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  1. It's the same with the sailboat at the MR starter deed, doesn't work unless you can lockpick them from what I can tell.
  2. WTS silver/gold coins

    Got 2 gold and 70 silver to sell. Ratio is 1 silver :1 euro but can be discussed for larger amounts. Money first, over paypal. I'm located in Kyara as JK so please have someone able to mail me charging the money.
  3. Dear people who sell things.

    Some times it's nice to seperately and privately discuss the price... Deal with it.
  4. Fountain Containers

    yo bump, lowered prices
  5. Fountain Containers

    Taking payments over paypal too! 1e = 1s
  6. WTA Fountain Backpack

    Naw i changed it
  7. WTA Fountain Backpack

  8. Fountain Containers

    Updated with price
  9. Fountain Containers

    I am looking to sell some fountainer containers. 2 backpacks, quite a few satchels and one barrel fountain container left. 55e for backpack, 40e for a satchel and 50e for the barrel fountain. One backpack left for 55s/e Pick up at Kyara. <- Mail available now for JK or Freedom toons!
  10. The days of Ourlord

    Oh yeah... I remember you but I don't really play.
  11. What do you look like

    I'm on the right, geeze, he just posted his pic!
  12. What do you look like

    The one that isn't Brqqq
  13. What do you look like

    Me trying to manipulate GM
  14. Discuss Epic plz

    I didn't read the whole topic here or anything but here's how I'd like it. Slow down Challenge skillgain to what Epic is. Whenever Challenge resets let the accounts go to Epic. To make up for the slower skillgain now add way more tooltips and statistics etc. and fix bad mechanics and have Epic and Challenge use all the same code.
  15. Enchanting bonus bug?

    Bump, it would be nice to get confirmed that there's nothing wrong with calculation of the casts at high skill/enchanting bonus like there for example was for coal piles.