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  1. Yes, please! The more unique stuff you can find with archaeology, the better, great for nudging people to go explore the area/server to
  2. I went looking in the very old posts on this forum on some random afternoon a while ago, to screencap and save some old threads (incase they would ever go poof for some reason) and came across this: EDIT: And offcourse, Rolf trolling 4chan in 2009:
  3. I have this one saved, it still has Oreo on it, so it must be from 2012 or something along those years (its from before 2013, that I am sure, because in the 2013 map I have saved, Oreo has been replaced with the deed of an old friend of mine). Hope this helps, I have an even older one, but that only shows the area around my deed Havilah (just north of Oreo on the map above) Edit: Saw you were looking for 2013 +, this is from feb 2013=>
  4. /ignore acts like snipe. You must have said something that was annoying allot of players in certain timespan. Have never seen it used to troll someone, maybe some groups tried it out when it was first put ingame, but not that I know of. For example I've ignored a few people in the past because they kept taking about political stuff in global chat, I'm not playing wurm to see what presidents do/should be doing in america, so if more people found it annoying and ignored those people, then its very possible that allot /ignored or /sniped at once. without the intend to troll. I'm getting curious what you were talking about before you got the auto-mute, you seem to avoid that part of the conversation very well
  5. I'm curious about that to.
  6. Maybe it would be a nice idea to assign 1 gm to each server to explore (flying/teleporting/etc) around and take screenshots in the highest detail possible of beautifull terrain and architecture? I've seen allot of great vistas and deeds (and interiors) in Katspurr and Emoo's streams, so there are some very nice shots to add to the steam page that show off the game a bit more. (even in Emoo's latest stream of Lordlouis his former deed, there were awesome interior setups that could use some highest-graphic-settings-love and have screenshots taken from them). Maybe find some impressive underground cities, to promote the fact that you can go almost full dwarf-mode. Can't hurt to put up some more screenshots, that show some more aspects of Wurm: Rifts Cattle breeding Horse stables Farms with beehives and orchards Underground cities Great harbours with ships all around Just to give new players a real good picture of the serious amount of freedom you have in this game. Edit: Wishlisted and followed the steam page offcourse
  7. People waiting in line to get to the public restrooms during impalongs... Latrines would make for some nice decor at least
  8. Maybe we dont want to make to much hype in advance? perhaps the "Wolcen"-debacle scared of the dev's Steam-Wurm wont survive 10k people logging in on 2 servers at once! But none the less, might be usefull to put up the page at least 2 months before release to get at least some wishlisting done and steam-algorithms poked.
  9. Wow, great, just as I post this topic, I try for a 7th time, and now it opens... x_x So yeah, lock please, I guess XD
  10. Just tried to log on, I click the wurm icon I always do, client starts ddownloading and at 99% I get the following error: I re-installed it, doesnt work. Wurm worked fine like it always did for me before this hotfix, but now it wont open the launcher.
  11. Hm, yeah, I know it costs allot to form a pmk, but there should be some sort of limitations on the color-palette that is allowed to be used for the designs. The crows neon-green interior and now this cyberpunk-pink, not a big fan
  12. Why would I want to bash it if I want to keep it? I just want to be able to move a collosus that my friend made 8 years ago on my deed to place it in a better spot.
  13. +4 years later, still not able to move that third collosus on my deed, being the mayor of said deed. Please dev's, have mercy! 2020 => Allow collosus movement on deed by the mayor of said deed, please