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  1. so in the sake of testing it, i just made 2 alts: one on each cluster for both i took the noob shovel, full stam, full water/food from being a brand new noob, both 1 digging action in the center of a flat 2*2 grass area, both had a 12.6s timer when digging, no sb used (noobs got none when they start), feel free to try yourself to double check my results first action on epic i got: [23:10:36] Mind increased by 0,0374 to 1,0374 [23:10:36] Mind logic increased by 0,0023 to 19,5023 [23:10:36] Miscellaneous items increased by 0,1871 to 1,1871 [23:10:36] Body stamina increased by 0,0023 to 19,5023 [23:10:36] Body increased by 0,0374 to 1,0374 [23:10:36] Body strength increased by 0,0023 to 19,5023 first action on freedom i got: [23:16:59] Mind increased by 0,0187 to 1,0187 [23:16:59] Mind logic increased by 0,0012 to 19,5012 [23:16:59] Shovel increased by 0,2679 to 1,2679 [23:16:59] Body increased by 0,0187 to 1,0187 [23:16:59] Body stamina increased by 0,0012 to 19,5012 [23:16:59] Body strength increased by 0,0012 to 19,5012 [23:16:59] Digging increased by 0,6250 to 1,6250 if that's not exactly twice the stats on epic, i don't know what is......
  2. well i got 100 hfc and 100 beverages so i think i'm a decent grinder too yet no 90 ML (yet) and barely 80 SD
  3. little example for those saying it's harder on epic: 1 player on freedom with 100 hfc, doing basic meals in a forge (50 diff) 1 player on epic with 100 hfc, doing the exact same thing both doing it for stats as they can't go higher in skill anyway both get the same tick rate since the difficulty of the meal compared to their skill is the same yet the player on epic gets twice more stats than the one on freedom.... just got to check niarja, the only player with 90+ ML & SD is on epic
  4. figured i'll add my opinion as a freedomer i play on freedom, so my grind is slower than on epic (i played epic when it first came out, got bored after a week cause my skills were going up so fast) which means i have to spend more time on my skills, and have to invest more premium time in grinding them so i got to invest more for the same result as on epic so why is my time less valuable than those on epic? why should there be a 1:1 skill transfers from epic to freedom? as for items/money spent on epic, you'll soon get some naked freedomers coming to epic who will most likely be ready to buy stuff so you'll have options to sell your stuff and get money back i'm all for allowing those who want to leave epic to move to freedom, but make it fair to those on freedom who grinded on a slower skillgain (and i'm guessing it's giving headaches to the devs to figure out how)
  5. what if we succeed a max difficulty mission, next one will still be max diff or will start from easiest again?
  6. +1, got to get rid of that demigod one
  7. don't forget there is a 7 days cooldown between changing faith (iirc)
  8. followers/priests of the same faith as the priest who cast it so either nahjo or vynora
  9. FPS and speed numbers are only half visible every time i launch the client, got to toggle one of them off/on to refresh it all and make them complete again
  10. the mine at gate to heaven is open again so people coming from the north side of the mountain can use that one if you're coming from the south side, i dropped some signs starting from the highway at J19 so you don't have to go all the way to gate to heaven
  11. no need for massive project, there is a road up (i'll plant some signs to it tomorrow)
  12. i think timer is 1 wurm week atm (21h) i could harvest them again before 22h at least
  13. got the same case when making wine barrels, with 16 unfinished wine barrels they don't form a pile but when i drop 1 more, they go into a pile and i can no longer add them to the crafting interface if you got a pile of unfinished items and you drop planks into that one, you can't add the unfinished barrels to the interface if you make a pile of planks and drop unfinished barrels, the first 14 unfinished barrels will appear outside of the pile and you can use those but the following ones will go into the pile and you can't add those to the interface if you remove the planks from the pile and grab all the unfinished barrels that were in that pile, you can now drop all unfinished barrels without them forming a pile (tried with 21 on the tile)
  14. k thx, guess i'll try that next time
  15. dragged it all from the wagon to the oven but if it was ownership issues, doubt some would come out 99ql and other 20ql while it came from the same amphora in the wagon