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  1. Devlog thread closed?

    Cash shop always has my mind going crazy about to potential stuff that could be added AND actually create easy money for wurm development: * Different poses for the colossi (buying a shaper-wand, lets you change the pose of a colossus 5 times) * Different NPC's to plant on your deed that say random stuff every now and then, maybe walk around the deed, do a fishing animation near water, training against a trainingdummy, etc (makes things more lively) * A huge variety of clothes, just cosmetic (the amount only limited by how hard you can whip the graphics-team) * Everlasting varity of non-chopable trees, reskins ofcourse to set them appart from their normal variants (I really want a massive beautifull oak at the centre of my deed) * Shield patterns * Different designs for weapons * .... Lots of us are old folks, having a job and usually some money to spare. A cash shop has the potential to really bring in the money, I know I would spend allot if the option I mentioned above came into the cashshop. That aside, I've never really been bothered by roadmaps. Wurm has enough to keep me busy (playing since 2009, 550 days of playtime), that I dont really feel the need to know whats coming. I rather like the suprise to suddenly see that a new cooking sysytem is coming, new fishing system, chicken coops, animal cages, teleport spells, archeology, etc... I'm happy with the info that dev's are working on big new features, thats more then enough for me, knowing that the future is safe for a while longer and new features/skills are on the horizon. Tho I can imagen it being more frustrating for pvp'ers, being left in the dark about the future of pvp. But as a freedommer, having so many plans that I still havent gotten the time to make a bridge of my own or test out the new fishing system, I dont see much harm in dev's keeping stuff hidden untill its good enough to be revealed/mentioned in a Valrei International
  2. Patch Notes 2/MAY/19 Journal bug fixes and food change

    Hm, I got the following ingame achievements: * Dragonslayer - 1 * Drakeslayer - 6 * Forest giant slayer - 2 * Troll King assisination -- 1 * One eyed snake - 1 * Goblin leadership - 1 So I have over 10 legendary creatures killed, logged by wurm itself, but not even the "Kill a legendary creature" goal has turned green (let alone the "kill 10" goal) Edit: I do hope it doesnt require you to land the killing blow to make the journal goal achieved... that would be crazy even for wurm standards
  3. Once charge tomes from digging and rifts

    Why not spice up the fishing system abit with tomes. How about a small change of fishing up a page from a tome ("This seems to be a page from an ancient book, it appears to be magical since it is completely dry") And you need 30-50-100-whatever pages to complete the tome (and on completion it gives you a random tome with 1 charge). That way you give people a quest to aim for and you make the new fishing system a bit more rewarding (until the other things that Tich planned for it are ingame). Edit: Oops, seems like Nordlys came up with it first
  4. For Auld Lang Syne

    hmpf, looks like I'm late to the party again. Any update on how many are still out there? I fear I'll be riding around for hours on independence in the hopes of finding one, when there are actually non on the server anymore
  5. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Inde server is back online, but now I get an instant crash on "Startup Phase - Preparing Terrain" Gui initialized Startup Phase - Preparing terrain... Execution aborted at connection 0, iteration 0 Run time 0s, local time Mon Dec 17 15:46:12 CET 2018 Destroying game window ====== CLIENT CRASH ====== Unexpected crash while playing java.lang.NullPointerException at class.ErgzcnxSY5.<init>(SourceFile:82) at class.Deqd6BM7lz.<init>(SourceFile:88) at class.QfeUX7dGdb.<init>(SourceFile:241) at at Source)
  6. The Great Horse Color Poll of 2018

    Oh boy, looks like I'll have to start breeding some horses again May the RNG be in favour and grand me a Skewbald Pinto ingame! PS: Reskins for chickens to perhaps? All that white gets a bit boring (not sure if there are many other mobs ingame that would not need another model and can just work with a new skin)
  7. Allow to open multiple crafting recipes windows

    Agreed, same dropdown style like the cooking book would help allot.
  8. WU - Link

