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  1. I did, im glad he was also. message me in game when you can, thanks.
  2. Hello, im looking for my old pet horse named Happyman its a gray horse under the care of my alt fourneography. If found please contact me on here or on wurm. Pm Fourneofclubs. There is a reward, i can offer a sleep powder or some of my weaponsmithing services in return. Thank you
  3. I haven't heard anything about the price. Do we know how much the initial cost of wurm unlimited will cost?
  4. Its been a while since ive seen one of these. iirc the last time I saw someone trying to sell one of these, they were asking somewhere between 350-500silvers/euros. But im unaware of if it was ever sold or not
  5. What about the houses with the built in floors? I hate going through a building and having the floors look like they are eating the wheels of my cart/wagon and the hooves of my horses. Both this issue and the OP should be addressed. +1
  6. Maybe not raining inside my roofed house? Just a thought
  7. Assuming the 99ql whetstones have 0 damage. Please cod one to fourneofclubs thanks!
  8. As much as I would like to turn off fog at times, I must say its a part of wurm that I don't think should be able turned off. I understand the why but sorry -1
  9. Neither. I win, you lose, the end.
  10. What is all this apple stuff about?
  11. What do i like about wurm online? Ummm everything? Well except for the trolls of course
  12. I was shocked to see that the stairs were actually made of wood, given the name. And I was disappointed to see that they were. Totally a big +1 from here. Thank you for suggesting it.