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  1. the months shown to tell how long ago the deed disbanded use ingame time while the time inhabited uses RL time You can see multiple markers of abandoned settlements here. Based on your knowledge of the area and small hints you can find, one of the settlements must have been called Progress. It looks to have been abandoned roughly 368 months ago. You can see multiple markers of abandoned settlements here. Based on your knowledge of the area and small hints you can find, one of the settlements must have been called Progress. You make a rough estimate that the settlement was inhabited for about 3 months.
  2. I had a mission for 1.0 (lol..) people to give sheets to the avatar of libila on Indy, when i found her she was agressive and came to attack me right away. This prevented me from just giving her the sheet, had to queue the action and move away for it to trigger so i doubt this is intended for the mission. She was hots kingdom.
  3. when you drop a fragment and identify it while it's on the ground, once done identifying it you'll get the identified fragment in your inventory but the unidentified one will still be visible on the ground they can both be interacted with and the one on the ground links to the one in your inventory when you drop the identified fragment in your inventory and pick it back up, the old fragment model properly disappears from the ground
  4. activate container, r-click on waystone => plant tried that?
  5. with the addition of wagoner to trade bulk goods, i think it would be great if we got a new type of crate for farming goods crops are usually sold in large volume but don't take much space so having a higher items limit would be nice, 1000 for example (but limited to fsb items so they don't replace large crates) i know it's possible to move massive amount by loading a fsb in a runed wagon but those don't fit in wagoners
  6. Had something similar happen at the exo impalong yesterday, computer froze and screen went black. When i rebooted the computer i had a java error log on the desktop, did you have that too?
  7. actually you got it all wrong, past 99.99 it's the same tick rate on both clusters, but epic get *2 skillgain so it is exactly x2 at that point... between 99 and 99.99 it got about 1% difference in tick rate (and 99 skill is about 30% of the time needed to reach 100) curve only makes a little difference for lower skill for example my tick rate for 47 meditating (70 effective on epic) was 42% while it was 34% at 70 (90 effective) skill and 31% at 90 (99 effective) so yes epic get less ticks faster, but not fast enough to actually negate the double skillgain the formula budda gave is pretty close to what it would have been on freedom so no more headache needed it's just the x3 all the way back that's being way generous imo
  8. Only thing i can tell you is to grind something to 100, you'll get a better understanding then. Just to give you an idea, the last 0.000008 tick for one of my 100 skills took me 43 days. Doing it every 15mins for 10h a day since it's on a timer. On epic that same tick would have been 21.5 days. So does it take effort on epic? Yes. Is it the same as on freedom? No. And fyi with the x3 they get, it would take them 35.8 days (21.5+43/3).
  9. Some Epic Things

    eh i do think that formula is fair enough, i got no issue with it for stats i do think stam should get boosted based on mining skill (or whichever skill didn't give stam on epic while it did on freedom) other stats i guess budda compared between clusters and decided to keep them at 1:1 or i hope he did lol meditating being a nerf, i don't see that but i'd love to know what tick frequency people at 90 skill get just to compare (assuming they used a 1ql exquisite rug) and the *3 all the way back to their max skill is just way generous imo lol
  10. Some Epic Things

    here is some math (which has been explained over and over, getting old tbh) on freedom you get a skillgain of X, at a rate of 50% for a total of 0.5*X on epic, let's say you get a massive drop in difficulty! (which doesn't happen that fast, but just for the sake of explaining) and you get a rate of 35% you get a skillgain of 2X by deisgn on epic, for a total of 0.35*2X = 0.7*X which is higher, 0.5 or 0.7? now in reality after 90, you're probably comparing 40% on freedom and 38% on epic so yes you get slightly less ticks, but they're twice bigger
  11. Some Epic Things

    skill isn't linear, half the ticks from 90 won't be 45
  12. Some Epic Things

    concrete is one of the worst skillgain there is, i tried. make healing covers of 15 potency if you're still around that skill level (or tooth + gland if you're already higher, 20 potency) so you did effort to grind your skill to 100, grats i did close to twice the effort you did to grind mine to 100, why is my extra effort worthless compared to yours?
  13. Some Epic Things

    if it takes effort, it's not free....
  14. Some Epic Things

    personally i play this game for the grind, just like others play it for pvp, pve or just chill around i go for various 100 skills and i spend months (or years for some) grinding to get them, so ofc i find it unfair when other people get them more easily if i had to guess a pvp analogy, it would be as if your enemy kingdom received free tomes/bonuses . would you find that fair?
  15. Some Epic Things

    read budda's post again, if you follow optimal difficulty it takes 50-55% ticks all the way to 100 on epic so nope, not longer on epic past 80 lol the skills crossing over with that formula + they get *3 all the way back + they keep their stats is VERY generous as far as fairness goes those who will spend time to get their 100 skills back on freedom will have spent about 70% of the time it would have taken on freedom (due to the *3 they get all the way back)