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  1. tbh i dont think putting a blanket over the issues is going to "fix/change" pvp server for the better. putting caps on things like armor and locates making it more "fair" for everyone kinda puts a wrench in the idea of progress imo at least. Instead of imposing more limits and caps on players in pvp maybe we should think about restructuring the way armor works in general for example why not just remove movement speed and make the only difference in armor its ability for damage reduction. this would easily translate over to pve as well and eliminate the need for more changes between pve and pvp servers.
  2. as the title says im selling a rare large metal shield at 86ql asking for 3s. pm me on forums or in game as champ
  3. useless as it is that's how i got my clairvoyant title, reproduced a bug for rolf a long time ago when they still handed out those titles
  4. this account is'nt a champion, the name of the account is champ. edited post for less confusion
  5. account sold please close .
  6. Great update. However sad to see there bringing back tree collisions. New players won't know the agony of why it was removed in the first place. Hope it turns out better then the first time.
  7. i should start a go fund me for this and make my toon champ a demigod. champ the gone champion of champ sounds so nice
  8. A new map would be nice. Not so sure about the epic merge though, they would have to be heavily nerfed due to ease of skill gain and access to tomes and other items for it to be even remotely considered acceptable by many people. Keeping chaos as a pve server would be a good option if a new map came into to play but it would have to be no build otherwise freedom players would have the place destroyed pretty quickly.