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  1. Faewynd PvE

    I finally got around to fighting with some server mods. Here are the changes:Priest Changes Priest restrictions have been lifted. you can play normally now as a priest. Increased container capacity spell can now be cast on all containers, including BoK. The stronger the spell, the more a container can hold. No spell requires more than 90 faith, so no more having to link priests. Faith gain when prayaing no longer capped at 5 per day. 20 minutes between prays is still required though. No more 25% penalty to priest stat gain Meditation Changes You should no longer get the "fail to relax" message. You can meditate on the same time over and over without having to move 11 tiles. Meditation cool down was changed to 30 minutes instead of 3 hours. Available questions for advancing levels are available 50% faster now. Bulk Storage You may now put glowing hot objects into BSB's. Stat/Skill Gain Body, Soul and Mind stats now raise twice as fast. Weapon smithing now gains like a normal skill. Mining Seyrll will now drop like gems when mining. Moonmetal will now drop like gems when mining.
  2. Faewynd PvE

    There will be a GM hosted even at the Faewynd Magic Castle on 12/05/2015. The exact time will be announced. You will have to navigate a maze filled with triggers that can restart you, and of course, treasures too! If you can complete the maze and make your way into the castle you will again have to explore. The castle is filled with treasures, but be careful what you take, you can get too caught up in greed and be reset to the start again! If you are lucky enough, or reserved enough, you will be rewarded to a special chest with a special key that will take you to a final task. Only one person can access the final task so pick your best villager! There is a portal in Faewynd that will be openend 15 minutes before event starts to take you there as well as a return portal for when you're finished. The reward is:
  3. Faewynd PvE

    3X skill gain weekend begins tonight!
  4. Faewynd PvE

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Feasting is afoot on Faewynd, stop by to get your fill and a little "Happy turkey-day" gift as well.
  5. Faewynd PvE

    Visit us on the forums at The PvE server is a Jenn-Kellon home server.Notable points: NPC Goblin city - has great loot! Hidden Faewynd castle has treasure Teleporter in start town takes you to HOTA and back. Start with all noob gear, plus a butchering knife, iron hammer and 10kg of cotton. Start town has an NPC healer that will heal all your wounds 100%. Public crafting building. Public inn with beds and other amenities. Map is 4096x4096 with 60,000 creatures 40% aggro - It is a custom map. Glimmersteel and adamantium veins! 3x skill gain. 3x action timer. Helpful and active staff. Merchant has Christmas presents from years past. Backpack of keeping. website has road map and map dumps. Click thumbnail below for a full size map. We look forward to seeing you in game! Tell a GM you found us through the Wurm forums and we'll give you 10 silver coins to start you out!
  6. Close please

    I am willing to pay someone $20 USD to link my two servers. Shoot me a PM if interested.
  7. Hopefully I have the wright board. I created a custom map (and have tried several other custom maps made by other players) and the fresh database is not storing items after logout/restart. This includes Spawned items as well as player made items. Any ideas?
  8. Come check us out at We have active admins and a friendly player base. Farming timers are normalized and economy is great! Currently freedom with a new island opening to the north very soon that is designed primarily for hunting and will be PvP for those who like that kind of crazy business. We are very close to WO original settings except skill gain which is 2x. Traders and deeds are available in either of the two start towns. Hope to see you in game... Cheers, Griebo
  9. Where are you setting this data?
  10. I rented 4 servers with three different companies. GTX has been the fastest to respond to support calls and the cheapest. The only GTX issue is they dont have the install and reinstall working well. But over all GTX is a huge win.