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  1. Some mission-related things are different/weird on Defiance, we had some near impossible traitor ones with 100 casted seryl pendulums and several people
  2. RNG-free roam missions are the best for PVP servers IMO. Great example is kill x amount of tower guards
  3. I like how your example of a mission you want is x100 worse than any of the ones you don't like. A mission dependant on seasons and not always even possible are the very worst
  4. give them christmas lights if not found in 6 hrs
  5. nice electrum runes seem available too based on wiki
  6. You were also talking about wanting a caffeine market. How about easier to get timers like they are now, and more complicated and skill required for way longer timers. IMO Wurm is a tedious enough game (still love it) and only benefits from getting easier and getting more QOL.
  7. You ever thought of putting it in a mine or house? So obviously its very relevant for the context of this.
  8. You already have 100% safety 22/24 hrs a day and just log out with any loot you can carry, i think thats enough for a pvp server. And a cart can drive more than 3 locals in 30 minutes LOL
  9. Its a pvp server, why would you want it not able to be stolen? Its nowhere near as fast as a cart also. And push/pull is useless for large distances
  10. Transfer ownership on large ones when lockpicked If you want your stuff safe when you log out from enemies i say go back to freedom
  11. Not how it works afaik Winner gets a res stone + res stone or shaker orb and seryl Bunch of ppl get 1kg seryl Really boring and scenarios arent worth bothering with once you have a res stone except to deny enemies them
  12. Seems to be an odd very specific type of player you want to target as the only user of it and its a type of player that hardly exists. Not new players as they wouldnt be able to set up coffee or would be using their money on more basic stuff. Not people who can use their sleep bonus normally. Casual players who care about skillgain. I know a few that might fit the description almost, but these people wouldnt worry about getting coffee and optimizing skillgain the little time they're on. Why put so much effort into making it useless for 99% of the playerbase lol. And yeah just putting it in the game reckelessly may have been a mistake, but taking it out and leaving the huge window of opportunity isnt a good solution. People have been able to use hundreds of sleep powders during skiller week for example.