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  1. looking forward to learning to do this myself. thanks.
  2. hope this is still going strong, looking to jump in and start modding myself. I have loved Wurm for years, now I have to chance to bring the ideas I want to Wurm. looking forward to learning everything I can.
  3. Just tagging thread to reference later. Hoping to work my own Resource Pack. Looking for any advice.
  4. Looking to Learn

    I am looking to create additional content for WU and will need some one to point me in the direction to start modding for WU. I would like to add new assets for walls/Housing/farming/ect. where should I start. which tools are going to work for asset creation/editing. Where should I start with learning to import and verify with WU assets. Any Help and advice is much appreciated.
  5. You can already teleport across servers, you just have to set it up in the dedicated server GUI. its already hard coded in the game.
  6. Any update on whether or not an official tutorial for the mission ruler is getting created or is anyone willing to work on trying to make one. Tutorial and or documentation or forum post or whatever, this post is the only thing I can find as of now on this for Wurm.
  7. you can create every "gift" given that is in the server, which I believe goes all the way back to WUrm in its infancy Gold Days. I have seen the spy glass, bag of holding, and all other gifts all the way up to the last gift which was the yule tide goat. Just need to be a GM to spawn them.
  8. you should go look under server listings Griffon PVE/PVP Adventure [Dedicated Server]Full Time 24/7 7 days a week professionally hosted server. 5.0 XP, 21 starting traits, 15 starting fight skill, All other skills start @ 10. PVE and PVP for those who want it. Planning to have By-Weekly events. Every Month players are given a full month's amount of silver, you will have the option to purchase more silver if wanted. This will stimulate an in game economy and not force anyone to have to purchase silver. Also Come check Griffon Server out at anyone of these locations:
  9. Running water?

    if your a gm you can create rivers and lake easily. just right click on the tile goto special, change terrain, and click on 0-hole. ( WARNING!! until you reset server it will create a empty space that WILL kill you or anything else that walks onto it.) Now reset the server, and BINGO! you have a water tile. do this in tandem to create rivers and lake or what ever you want. Just make sure to restart server when your done.
  10. [US CST 24/7] Griffon

    Server is back up. Will be complete compensation for those who were affected by this.
  11. [US CST 24/7] Griffon

    SERVER IS DOWN We are having some technical issues with the server at the moment and are in the process of getting this issue resolved, I apologized that this is stopping you from playing the game but am working as fast as possible to get this resolved. I will keep you updated as this issue works it self out.
  12. [US CST 24/7] Griffon

    Sever Maintenance came early today, we have a new GM in training and they are learning the ropes on the server.. Please welcome Admin to the team. We still have positions open for other moderators and Community Assistants. Apply at our homepage
  13. I have had this happen but i just waited for the timer and it was no problem. It doesn't happen every time, I log in on the main then use the batch and start the client again and log in to steam. Once it try's to connect it either just sits there like it cant connect or stops working or it tells me that my IP is already in use. The weird part is that I have gotten it to work but then after 2 minutes or so the first client I was playing crashes like it was booted from the server.
  14. With new update I can't get it to keeps telling me that IP is already being used.
  15. [US CST 24/7] Griffon

    New Website up, please stop by there and get your account set up.