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  1. Please make sure you can get the treasure maps when digging even when not lowering ground like its been in the past. No reason you cant get it digging other stuff like clay etc Also creatures should drop them.
  2. Skip the clue part and just have it show direction like in WU, they arent good gameplay in the long run.
  3. Just remember, if you can waste 30 minutes on something, getting 1 hour of sleep bonus only breaks you even to the going doing nothing but sitting around digging, mining etc.
  4. I think after all this time people expected more than a bad version of a simple WU mod.
  5. 1.5 years overdue on a Defiance meditation hotfix though (POK so people can play there on a daily basis pls)
  6. People messing up something that really isnt that hard to follow. Then refusing to deal with the social consequences. Blame everyone else and the game too. Suuuure
  7. -1 Having faith also gives skillgain so its a trade-off
  8. We done even have POK there to catch up. Give us that for a few years then lets talk.
  9. Defiance super quick very meaningful fixes still ignored
  10. Still going strong with up to 25 people online!
  11. Just about to open up EDIT: 3 pm GMT, in 24 minutes!
  12. Yeah I wonder how many ppl will be excited to play with half the skillgain the had the past months
  13. Shield bashing? Just remove extra skillgain from pvp bashing