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  1. Yeah, as of now, there is little worth in being at the holy site. At least not for this monolith of magranon on Inde. Prayers and sermons should not cause damage or ql loss, you are litteraly sending your prayers to your god, it should strengthen it Only thing in my opinion that should do damage is the Pulse and time, for it makes sense that for the holy site to put out a pulse, it uses up the faith it has been granted through prayer/sermons After each pulse that damages the holy site, it should be the priests/followers job to repair/imp ql as fast as possible before the next pulse arrives To not make the holy site last forever, maybe make each pulse more punishing, so that after 48hours of pulses, the holy site simply cant keep its form together anymore and crumbles And yeah, also make exorsicm skill have more influence on the amount repaired, and maybe soulstrength (for mag holy sites) add more ql But yeah, mag monolith here on Inde is basically useless, its at 38ql and 52damage, so rummage-rewards are not worth it to stay and only thing left is the imping of metal items (wich only followers can do anyways) Hope the Holy sites gets some much needed balancing-love
  2. The first Holy site has appeared on Inde. All mag priest, come join us!,3091
  3. Pillar: Slithering Pillar,876
  4. I like the idea, beats just having flat terraformed ground with some pavement on.
  5. I always found the system you have in Diablo 3 very good to import to Wurm, in terms of making your own banners. In Diablo 3 you unlock new graphics by defeating certain bosses are getting other achievements, here in Wurm new elements could unlock when you reach certain skill-lvls or complete journal goals.
  6. That explains the many wtb's for rare bone fragments at rather high prices. But why not make supreme framgents only combine with supreme ones instead of making them rarer? You could lower the amount needed to combine to offset how rare they already were before this patch.
  7. It could be made very simple, like receiving 1 token from a defeated goblin camp that you can exchange with a GM for one of the items from the "Goblin Treasure Trove". Put in a /support ticket and have an option for "Redeem Price" (the token can have a number as a name, example "Treasure 42" and that would give you the 42nd item from the GM list). Would put in some extra work for GM's (depending how frequent gob camps appear), but would require hardly any extra coding. Anyways, the idea of auctioning the items off like it is now is a bit chaotic and sudden. I can see it work as a gold sink (people are already bidding high in the topic), but I can imagen it feels very frustrating for players with few silver in their banks. Needs some tweaking, but the idea of those items not going to waste is good.
  8. Does this skin work on the knapsacks from the old premium reward program?
  9. Yet the gain a 100 preaching priest can give a starting follower is 20faith, thats around 8 days of praying 5/days. So yeah, it shaves off 8 days, but is that really such a big "win"? There are sermon groups to pump out faith extremely fast. The change is good in my opinion. Its just another one of those "moments of opportunity" that got patched. Just a feature the dev's didnt think would be min/maxed to such lengths for the bonusses, that they finally nerfed it. Being here since 2009 I already lost count of all these kind of nerfs to systems/mechanics because a select group were taking advantage off it (yeah, I know, you werent taking "advantage" of it, you just used a feature that was in the gam, but honestly, you knew this was not 100% how it was ment to work, just like fountainpans). You got to squeeze out the benefits for as long as it lasted, be happy. If you want another way of gain preaching skill, put up a suggestion with an alternative way (and not "revert this patch!!").
  10. Nice Nordlys, please add Havilah to 1246, 1428, many thanks As for guardtower names, a few of us have been doing some hard work on the WurmNode map => Maybe you can transfer them over to your Yaga-map.
  11. Lately I have been skilling toymaking on puppets while waiting for the next sermon. Sermons I went to in the past had people bring their wagons filled with rockshards to turn into bricks while waiting. There is usually some kind of skill you can grind or stuff you can make, and if you have other accounts, just play on those while you set a timer to go over to your priest in time for your sermon.
  12. WTS 124 sleep powder for 1.1g Can deliver at the shores of any pve server or it can be picked up/delivered on Inde. Sold