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  1. Big thanks to everyone that took part in organizing and hosting the event!
  2. Big thanks to everyone that helped organize this slaying
  3. I appreciate the effort that went into planning this. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making it happen.
  4. Merely addressing the portion of Sinnjinn's reply pertaining to myself. Possibly better suited for a PM rather than cluttering a shared message board but I don't want to hide (either in actuality or purely in perception) Overall fair points all around and again by and large I have no issue with the core aspect of how players (your group included) go about dealing with unique mobs thus far. Me using the term "threatened" was more just my perception of events, both mine personally and as it was reported to me from others both that day and then here on the forums. I was merely parroting the word "threatened" as it was used in posts prior to mine. That was absolutely an unfair categorization and my mistake as it did not accurate reflect my personal direct dealings. Perhaps something more along the lines of people being barred from public events being used as a "punishment" would have been a more accurate and fair assessment. But in concluding that which will likely (hopefully lol) be my final input here, I would just like to reiterate my issues were not with WHAT happened specifically but but HOW it happened and how the order of events played out that day. And finally just to make sure I'm crystal clear, I harbor no animosity towards anyone and just want everyone's time in a game to be as enjoyable as possible for them as it is just a game. Especially seeing as we play on the cooperative PvE server. If this was PvP you all could go kick rocks lol.
  5. Seeing as you've perceived me as "fishy" (and I get it, I have little to no post history, we have never spoken before and this is the internet of all places) I'm happy to provide further clarification if it is permissible. I refrained from naming individuals specifically as I was (and still am) uncertain what the forum rules are regarding discussing matters like this. I can also even provide the chat logs proving my claims, but again I am uncertain if that is allowed and beyond that am unsure that would even accomplish anything to allay the fears of a true skeptic. The group's identities can be confirmed by looking at the slayings on Cadence at and seeing the most common denominators. Comparing this to "marital quarrels" is a bit reductive seeing as just the one instance in particular being discussed involved nearly one hundred people. But maybe Babylonian king levels of polygamy are common in your experience lol. But to clarify, I didn't make my comments to baselessly fling ###### and falsely accuse anyone of anything. Everything I said is true and I have the receipts to prove it. I merely wanted to speak out in support of others in the thread that are rightly frustrated by events in our community who were venting their concerns and also draw attention to some of the more egregious incidents as they involved members of that same group of people. In regards to closing the thread or not however I am torn. On the one hand it may have been derailed beyond recovery at this point to ever fully circle back to the original core concept of discussion but I do feel the topic of unique mobs in general still warrants attention and I would love to see this portion of Wurm refined and expanded. EDIT: In the spirit of full disclosure I should have added my in game characters are Elfzhen and my priests (Hamtad, Skipad, Puckett, Fargothracer, Kufnorf, and Greengob) and my deed is Elyria located in Q10 of Cadence. The forum name is Brozhen as that was my first ever Wurm character (on Golden Valley) and it is the default account that signs in so I've just kept using it.
  6. Wow I love all of these ideas. I would love to be able to do that. When healing and there is a group and someone says they are dying it can take like an hour to mouse over everyone haha.
  7. -BREAKING- In additional "who cares" news... While most of my thoughts have been covered already and don't bear repeating there are two points at least I would like to emphasize: 1. I would like to add additional confirmation that "the group" (as we have been cryptically calling them but we all know who they are thanks to Niaja) have threatened me directly with being barred from public slayings as a result of going against their wishes. This was in response to the Vyn rite being cast recently on Cadence (which I wont go into detail here so as to avoid derailing this thread as it is already discussed and can be viewed on the Cadence forum.) While the notion of banning someone from being in your local is laughable it paints a picture of a petty, avaricious and entitled atmosphere. The blame can not be pinned on the group as a whole as it came from only one person (seemingly the leader of the bunch) but nonetheless the attitude and behavior of those you choose to be closest to you will always have a trickle down reflection affect on who likely are as well. Someone attempting to threaten or extort another player based on the mere fact they aren't playing exactly how you want them to absolutely needs to have a spot light put on it and the behavior called out in front of the community. I will not name names or speak on behalf of others but I can say that I was not the only person threatened by this group on that day. 2. In defense of Whfawn I would like to voice my support of their frustration on the day of Rift and the Angry Red Dragon slaying last week. I think a large amount of the frustration from the players affected that day comes from the fact that the slaying was being advertised by the finder in Freedom chat as being a public slaying that all at the rift site were going to be included in as we were all there in the area already. Then the rug pull came when the finder went silent and ghosted everyone only for the majority of players to discover later that day it was switched to a private slaying and a private slaying conducted by none other than "the group". While the original finder was well within their rights to choose to sell the unique it's still a bit messed up to renege on what you originally told everyone publicly in Freedom. It's also pretty messed up for "the group" to intercept and offer to buy a unique that was already publicly and actively being discussed as being held as a public event. Again, both parties were well within their rights and no one broke a game rule but it's still unfortunate behavior that the rest of the players rightfully can and should be frustrated by. The notion of a group of players being wealthy enough and having enough influence to corner the market on an entire portion of the games content is a frustrating reflection of the real world but again, does not break any game rules. However I think it's important for people to remember that there is an endless list of things people can do (both in Wurm and in real life) that while legally allowable are morally reprehensible. But, this bleeds more into a discussion of the games economy as a whole and I don't wish to derail the thread from the specific discussion of issues surrounding slayings.
