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  1. Inde down? got thrown out of inde with both accounts, and the server status website for Wurm isnt loading either
  2. All 5 look fine to me Wouldnt mind if they got added.
  3. Samon Master (or something related to Samon?) Wiki: Gravel is usually used in zen gardens, rather than sand, because it is less disturbed by rain and wind. The act of raking the gravel into a pattern recalling waves or rippling water, known as samon (砂紋)[15] or hōkime (箒目), has an aesthetic function. Zen priests practice this raking also to help their concentration. Achieving perfection of lines is not easy. Rakes are according to the patterns of ridges as desired and limited to some of the stone objects situated within the gravel area.
  4. COD both skulls (red dragon and troll king), 1 picnic basket and 2 Yulè reindeer to Parasiticentity please
  5. Picture of the shields btw (from link posted by Samool in chat)
  6. Hm, true, hadnt tought of services in exchange for silver. But then again, they would at least be able to check if the account receiving the gold, actually did digging for a certain time on a certain server (for this example). Still, it's situations like these that could probably be used to conceal RMT. Or stuff like "It's players x his birthday, so I gave him 20s as a present for him to spend on some nice enchanted gear", could be rmt, could be not, people who want to turn ingame stuff into real money will always find a way, I've seen it in to many games before. (and it still feels "alien" to me, rmt , I play a game because I enjoy it, I go work irl to earn my paycheck).
  7. I'm happy I've traded 60kcorn/full drake set with Elite all those years ago. Or our trades would have been suspicious But yeah, you'll push allot of the trading to "darker" areas now, you cant check something like that. Selling something for 2/3 of the market price isnt really an indicator, could just mean the person is looking for a quick sale to get silver for upkeep/token-prem. I'm curious what dev's have planned to fish out the strange trades, a trade of 1 kindling for 1g would raise allot of red flags, but a drake set for 30s? Could be shady, could be not. "Life always finds a way" (unless its account-bound ;))
  8. Make no mistake, some of these "little" forum accounts, usually are longtime players who have pumped allot of time and money in Wurm over the years. I know of 3 friends, who hardly come on the forums <10 posts, but who played for 10+years extremely active. Not everybody is interested in drama-doom-gloom and hardly visit the forum, having this topic broadcasted in event makes some of them poke their forum account. There was actually a time that I stopped logging in on the forum, even stopped lurking, because I got really sick and tired of the same doomsday messages and drama over these past 10 years. So you looking down on low-post forum accounts says allot about your very narrow point of view. If my friend would come on his sub10post forum account, who is a huge fan of wurm for 10+years and raked up over 800+days of playtime, to post his positive opinion about these changes, you would just ignore the value of his post? Sorry to go off-topic, but stuff like this rubs me the wrong way.
  9. Heavy update, but fair and good in my opinion. I'll loose a trader, but the reduced prices for shop silver/prem make up for that (still doesnt bring me back to the good old days where I could prem 3 accounts for a year for only 150 euro, but -13euro for a year sub isnt to bad, I'll keep my priest subbed for another full year because of this). Silver/realmoney trade: I've never felt the urge to earn real life money by playing a game. All my silver either comes from the wurmshop, or by trading bulk/items ingame. Account trade: And I'm always of the concept, that when I quit playing a game, my account goes "dead" to, so the account-trading has never even come up as an option in my mind. I mean, Parasiticentity has become a part of me after 607 days playtime across these 10years and counting. So selling something like that is simply "weird" to me, I never considerd it and never will. Traders: Like I said in the beginning, I'll loose a trader (fell of my deed when I made it smaller a while ago) and still have 1 left. I put them up in "the good old days" so, the silver I spend on them, I have earned back with a small bit of profit. To be honest, the last time I drained them was 3 years ago, if not longer, I simply use mine for buying magical chests every now and then to expand storage (will be a bit sad I cant drain silver back from a 50s purchase of a lmc, but with the loyalty system, I'll be able to get them that way) Reduced prices: I like this allot, I wont go up to 3 prems again like I did in the past (when it was 50euro/year), but with this drop, I'll probably keep my priest full-time prem from now on to. For now, these drastic changes dont really hit me hard. But I'm nervous of what else comes down the line. Wont stop me from playing wo tho, I have 3 things on my list that dev's would have to do to piss me off, and so far in all these years, they havent touched any of those, so I'm still good (must admit the fountain pan one stung for a bit, but it wasnt one of my "3" ;))
  10. Yep, I'd rather see Penalty on skillgain +x-second(s) to action timer Only able to imp stuff to x-ql then reducing your faith. Agreed, cutting trees, with a nature-god like Fo, is a big "no" lore-wise, but still, limit other things more instead of going for the faith. Perhaps let you do only 1/3th of the damage against a tree, make the felt tree a very low ql. Basically, it allows you to get rid of trees that are in the way of your digging project (and we all know Fo loves dirt allot). Same for Mag, like Miretta says, in the end, you have to dig dirt away to get to the juicy rock Magranon likes so much. Magranon allows you to dig dirt, because he knows you only do it to get to the rock to please him.
