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  1. Very nice indeed, was this with the channel points reward on her twitch streams? (I heard her talking about it one stream, but never knew if she made it a thing)
  2. Gumbo and me did the last inde rift, now its your turn Teee
  3. Seriously, but for all we know, the "VR" they have in mind, is literally the current client, but looking around with the mouse is replaced by looking around with your head. Probably not taking much dev time (not that I know anything about how hard it would be to replace the looking with mouse -> VR headset), and most likely they are hiring some small VR dev team, with a contract to bring this VR out and support a year with bugfixes, or something like that. Tho I must admit, money could probably be better spend in other parts of the game. Would have been nice if this topic also had a poll to see how many of the current players (well, forum-active players) own a VR-headset.
  4. XD magnificent, I tought the laughing spanish guy-meme about Rolf and challenge server was the peak, but you just took it a notch higher. Made my day (those wondering about the one I'm talking about =>
  5. Yes, very much please. I'm using Wurm Assistent atm, with a custom timer, to scan my event log and give me a popup when the completion-message appears in my event-tab. But it would indeed be much better if the report in your arch-journal simply changes to green.
  6. I always look at the positive and negative reviews with the most hours played, when I browse for a game on steam. I dont care about the "overall" score a game gets. If I still doubt a game will be my cup of tea, I look for it on youtube to see if there are any playthroughs and see if the same negatives/positives return, and if there is actually enough depth in the game to keep me interested. There are so so so many negative reviews on various games that hardly say anything, that are based on 1 moment in time, or that are even political. For Wurm Online, when it launched on steam, negative reviews were coming in fast, and when I looked closer, allot of them were from bitter players, who got fed up with the game because some features were taken, things were nerfed, bad experience with GM's, their kingdom pulled on the short end in some pvp-drama, etc... I just mean, such "negative" reviews are purely based on emotions and say hardly anything about the game itself (well, the "gm-stuff" reviews can tell something about the game, but then I just play the game, or read/hear ingame about how many people got help from GM's with problems, and then you see there is always another side to the story, the negative ones are usually the most vocal). If a person gets Wurm recommended through steam due to the steam algorithm, and sees its "mixed" reviews and instantly skips it because of that, then Wurm wasnt a game for that person in the first place. EDIT: Was browsing through the negative reviews, and on most of them that have comments, there is one familiar name commenting in allot of them:
  7. Pinball FX3: Base is free, I've bought a few other tables when they went on sale, great pass time if you want to try and set new high scores and complete challenges. Raiden V: Director's Cut: If you like SHMUPS (bullethell sidescrolling shooters) Two Point Hospital: Plays very good on the switch, has the expansions (not the latest ones tho). Basic hospital sim game. Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Just bought this one out of nostalgia mostly, because I played the first spyro the dragon game when it first came out like crazy. This remaster is actually very good. Mariokart Deluxe 8: Fun driving against friends online, never gets old Anyways, I advise to put the games you are interested in on your wishlist, and check it out every now and then to see if something is on sale. You can save some serious amount of cash, if you arent in a hurry to buy a game.
  8. They could go for something like the treasure chest mod on WU, find old maps giving you direction to a spot where you can dig for a chest. Would need some new items to be found inside them to keep them interesting, or maybe some new runes or new statue fragments? New exploration could finally mean the little goblin and troll camps dev's have spoken about many many years ago (trolls/gobs in said camp have a higher chance of dropping a rare or better recipe, maybe new cooking recipes in the droplist). -> already have the riftcamp mechanic in place so probably not to hard to replace riftmobs with trolls/gobs and the riftstones/trees with troll/gob huts and cooking pots Maybe new specific butchering products for each animal/agro out there? -> this could expand the alchemy skill ALLOT, we already have potions to smear on our stuff from unique hunts, maybe add some new ones to it (already very detailed topics about this in the suggestion forum) Maybe finally add a taxidermy feature, so when we kill unqiue stuff out there while exploring, we can bring it back to stuff it to put on display New (rare) flower types to be found in the wild New foraging and botanizing stuff to be found (maybe resulting in new ingredients and new cooking recipes to be discovered) Could possibly be the time to indroduce a very crude form of cartography? Add visible underwater ruins/coral reefs, where we have to dredge/fish to find new statue fragments, new fish, new materials, etc.. Even some simple stuff, adding in more traveling/hunting/etc achievements so we can get some more karma (might need some more uses for karma tho ;)) Add a new"exploration journal" with new goals (besides the current journal we have now), that unlocks special rewards every time you finish a chapter in said journal (exploration/hunting related rewards) Seriously, you can go so far with something like "exploration update", they got an insane amount of money from the steam launch, making this exploration update really big, could be a very solid way to get some steam players who quit, back into the game (lots of new players seem to like sailing/running around the wilderness).
  9. Q3 2025, approximately. Tho I hope sooner.
  10. Smooth sale, topic can be closed
  11. Auction over, grats Shamgar. What's the account name I can send the Red Tome to?
  12. Thanks, I was wondering where mine went Must have overlooked this one. Yeah, there are still 15k agros hiding somewhere, but you cant deny something is wrong since the donkey-spawn update. I have a huge (and I mean HUGE) mine, practically the mountain next to my deed Havilah is hollowed out. I could hunt big amount of lava spiders, lava fiends, black bears, bugs, etc in there every weekend, but now its completley barren, agros didnt respawn after being killed in there. The mousehole desert also, has 2 spawners on there, huge desert (so lots of natural spawns), still nothing (besides the 2-3 hell horses), other people from a few other corners of inde report the same emptyness. Even went to the top of a huge mountain, capped with steppe, where only I have access to (because a friend of mine put me on the permissions ogf the houses in that tunnel leading up to the top), found 3 hellhounds (and 10 donkeys and 10ish sheep). So yeah, 2 examples of big spawning areas where only I can get to, and one that is public, so someone cleaning those out every day would seem very unlikely (desert could be possible, but the numbers on the graph dont lie). I dont know if its because everybody is breeding domestic animals like crazy since new AH, and the agros pool is getting used to make non-agros, but I tought that was fixed years ago, so agros dont drop so drastically when more people have passive animals. Anyways, I'm killing every passive creature I see now to, in hopes to see something happen to the agro spawn in north-west inde. But not looking so good atm. EDIT: And yes, I wont deny, I got 10 donkeys and a bunch of fresh sheep on my deed since the update, so I can grind AH, so I might be part of the problem, but I'm still not sure whats going on with that blue line on the graph. EDIT 2: Wait?! My thread was merged with this one in suggestions? So it is not considered a bug by the devs? The huge drop in the graph since the AH update is considered ok and nothing to worry about? Oh well... guess its back to north xanadu to progress my 20k goal and grind out my skills...
  13. Since the donkeys were introduced (end may) and their spawn was boosted not to long after, the agros are no longer respawning. I see this on Independence, western desert (mousehole) was always full of scorps/crocs/etc even has 2 spawners, but nothing is to be found anymore for a few weeks now. Other players on inde in different parts report the same. If you look at the creature graph: Aggressive creatures has dropped from 22k to 16k in the last month.
  14. Looking to auction a Red Tome of Magic. Starting bid: 20 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: 60 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Usage Spell granted: Fireball (An AoE Fireball Attack) Resistance: Fire 15% (Decreases fire damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Internal 10% (Increases internal damage taken by 10%) Item Use Requirements You need to be standing in a 3x3 flat area in order to use this. You need to be in the vicinity of a holy altar. You need to be deep in the barren desert, where nothing ever grows. Can be used at any altar in a 3x3 flat area, inside at least 51x51 sand area.