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  1. I'm talking about for example say someone had a wagon on starter deed
  2. Last I knew going unlawful to attack horses hitched or players is still ignored by guards.
  3. If starter deed lady, could we make the guards actually attack people breaking the laws then?
  4. Arent you in the biggest very established kingdom that would massively benefit from tower removal that plan on making a PMK?
  5. Not this LOL they just want their PMK without having to bash towers
  6. Nope you didnt check proper then
  7. I think the point was to critique the handling and implementation of it in case you missed it
  8. It wasnt even entirely closed off and they made a new deed just by the coast of it like our old LOL
  9. Also lets not forget that now suddenly the king-giver NPCs are moved because it was convenient to this group.
  10. -1 for any connections to nfi
  11. I think considering amount of PVP there is saying its fine is crazy
  12. PVP has had unlimited cotton for kings forever with no balance issues
  13. I'm confused. You think it's fine as is because you want to be able to buy everything?