spent some coins for upgrading a tool, then i imped further and as i hit 1000 coins again, the buy-villagers button was still red and greyed out. I hoped that it might work now maybe. Edit: maybe this problem has to do with the rule above the buy-button: "You can buy an additional villager every 50 levels!" Does it mean tool- levels or my carpentry level ? Because i cannot buy more then a 2nd villager then, or maybe a 3rd if i max out tools/skills but then i don't need it anymore. Or does it mean 50 ql for every tool ? Edit2: imped up my hammer to 51, still greyed out buy-villager-button, so seems its a bug.
  5. Betatester feedback: Actually i'm at tool level 23 and 28 skill. Had it now 2 times happen, that my score(in the upper window "Sell for x coins.") was x 10 suddenly. had around 20something coins, clicked 2-3 minutes and suddenly it was 340. The first time it happened i clicked "back" in another tab of my browser, i think it was this one, where the thread is..and as i returned to the game-tab i had the multiplying x10 happen..i tried to reproduce it by browsing backwards again here, but did not happen again. Second time was actually, i did not click the "back"button in the browser, i think i were somewhere else but not sure anymore but not clicked backwards, as it happened.
  6. Very cool minigame, it seems it even has the same mechanics then carpentry has ingame. I love to have the villagers work for me, but i'm far from this, only have 1 now, actually improving the tools Would be great if there would be more background, can you let the villagers build something on their own too ? Or that they offer contracts to build parts of their homes, like walls and such ! Its really addictive, have to go clicking, brb !
  7. I would love to have all my games playable via steam but to start a new character for that..well i better use the good old wurmclient then.
  8. Hi there, i actually tried to make a new char in steam-WO, to see how it is but i got a message, that my name is not linked with Steam or something, so i could play my old WO-char from the steam-WO ? I googled but i found nothing how to link my char(s) to the steam-WO, can someone explain me ? I don't need to play my old chars in Steam-WO if its not working, but it would be nice if i could use my old nicknames
  9. with Everything it worked fine ! For some reasone after the Java update the logs were in C:\Users\NAME\wurm\players\Reskal\logs . Many thanks !
  10. I did a search on my pc in the explorer, search term was "Wurm Online\players\Reskal" but it found nothing and that is strange, it at least should have found the file in the "F:\Wurm Online\players\Reskal\logs" - file. Then i did a search for "players\Reskal\logs" and it found nothing too. So obviously i'm not able to find files on my pc-.- Tried "_Event.2020-05.txt" also, nothing. I tried to change something in the explorer-search settings but did not help. Would be cool if you got a hint for me
  11. Hi, I'm on windows 10, logged out a few hours ago normally, changed nothing at my pc, it was shut as i started it again and started the game client also i get this error message: Network error: <connection refused: connect> My internet connection works fine, just cannot connect to the game server. Any Help or info on this would be fine. Edit: Playing on Celebration, if thats important
  12. Thanks for the answer, In the F:\Wurm Online\players\Reskal\logs i looked for the latest event-file and saw that its not updated anymore, can be weeks. The wurm configuration/text has 3 loggings(time stamps are checked and skill tab updates are on always): event message logging, IRC message logging and other messages logging, so i guess its event message logging we speak of ? Its actually set to "monthly files". when i click on the drop down, other options are "disable", "single file" and "daily file". Tried out out both, single file and daily file, clicked "save" also, but WA -timer still not working. So wurm seems to store configs and logs at another place ?