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  1. FPS and speed numbers are only half visible every time i launch the client, got to toggle one of them off/on to refresh it all and make them complete again
  2. the mine at gate to heaven is open again so people coming from the north side of the mountain can use that one if you're coming from the south side, i dropped some signs starting from the highway at J19 so you don't have to go all the way to gate to heaven
  3. no need for massive project, there is a road up (i'll plant some signs to it tomorrow)
  4. i think timer is 1 wurm week atm (21h) i could harvest them again before 22h at least
  5. got the same case when making wine barrels, with 16 unfinished wine barrels they don't form a pile but when i drop 1 more, they go into a pile and i can no longer add them to the crafting interface if you got a pile of unfinished items and you drop planks into that one, you can't add the unfinished barrels to the interface if you make a pile of planks and drop unfinished barrels, the first 14 unfinished barrels will appear outside of the pile and you can use those but the following ones will go into the pile and you can't add those to the interface if you remove the planks from the pile and grab all the unfinished barrels that were in that pile, you can now drop all unfinished barrels without them forming a pile (tried with 21 on the tile)
  6. k thx, guess i'll try that next time
  7. dragged it all from the wagon to the oven but if it was ownership issues, doubt some would come out 99ql and other 20ql while it came from the same amphora in the wagon
  8. so i cooked 26 cauldrons of 100ql sap, i got 100hfc so expected it to be fairly high ql in average out of those 26 cauldrons: 9 cooked into 99ql syrup and 17 cooked into 20ql syrup i got no other ql than those 2, it's either all or nothing i wouldn't expect 66% of it to come out at 20ql..... i'd guess there is a bug somewhere haven't cooked sap in a long time so no idea if it started during this patch or was there before too
  9. saw a couple seal traitor missions when i logged in so i went to their usual spot for some clubbing, after killing a few i triggered the mission even though the seal i killed didn't have the traitor tag [19:22:29] An aged seal is dead. R.I.P. [19:22:29] Paaweelrs followers now have the attention of the fire spirits. gonna keep killing the others to see if i trigger the second mission too
  10. minor bug: when you stand inside the mine and try to widen it, if the next tile you're trying to open would open in a wrong orientation it tells you the error msg twice (you only get it once if you're trying to tunnel from the outside) [19:34:06] Current tile needs to be same orientation as adjacent cave entrance. [19:34:06] Current tile needs to be same orientation as adjacent cave entrance. [19:34:06] Another tunnel is too close. It would collapse.
  11. same here, still getting stung when opening some of my dormant ones smoker is off, only happens when i got nothing active (having anything active prevents the stinging)
  12. i voted no cause right now if you eat a meal that you know give you a certain affinity, if you eat the same meal with the same ingredient that someone else made it might give you a different affinity cause he might have made it in a rare oven or a rare frying pan and if you imp you oven/cooking container and it turns rare, you can start again from scratch it just adds even more complexity to something that's already complex enough
  13. moved mines with a wagon so it's not cart related
  14. tried entering the area of other hives while riding with it, tried clicking the + sign, tried unloading it within other hives areas but it never died no honey was consumed during the trip though so it wasn't polled