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  1. Nah they should raise titles to at least 60 skill
  2. That's way too good. Get out of a death once a day?
  3. Wow that's awesome. Thanks, appreciate it!
  4. Remove fatigue, remove wisdom of vynora
  5. Moon is lazy and I screwed up the recording of the Cigay and Grug ones, it sounds like ass... Will try though
  6. It takes quite a while, especially on top of everything else. Many pvp spells are cast power dependant and benefit greatly from channeling, one of the hardest skill in the game to grind. I pvp just fine on a non-priest. Not saying priests aren't powerful, but i hate the idea ofe veryone being a priest
  7. That's not an actual argument. Fact is that removing priest restriction will bring in more complications and more requirements for pvp, not less, because of the need to grind faith and channeling.
  8. How would it bring more people? I'm sure not many want to grind channeling and faith. Non-priest viability would kinda just mean its easier to jump into.
  9. Making everyone super similar would be so boring for the gameplay. If anything slightly nerfs to priests
  10. Moonpoppy and I set out to cover big events and meet interesting people on the Defiance server. We're mostly just messing around but feel free to give feedback or let us know who you'd want us to talk to. Or maybe you want to be on yourself? For now it's only audio but we hope to eventually add cool and interesting video to it as well. In the first video we talk to the infamous warrior Chevtuk! (9th september, so rather old news already) Upcoming interviews with Grug and Cigay
  11. I reported wisdow of vynora being super abuseable with the fatigue changes and Retrograde said they didn't care
  12. I noticed I get skillgain sometimes when imping and failing to imp. Am i misunderstanding something about the skillgain roll or shouldnt that be impossible?
  13. How? Defiance haven't been around long enough to reach level 7 yet...
  14. I agree with it mostly, but the pet thing is surely just a phase. Pets won't get stronger than they are right now, but players will get a ton stronger as the server progresses.