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  1. Wurm Online Conflict Reports is a new PvP recap series that ANYONE can submit their PvP footage to, to get their very own episode! WOCR is also orchestrated by the same person that brought you Blacklight Epic News back in Epic's prime. The first episode: The Crusaders vs Jenn Kellon at HotA on Chaos. HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR OWN CLIPS - Your videos MUST be 16:9 resolution and AT LEAST 1280x720. - Videos MUST have game AND chat audio. (After much trial and error, videos without chatter are just far less interesting.) - Be at least 5 minutes long. (To avoid editing constraints.) - PvP only. - Host the clips somewhere in either .zip or .rar and email them to Thanks everyone. Hope you enjoy. - Storm
  2. Hey guys, I'll be streaming the challenge server once it opens. There will be a delay on the stream, obviously, so just message "Stormyray" in game if you want to talk to me or join up with us. We will be going JK for this months match. The stream is suggested for people 18 and up in the US.
  3. That's my black cloud for ya. Actually had another crap incident happen last night, too. The streak never ends!
  4. Thank you everyone for your unending support for everything! I already did something like this, but I would love to see an official video on this. >
  5. New episode is live! The New Affliction >
  6. Not at all! Still golden!
  7. I keep asking myself that every 10 minutes.
  8. Was in a near-fatal accident last night. Set back a few plans I had for the next episode.
  9. This thread should be closed. It's like asking why knit hats don't sell as much in July as they do in December.
  10. This happens every year and every year there is an identical thread with redundant information.
  11. Aye. It's going to look awesome!
  12. I doubt this can be used as a submission but I guess we will find out. The first episode of blacklight epic news >
  13. Dev Week 40! Stormray has returned! >
  14. Who needs a mine entrance that's over 100 slope? I seriously hope you're trolling. Something like that is strait jacket worthy. I like how PvPers are just given this judgement that we all have some sort of ego in regard to game balance. It really is hilarious the saltiness we get from people who are just simply clueless.