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  1. Bump! Plenty of land open! New map looks great and there are mountain tops waiting for someone to deed.
  2. Bump! New refined map. Looks a lot more natural and a lot closer to the original Chaos map.
  3. Noted! Thank you for the note. Will implement it shortly. Got rid of the guards in the meantime. The idea I had in mind was to have ppl spawn next to their lights. Didnt think that picking anything other than Freedom would put them on that deed.
  4. Bump! Looking for players to begin the server population.
  5. Ill figure it out. If WO devs got it then anyone can do it.
  6. if the hash is created based on the files being used by the client, any changes made to it will change the hash. My theory is... I create a hash of the client with all the acceptable mods then I add a validation on the server side using that hash. I would just have to figure out how to implement it.
  7. the hash changes if changes are made to the client though. If the hash from an accepted client were to change from the one I deemed authorized then the connection would be refused. The game already refuses connections based on some criteria, I.E using the name Libila.
  8. Could this be implemented on server side then added as a client mod to be able to verify the client integrity? java.security.MessageDigest is your friend. Call getInstance("MD5") to get an MD5 message digest you can use. or http://anyexample.com/programming/java/java_simple_class_to_compute_sha_1_hash.xml Please advise.
  9. On that note... I spoke to another peer at work today. We agreed that we could decompile the code from WURMESP and see the information that it uses from the server. From there we could find a way to block the information that WurmESP uses to work properly. Another way is to find a way to do a checksum to validate that only mods authorized in the game are being used. What I find funny is that the devs of Wurm already have this client validation for WO. Is there a way they can help out with that?
  10. Im always open to suggestions. I dont want to be the ruler of the server. I rather have a community come together to determine rules, mechanics, etc... Also, "The server goes down" permanently is nearly impossible given that the server resides in a rack in my house. Not only does it run the game in my home, it also runs other services as well. Furthermore, most of the hardware on the server is being unused and I can add more ram if need be. The only times that it can go down are tings that I cant control, I.E. ISP down, Weather, etc...
  11. So I have this initiative to hopefully have people collaborate to either play honorably or to flat out counter ESP. I have coworkers that are Java guru's that hopefully can provide me assistance to find a way to counter ESP. In theory, we could have the server validate the client the same way WO does it with its client. TLDR: Im exploring resources available to counter ESP thru client validation or other means.
  12. I have spent over 12 hours trying to make the same. Sadly, the tool uses pure heightmap, then creates topology out of that. To create the grayscale out of the dumps available takes a lot of time because the tool uses white for high and black for low altitude. When I use the erosion tool it does it in a triangle shape. I am more than welcome to edit it if we can find a way to make it identical.