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  1. I picked: Cooking overhaul: I really like indepth mechanics in a game, not all foodstuff/drinks you can make have use, but it adds depth and immersion to the game. Free players on freedom: If it wasnt for this, I probably wouldnt have left GV in 2009 to go to Independence. I still remember the crossing, the huge slopes of dirt, the huge STONE buildings, caravels everywhere, ... it got me hooked and never let me go. The friends I crossed with gave me their referalls so I could be prem and in that time I was able to poke an irl friend to use his paypall for my wurm subscription (and now ended up with paysafecards :p), never skipped a month of prem since RMT changes: Good and bad I suppose, I'm a bit neutral on this, but it still one of the better changes to wurm. (Discussed it in the topics back when the change was announced, so I wont go repeating it here again to not create a wall of text :p) Other changes that come to mind (mostly from when I started in 2009): Bulkbins being introduced! This was a big one for me, I was still playing on GV, so before bsb's were a thing in wurm, I had to chop trees to make 20ql planks whenever I wanted to make another house, some more fences or to repair damages (decay was brutal on GV, but managable if you did a routine repair route every month or 2 ;)). And after they were ingame... I could actually just stock up on every 20ql material I could make, an could bash down the coffins and containers-in-containers-in-containers that I used befor! Large anvils going down to 10kg instead of 50kg. This was a huge change for me also, since when you failed creating back then, you'd end up a with scrap and could start mining iron all over again. And let me tell you, mining on GV with 20skill, no woa enchants... wasnt really "fun". (that and combined with how long it took for a 20ql forge to actually smelt the ore down to lumps and keep them warm long enough for you to smith with) Plotting course: A more recent addition, but holy Magranon was it a good one, simply choose the server you want to cross to, and sit back and relax (or zigzag against a gale... x_x) Archeaology: Simply, another indepth new mechanic added to wurm, that actually got my lazy ass of my deed to go explore, looking for old deeds and fragments. Permission system was a a great one to, finally I could fine-tune who could do what on my deed and who could pilot/sit in what cart/ship Changes from the list I didnt pick: Multistory buildings: Mixed feelings about this one, it led to extreme freedom in creating awesome buildings, but for me, I never end up using all the floors on my buildings XD And its "mixed" because suddenly, the Wurm client ate up 1-1.5gig of ram instead of 150-200Mb of ram... bye bye being logged on with 6 accounts digging and mining (back then a year of prem was 50euros, so I could actually afford allot of alts just for digging/mining) Graphics overhaul: Altho a welcome change, it wasnt something I really needed, I'm usually not to bothered with the graphics of a game. It had its charms back in 2009, judging if your crops were ready by placing small barrels all over your farmplot, seeing crazy colored animals, standing on horses, etc...
  2. I wouldnt mind salavaging things on my own deed, that otherwise I'd have to push on lava/bash/or let lighting strike from above. Though it would probably be very hard do balance. Most of the time disbanded deeds/stuff in the wild tend to be of low ql, so salvaging would result in even lower ql of materials. That is unless you link ql somehow to your salavage skill, say 50 salvage gives you a 50% raise in ql from the original items ql (with a cap of max xxql). And most of the time abandoned stuff is locked... bsb/fsb/chest/carts/ships all locked, forced to slowly decay away. Not sure how the salvaging mechanic would deal with locked items from popped deeds. Maybe some sort of semi-archealogoy mechanic could indeed be added to, to give something unique besides materials (but that idea would branch of in an entire new suggestion thread stuff like salavaging unique building mats that let you craft new decorative items that can only be made with said unique salavaged fragments, which would ofcourse need even more balancing so people dont spam small deeds, fill them with buildings/items, then disband to go salvage. etc, etc..)
  3. Aight, np, I tought the those cooking goals might look at recipes an account had unlocked before they unlocked themself (since the 250 recipe goal was unlocked on my char)
  4. There we go, Inde is now blessed with hot rocks raining down from the sky, leaving death and destruction in their wake.
  5. Replace with glassworks or taxidermy please.
  6. To add: I have 523 recipes unlocked but missing: *Make some rum *Make some lemonade *Cook a rat-on-a-stick *Make some ice cream Killed 10+ uniques, but missing the "Get the blood of a unique creature" Not complaining tho, will give me some stuff to re-do for some goal hunting But yeah, the "get 20 in a skill" is not unlocked for me either (and I have very little sub 20 skills left, only some weapon ones)
  7. My mag Vraccas will be present Eidt: Soon a patch update... Bugfix: Ritual of the sun will now only repair things in the deity’s domain Hope that doesnt mess up the cast for this evening... x_x
  8. Een helukkig nieuwjoar, en da we nog lange meugn meugn en goe kunn kunn. (flemish, with a little wink to a series on flemish tv, that got canceled way to early)
  9. The suprise for the end of this year will be the ability to put items on your house walls/doors. This will come with the new chirstmas 2020 item: Festive Wraith What I hope for personally: some more love for alchemy, just like fishing/cooking got, would be nice, but with more use out of the different stuff that would be added. glassworks, any day now... taxidermy: I really want to display those huge spiders
  10. This, +1 (and I would also add: Lets us simply put in the number of the volume we want)
  11. Sounds balanced, wouldnt mind if it was ingame
  12. It's painfull to grind if you are focussing on grinding it. In the past I had 2 priests pray constantly for gems, while I was busy crafting/terraforming/etc on my main account. (did some hfc on them so they could queue more then 3 prayers, hit pray 4-5times, then went back to my mains window, etc) One of those got 77 prayer, the other 50ish, and because I wasnt focussing on it, it didnt feel like a grind at all. So if you are not playing a priest as main, you could just have them praying away while you do other stuff on your main. Again, doesnt change the fact that your priests will be useless for that period. The goal isnt fun, but so isnt the 100-rift goal for the final journal goal. The dev's have to throw in some annoying, brainless timesinks so not everybody gets the benefit in under a year. (at least it feels like that was their plan, otherwise they could have put in some more active/fun goals instead of the brain-dead-timesink ones)
  13. Seen those in my mine to, new UI client