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  1. Rest in peace Schwanke.

  2. If its a new PC then it wont have the old logs therefore it wont find the updated stats. Each state has to be registered once to show up. Go groom enough things to get it to show your skill in the log and see if that helps?
  3. Cant open spreadsheet. Its an Office product. **Never Mind. Found this for Chrome** Google for the win. Note. I had to copy it to my Google Drive and then go to the file IN CHROME (not in local file mode) and open it. Did work tho.
  4. Pardon typos n lame wording. On phone. I thought of this before but didnt wanna burden you with it with more work. What about a way for wa to read event lofs of users for harvesting triggers and updating axdata base the client uses to update its output info? Then it will always be live nc accurate as soon as someone harvests successfully.
  5. Haha win. +1. (And I never get to use he +1 ) I totally forgot about that and thats the whole point. Remapping hot keys for fps. Just wurm isnt so much a fps as a fpc (First person crafter. ) Thank you!
  6. Alt deed holder is exactly why. I own two deeds. Halcyon Heights and Halcyon Interchange. My main has the deed for Halcyon Heights and is most of my work but I have a no playing alt own interchange. As a result I will never be able to bash the walls on Halcyon Interchange without a catapult (unless this thread works) because not only am I not a paying premium on that alt but he does not have 21str either. I know many people who have multiple deeds in multiple areas. Often happens as an area matures and the older ones leave and the die hards take up more and more land. Even with my Interchange deed. When the new wierd shaped deeds came in. We disbanded the one next to us and stretched the deed to cover over it and then some so the stuff we cared about was all on deed and woudlnt decay. (No 10 tiles of perimiter in between that could be griefed with the deed it or loose it mentality with no longer having protected enclosures.) as a resuilt we deeded under quite a bit of left over fence junk from previous owners and as a result we have a hodge podge of crud fences that cant be bashed by the mayor and wont decay on their own. Have to catapult them someday when we get around to working on that area. Personally I think Mayor's should have all 'sandbox' abilities like bashing fences, destroying buildings, etc., built in regardless of whether or not they are pay. LIke its said. Thats what the upkeep is for. Its gaurenteed income so long as the mayor is the mayor. One could argue that some will not deed certain areas because the fences are too high ql and couldnt be bashed and would take forever or be not possible with a catapult. (too close to water, too high an angle, etc) Where as with these features some could be encouraged to buy a deed to steam roll an area even if they undeed it cc still gets the cash from the deed itself plus I think its 5 minimum from deed upkeep. Where as not having these options the messy areas would go undeeded for even longer until things eventually decayed. And that could take a year or more depending on QL.
  7. So can wurm detect that it was Alt-F4 that was pressed? To get the quit? Or does it only know that quit was registered? If wurm can tell then wurm should fix it but if wurm cant tell then I assume its up to me to fix it. How do I tell one particular program in windows that I want to disable Alt-F4?
  8. Numbers are already used for the current toolbar for improving. pick tool with 1-5, e for improve. Lets me do an imp session completely left handed
  9. several ways to interpcet alt-f4 in different languages. so its possible.
  10. Then why does it pop up an ingame window? Obviosly wurm is 'detecting it' enough to give its own pop up, not some windows pop up. All someone would have to do is instead of popping up the wurms pithy logout menues just check if its actually bound to exit and if it is let it through if its not, dont.
  11. Yah that was what I said hehe. I am saying Id like wurm to intercept it and treat it like a configurable option like all the others. I'm windows 8.
  12. Alt-F4 is still hard coded to exit and I could not find a place in the interface to change it to something else. I Use Alt F1-F10 for my skill trackers so every time I do Alt-F4 it loads my 4th skill tracker as well as gives me a do you wish to exit pop up. I know Alt-F4 is the default exit in windows but I know it can be intercepted and reprogrammed. Be nice for the client coder to do so.
  13. Yes. Thank you for the update and all the hardwork you put into it. It is a hard balance between burnout and fun. Even just playing wurm is like that. Let alone going the extra mile like you are. And if job is weighing you down then it can be hard to find the fun in doing something that isnt even remotely barely paid for. :|
  14. I cant volunteer for challenge but I can say that by what I have read of the news in wurm in various places 'officially' the skill curve will be different each time. This round only lasts 1 month and iv heard stories of people reaching 90 in skills in an hour or two. Might have to see if rolf is 'smart' enough to make the scale a factor type thing. 50* epic one month 20* foro 3 months etc. across the board. If he makes it different like skills are 50* but timers are 2*s and the like (which may be necessary) then you could find yourself having to code a whole new section just for challenge for variable things. Might make sense to put WA3 out into beta earlier with a hack supporting that and go from there unless you can think of a way to put it into a beta rewrite of WA2 and port it to WA3 near the end? No idea.