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  1. Interactive combat isnt actual that fun in a game like this. Don't forget group combat which is what really is important. Hunting is just going to get tedious if it's too interactive and the aiming/defending isn't tuned for group combat at all. It would definitely seem like a negative change on a pvp server in regards to the aiming/defending being more important.
  2. More visual feedback is good! I dont like the direction of aiming mattering more. I think the game would be more fun and approachable if a lot of the obscure mechanics were simplified with as little change as possible while making the choices of what you bring to a fight and build your account more clear and interesting.
  3. -1 The reward is all the free bonuses you get while you're a champion...
  4. Yea I guess we should all just go play other games like you?
  5. @Retrograde Any plans to obliterate value of others skills? Might almost as well play WU if the official servers aren't going to be persistent and respectful of players time investments.
  6. DONE!

    how pick up?
  7. What the difference? I've explained why I don't like it and suggested better course of aciton. Whining is when it's disagreeing with your point of view?
  8. Excellent, ignore all the arguments and dismiss all by calling it whining and going for the people. Yes accomplishing something and having it entirely devalued is very fun and we don't have the right to complain about that if you disagree surely.
  9. Yeah you must be playing a different game because none of what you said makes sense.
  10. Exactly. Not only will people getting it now not have to depriest, they will get it way faster and get tons of gems doing it. To add to this, we all knew how this worked at NFI server starts. If your only fix is to make it faster and not even do anything interesting about it you had to do it there. It also would take no time at all. Why did the devs suddenly change their mind? It just shows how little the devs care or how much out of touch they are. Flushing out any time investment balances in an economy or PVP driven MMO is just mindless and dumb.
  11. Praying will still be like that, they don't fix that. You think making anything faster is progress? Should probably go play WU then with max skillgain!
  12. A good fix would be to make prayer skill useful for something; scale the gems recieved, other items bonuses while praying etc, and still remove the skillgain penalties from having high faith and alignment. This would make the game better by making prayer a real skill while not ###### over people who already have grinded prayer while still making it easier and less unintuitive for new people going for benediction.
  13. It does matter, your average quality and chance to hit higher quality increases a lot with skill. You also need high ql materials to imp high ql, how is any different? Most creation skills doesn't even take much materials to grind. You can do it making light materials like lockpicks and have low stamina. If you wanna optimize either improving or creation grinding you don't get anything useful out of them while grinding.
  14. Okay so should we just dismiss any discussion ever based on that?