    Sure, one "WO-50-cap-char/WU-purchase" would be good. A skillcap of 20 is so 2009 anyways. Let them taste a bit more of WO, they have WU anyways, so they already have acces to everything there. So still capping non-prem players in WO at such a low lvl to push them towards prem by putting features just out of range, isnt cutting it anymore. Current WO playerbase is pretty solidly skilled, so having an influx of 50-capped accounts wouldnt influence much in a bad way. It would be nicer for new players to WO, because lots of timers on actions are allot more "playable" at 50skill. Could be good for old players sitting on lots of silver to, having more bulk offered on the market or faster timer slave...euh...workers. DEVs could even add some new stuff that unlocks for them (and us older players) at 50+skill, so they have something more to look forward to then sailing a big boat or riding a wagon.
  9. Albia Cats Eyes Highways Map of Indy

    Hi HughMongus, Small update, Havilah is now connected to Wolpertinger Ranch There will also be a conection from the highway near Holmside (new deed made there "Turtle Passage") that goes through the mountain and ends up at Trutle Bay (Lake Tortuga) very soon. I also expanded the highway up north together with Pangaron to end up at his deed Insanity Pond.
  10. How much better Wurm could look

    Wurm = pubg Sklo's suggestion = Fortnite Something inbetween would be better indeed Wurm always has a kind of dusty look to it (tho it doesnt bother me), the spring season is always my favorit because everything feels a bit more alive.
  11. Items inside Large Magical Chest taking damage?

    Dont give me a heart attack like that... I'm a collector in many games, and in Wurm I collect allot of stuff (old stuff) to, for example this: If dev's should ever "fix" this "bug", please give a warning in advance, and please give a way for the collectors among us (I cant imagen I'm the only one) to secure their collections! (some of these items in my example simply cant be obtained anymore). If meals would decay inside, I could understand, thats "food", but if you every fix it, dont consider the ingredients as "food" :'( Seriously, leave magic chests the way they are. That fountainpans got "fixed", altho very sour to my taste, was kind of understandable. Fixing these magic chest, now, after so many many years, would be... I dont know... Its just "pixels" I'm collecting in those chest, but they mean allot to me... seeing something I had/have allot of fun collecting go *poof* after 8 years... (The butchering parts of animals isnt the only thing I collect, got way more stuff in various magic chests, but those arent food items. Besides perhaps my rare herbs collection not in the screen).
  12. [Resolved] Independence broke

    yep, was waiting for a thread like this XD wondered if it was just on my end, or global.
  13. Happy Halloween!

    *sigh* I did get a golden "Crocodile Dundee" achievement and 2s in rare coins, guess I cant complain to much Edit: And meh, I boosted the wurm economy a bit, bought two sets. But I'm definatly hunting again tomorrow, simply because I'm curious at how many "agros killed" my luck will turn.
  14. Happy Halloween!

    I literally kid you not... seriously, I wish I was kidding... Been killing from 18:58 -> 21:35 (seriously killing, a few radnom mobs before that), here is the body-count-list (yeah, I went through my eventlog :p): Crocs: 28 Wolf: 11 Trolls: 7 Scorps: 42 Hell scorps: 5 Lions: 2 Black bear: 25 Brown bear: 3 Cave bug: 12 Anaconda: 7 Spider: 12 Rats: 7 Hellhound: 1 Lava fiend: 8 Lava spider: 7 Total kills: 177 Shoulder pads: 0 Masks: 0 (ok, this one isnt to strange, since I only killed 7 trolls) Seriously, should I make a bug report? XD I know RNG can screw people over, but I havent had it this bad in wurm in the 8-9years I'm playing I'm done killing for today, but I'll be back tomorrow, tho I'm running low on agros here on indy...
  15. [RELEASED] Live Map

    I'm not sure if it was your hax last time or someone elses here, but I was able to zoom out a few steps more with the previous Livemap, is it possible to add this? (many thanks in advance :))