  11. Question 1: Is there a certain percentage as to what tome you will get the most/least? Question 2: Did Retro manage to take the red cherry out of the list? (he talked about it on a stream ;))
  12. You get all the marks in one go, as far as I heard on Retro's streams and by the info on the forum. And very old accounts, will have the 50k to start with, and an additional 3k per month of premtime you still have running, if I read this right. I have untill may, so that should give me 9k-12k extra on top of the 50k.
  13. I'm neutral on this. My storage atm, is a pile of cauldrons (37 atm) full of doorlocks. Imp the cauldrons high enough so they wont decay fast + a pile of cauldrons looks very nice as "decoration" in a cooking area or forge area in your house But yeah, more stuff that can fit into bulkbins is usually a nice feature to have (looking at you, eyelets and leatherwound handles!)
  14. Hm, was wondering the same, I have playtime left till after the loyalty system should be ingame, so no problem for my main. But it also crossed my mind what would happen with prem you buy now, when you are already at your cap of "old-loyalty-points". (the reason why I refrain from repremming an alt atm)
  15. Aye, traveled over 50km to the most north part and the most west part of inde, no chest found. I was really hoping that most of the chests would be a bit further from starter deeds this year. Luckily a good friend of mine send me an extra one he found.
  16. Got thrown out of inde and cant log back in, I see the server is still online, but the number of people on it is dropping bit by bit... Edit: Got back on, saw the number going up again on the server status site, so tried to log back in and it worked. Hope it stays stable.
  17. Semi-off-topic: @Retrogradethis has me worried for a while now. Can the current skillsystem no longer have new skills added unless an old skill gets sacrificed? Is there some limited number of slots that are all filled out?
  18. Back again, a week ago I managed to connect the boat bridge again. (near Havilah see my post a bit higher in this topic) I saw you have already drawn a thin blue line where I was in the works of terraforming, it is now connected, altho with another bend in the road XD The slope difference would have taken me to much time and dirt to make it one long straight road going down to the water, so yeah, I took the easy route like Spellcast back in the day, and squeezed in a bent Many thanks for updating the map and relocating the lamps
  19. After a few months of digging and leveling, I've moved the highway abit around my deed Havilah. It has a turn less now and is a bit smoother traveling (you can autoride a bit longer now autowalk, for that keep your eyes on the road, cause the southern part is 20 slope steep going up, the view is rather amazing tho). The red line is the new highway, I've outfitted it with catseyes and it connects everything back with where I broke out the old highway (blue line). The yellow line at the bottom is a bit of the old highway I left in, to still keep Havilah connected to the highway network. I'm going to make the sides of the new highway a bit nicer (paving and such) to keep trees from growing over the highway and hindering visibilty (I'm thinking of putting some fencing in on one side to, but thats still in the works). The old boatbridge road is in the process of being reconnected to the new highway I made (tho I havent seen people use it in many years, I'll still reconnect i, so for now, anyone still swiming over will have to go swim/walk abit around havilah harbour, but it should be an easy terraform to reconnect so it will only take a few weeks of digging) (edit: I might even straighten it out while I'm at it, tho I'll have to poke around how the rocklayer is and the slopecount. Should the slope be against me, then I'll work something out to make it run through the harbour of Havilah) Edit: Later I'm planning to iron out those turns in the south on that picture, so it doesnt do that turn-straight-turnback thingy down there. This would basically make it possible to autodrive/walk for a very long time if you come from the north or go to the north Edit 2: @HughMongus The old highway is still accesable from the south, so if you plan to move the samling-highway-lamps from the old part to the new part, feel free. If you dont have plans, I can make some new ones to to plonk on the new road I made, no prob, just give a yell
  20. Sounds... good? I think? :p A few questions: So the current servers remain, only possible to log onto via the wo client we use now? Later when the steam-server merges with the current cluster, you'll be able to log into inde/chaos/etc via steam? Or is it the plan to get all servers accesable through steam and phase out the current client/launcher? Premium will still be bought through the wurm website? What size of server are you looking at to release on steam? (hopefully not a xanadu sized one, would discourage new players to wurm if they see they have to sail for 2-4hours real time in a bad wind ;)) You talk about a fresh server for newbie experience on a new land together with the new players attracted by wo on steam. But you know us current old players, we'll min/max on the new server in no time ;) Anyways, consider my curious, I'll probably prem a new char to try out the fresh new server (xanadu seduced me to do the same, and I liked it allot).
  21. ? A month ago I was able to send a halberd to a friend of mine for casting and he was able to send it back. We both have a runed mailbox (spirit castle).
  22. I've got this to. On independence that is, when I drive with my 30speed horse, these small stutters appear, like the client has trouble loading in new distant trees and such, only since last week this started to happen.
  23. Very nice event Retro Just got the fantastic Dragon Fang miniature. It actualy took me to a corner of inde (north-east) where I had never been to in the 8-9 years I have been playing on Inde. Now I can say I've seen all of inde. Gonna run it with my priest next weekend to get a supreme one, then gonna prem up an alt to get the rare one, I'd really like a whole set standing next to each other on a nice table. And it was fun to see my own deed in the stream when you took the alternate route back to the green ring. (Havilah, the one with the 3 collosi). Again, I really liked the event, gonna start going to more of these when they pop up in the future (treasure hunts and whatnot) been a bit to much of a "lazy-stay-on-deed-player" for to long now (its only been last month that I finally got my ass moving and got the crystal puzzle kings ball reward x_x)