  8. Everyone boating around after the Vyn rite:
  9. So evidently there was quite a bit of confusion and the Vyn rite being cast today has become a topic of contention for many. As I was involved in the casting of the rite today I would first like to apologize. I saw discussion in freedom chat regarding the rite and offered to help. I didn't think to re-check this forum post for new replies and honestly couldn't even remember what was discussed in terms of schedule last time I had seen it. I just assumed this was how these things happen but I am new to being a priest and in my Wurm career thus far have only ever been a follower reaping the benefits of them (and I didn't even know they were cast by players back then, I just thought they happened randomly) While I was negligent to just jump in and get involved without thinking to check back on the forum post I will say that the group involved did not seem malicious in their intent and I didn't get the impression they were attempting to ninja the cast or go against the wishes of another group on the server. I cannot read minds and hearts but I do not think anyone was attempting to do this to spite anyone else and the general feel of the rest of those chiming in on freedom chat all seemed to be encouraging to go for it and that they were thankful for the cast. Again though, I am brand new to this so I would hardly be an authority to know. I'm just now learning that people can swap their faiths to take advantage of all the rites if they so please. The sleep bonus in general wasn't even on my mind as I most often just leave mine capped at 5hrs because I always forget to use it. I understand that it is an invaluable resource to others however and that the timing of this cast is a huge loss for them. But I digress... TL:DR I am sorry for the confusion that occurred today and for my involvement in it. Going forward in the future I will be more mindful to check the forums and get a concrete answer on a time that works for as many people as possible in regards to casting the rite spells. With any rites coming in the days ahead I am still happy to help out and lend my priests favor/channeling. Or not get involved if that is what is better for the majority.
  10. Sounds good to me. I would like my main Vyn to be included for the journal if possible!
  11. My Vyn priests are pretty dog water tier (faiths at 67, 54,52, 51) So I can't offer to actually cast it but I can throw some extra favor at it if we are short. I can also help plan/host it. Not sure if my location of Q10 (Elyria) would be good for everyone but I can summon everyone. How does everyone feel about sometime this week? Maybe we should get a strawpoll going to see who is interested and what times everyone could make. Let me know what you think
  12. I don't have the skills required to offer any imping services but I can provide bulk crops (90ql+) and two mediocre priests. The priests are a Fo priest (100 faith, 55 channeling) and a Vyn priest (100 faith, 50 channeling) There channeling will undoubtedly be higher by the time of the impalong but I doubt it will reach anything too impressive haha.
  13. Ahh that sounds great to me. Thank you for taking charge. I would love for my main Fo priest Hamtad to be included if possible so he can get the journal completed. I can also offer the use of my batteries if we end up strapped for faith but I doubt that would happen. If I can get a summon on that day I can provide sac mats for additional summons. Thanks again!
  14. [21:04:30] You sense that Fo is brimming with power. Maybe you can channel it somehow? Looks like we have another Holy Crop coming up. Our spamming Fo sermons religiously is paying off. We also have a Vyn rite as well so we should coordinate and schedule it out so they aren't on top of each other perhaps. I dunno, I'm kind of a new kid on the block when it comes to this so I would appreciate input from the seasoned veterans. I would love for my main priest Hamtad (92.65 faith 53.77 channeling) to be included as I see this is a requirement for the benediction journal. Not sure if you have to be the actual person to cast the spell to unlock the journal or if just being linked as a battery is enough... But I can offer that main priest as well as my two Fo batteries (70 and 60 faith) if we are strapped for favor. Let me know what everyone thinks!