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  1. It's painfull to grind if you are focussing on grinding it. In the past I had 2 priests pray constantly for gems, while I was busy crafting/terraforming/etc on my main account. (did some hfc on them so they could queue more then 3 prayers, hit pray 4-5times, then went back to my mains window, etc) One of those got 77 prayer, the other 50ish, and because I wasnt focussing on it, it didnt feel like a grind at all. So if you are not playing a priest as main, you could just have them praying away while you do other stuff on your main. Again, doesnt change the fact that your priests will be useless for that period. The goal isnt fun, but so isnt the 100-rift goal for the final journal goal. The dev's have to throw in some annoying, brainless timesinks so not everybody gets the benefit in under a year. (at least it feels like that was their plan, otherwise they could have put in some more active/fun goals instead of the brain-dead-timesink ones)
  2. Seen those in my mine to, new UI client
  3. I tought I was going crazy, I remembered there was a font setting, but today after looking to get the font smaller (because like everybody said already, the "90" setting in the new UItab is far to big) I couldnt find it. But yeah, like you showed, that was in the old ui settings. Can we please get the option back to make the font smaller, even a pile of rockshards freshly mined cuts of the last bit in the window that pops up when you open the pile... (thats at UI scale 90)
  4. Cheers:D

    Have fun/succes Rolf, in everything you do in the future and many thanks again for keeping me entertained since 2009
  5. Would be a good option, I can see no harm/exploit in letting NF going to SF in a one way trip. +1
  6. Yeah, agreed on that, but now all neg reviews are about connection issues, when those are fixed, those reviews loose their relevance in my opinion.
  7. The current negative ratings are because of the connection issues, I dont know much about steam rating system, but can a developer in any way reset/get rid of the negative reviews that solely talk about connection issues on launch? I mean, the neg-reviews wont be relevant anymore when the connection/log-in issues are fixed. But if they are there forever, then it'll need allot of good reviews to get the rating up again.
  8. Very much +1 for a 1 time use random teleport. We might end up on the sides of mountains, but it would be very good for the exploration-aspect. Being dropped in the middle of nowhere. All this as an option offcourse, people who want to settle close to the starter town with friends can still do so, but it would be a very nice feautre for us veterans and the more adventerous newbie.
  9. Suggested allot and I must say, I wouldnt mind something to skill toward to also. I don't sell imping service, so for me being very high in a crafting skill doesnt really mean all that much. For weaponsmithing and bowery etc (anything combat related) they should be on par with the current weapons. Otherwise you are leaving to many people in the dust and semi-force them to buy more unique weapons to be fully min-maxed I'm more for the idea of "unlocking" more decorative furniture at certain carpentry/fine carpentry/stone cutting/tailoiring skill levels. Skilling a skill towards something that is only aesthetic is more balanced in my opinion, this way, people who dont have the required skill, dont feel like they are missing out on anything important besides some new decoration stuff.
  10. My Acer predator helios 300 ("gaming laptop", with better specs then my desktop) was running 80°C on cpu and gpu yesterday during the inde rift. (fans ran near max, had to take out an extra ventilator to get rid of the heat). On a normal wurm sesion (me being a hermit at my deed) cpu runs 70°C and gpu around 65°C (during the hot weather here atm, 28°C outside). For now wurm is the only thing I play on this one, so I dont know how it would stress under recent games, but yeah, you are not the only one who has a laptop that gives out some serious heat and fanspin when wurm is on
  11. Yep, legacy renderer works like a charm. Are there other logs that would log whats making me crash under the modern renderer since last patch?
  12. Still all at 0 for me atm
  13. Yeah, a bit annoying, we were well into the 4th stage.. x_x
  14. When I try to log in my alts on my desktop, they instantly crash the moment they enter the server. My main running on my laptop doesnt have any issues, he sees the alts log in to instantly loose link. EDIT: Never had any problem before the update running my two alts on this desktop, been a few weeks since I logged them in, so a bit of a late crash-log (had to much work on my main to bother with alts :)) Tho they both have a years worth of prem on them, so I'd like to be able to log them on again, help! Log: