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  1. What do you mean connecting? With items and sailing? I think fewer would just be on defiance then since daily play is more rewarding on the other servers and it would just be harder for them to get back to Defiance. Population probably dwindling because with one click on a portal you can earn money and have better skillgain with that same account.
  2. As discussed a lot before there's a lot of reasons to play on freedom over pvp on NFI - you can make money and get extra skillgain. As time goes more and more get the extra skillgain and have less reason to bother with Defiance. See some of these topics for more info: To make a flavourful Wurm-themed I suggest adding seasonal bonuses on Defiance only. These still won't make it more attractive than the freedom side, but at least add to balancing it. Rotating between buffs every week or two (or attached to Wurm seasons somehow): - Increased affinity chance (2x, I'm sure most ppl still won't get any skilling) - Skillgain bonus (25%) - Rarity bonus (2x) - Increased mob SP drop chance (2x) I just suggested some initial numbers based on the fact that its competing with easily buying SP and path of knowledge skillgain.
  3. Thats what defiance fixed!
  4. Boats are annoying enough with it, -1
  5. +1 People on freedom already make mad silvers from playing. We need more incentives to defiance
  6. Rite of Death

    Damn wait a week so we can convert from all these other rites
  7. Dumbest post i read in a while
  8. Everyone I've talked to also get hit a ton more by mobs if they don't defend correctly, I'm sure they made it more impactful.
  9. You couldnt even both aim and defend before so saying it's the same makes no sense.
  10. So they didn't change any of the numbers for aiming and defending at all? Based on what? They literally said in patch notes they made it key to winning a fight now
  11. They changed defending to be key to winning a fight and you completely ignored the part where it isnt even UI supported. I tested aiming wrong vs someone aiming and defending correct and it massively changes outcomes of 1v1s. This patch massively buffed shields vs 2 handers Just remove all the new stuff from PVP group fights and maybe do some changes that actually keep gameplay in mind?