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  1. Would be crazy to waste time on Epic when there's new super active servers in dire need of fixes
  2. Its only for champions getting kills and maybe kings dying
  3. Please look at suggestion topics
  4. Hell horses, unicorns, rare horse gear getting removed was a great change for Defiance. Sped up breeding. Now they implement the rare horse speed trait which most definitely belong in the same group. Also friendly reminder we need meditation on Defiance, nobody will play here when they can get 25% extra skillgain just through the portal.
  5. Some spells have a minimum favor required on the caster unrelated to what you actually use, same goes for linking.
  6. Either would be cool IMO. Right now just use it your rift points on freedom, but would be nice with content usable in some way on Defiance. Shoulder pads look cool I wanna use em
  7. Because pvp and pve works very differently in many ways that're mentioned or linked in the OP
  8. Well, you misunderstood the topic. Whether you pvp or not it's just way more rewarding playing on the freedom side which is what the issue is.
  9. That's silly, you should read some of the stuff in the OP if you're interested in what the issues and goals are.
  10. What do you mean connecting? With items and sailing? I think fewer would just be on defiance then since daily play is more rewarding on the other servers and it would just be harder for them to get back to Defiance. Population probably dwindling because with one click on a portal you can earn money and have better skillgain with that same account.
  11. As discussed a lot before there's a lot of reasons to play on freedom over pvp on NFI - you can make money and get extra skillgain. As time goes more and more get the extra skillgain and have less reason to bother with Defiance. See some of these topics for more info: To make a flavourful Wurm-themed I suggest adding seasonal bonuses on Defiance only. These still won't make it more attractive than the freedom side, but at least add to balancing it. Rotating between buffs every week or two (or attached to Wurm seasons somehow): - Increased affinity chance (2x, I'm sure most ppl still won't get any skilling) - Skillgain bonus (25%) - Rarity bonus (2x) - Increased mob SP drop chance (2x) I just suggested some initial numbers based on the fact that its competing with easily buying SP and path of knowledge skillgain.
  12. Thats what defiance fixed!