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  1. Hi, same issues here. Sometimes Java doesn't find the mouse buttons: But I even have 7 buttons on my mouse, and all are working! For Wurm to find the mouse again, logging off & on usually helps. But no other programs complains about missing mouse buttons, even the Java CP and other Java programs are working fine. Win 10 pro, both in latest stable & unstable client. Have fun!
  2. Hi, would they be ridable the champs would be the same size as the normal ones ... All champ animals you can ride are as small as their vanilla cousins, look at brown bears & crocs! Have fun!
  3. Hi, Reading this my first thought was: I'd make a full backup as long as still possible & look for a replacement disc. I haven't seen file systems issues in Win since ages (provided it's NTFS) that didn't come from a dying disk. In each case the disk broke down a few days to a few weeks later. In at least 1 case several "disk utilities" checked the disc & found it OK - until suddenly the disk stopped doing anything, even spinning up. Remember, your backup is your best friend! Have fun!
  4. Hi. Expected behavior, according to Wurmpedia: Observed behavior: Ouch! I carried a bee smoker (smoking), for sure. Conclusion: Either Wurmpedia is wrong, or there is a bug. Found reason: The smoker I carried was lit, but not by me. Another player had lit it before & handed it over to me when done. Snuffing the smoker & lighting it again myself solved the riddle & saved me further injuries. I don't know if it is desired behavior. If it is, it should be mentioned in the Wurmpedia. If it is not, then - well, then it's a bug ;-) Besides, it seems that the "bees can sting you" should now be "bees will sting you", because they did this (at least in my case) every time since one of the recent updates (I'm Fo priest & used to care for my bees w/o smoker, using the only occasional stings as a source of channeling skill). Have fun!
  5. Hi, I'd actually want to get me a few licenses. So make it possible to get & play it without Steam, and we have a deal. Else, feed it to your pigs ;-) Have fun!
  6. Buffs here, buffs there, spell resistances, now runes. Cannot help thinking some devs may play too much WoW, and not enough Wurm :/
  7. Hi, Just have a look in the "Client Bugs" section, for instance "Unstable 4.00-18ab465 (was:d4c9045) - still poor performance". Plenty of Console logs, since weeks, and if you want more, just feel free to ask. 3 Win machines here & 1 Linux machine, I can drown you in logs! ;-) Have fun!
  8. Hi, Even if it is this way - it still only adds all players that satisfy the role/ citizenship (?) in the moment when you attach the permission. Removing a member from the role (or from the deed) later doesn't remove it from the permission ... It uses the role just to fill a list of names ("Active Permissions"). And besides, it only works with the default roles, Citizens and Ally. In my humble opinion the whole permission system is, even if based on a good idea, still only half done. Started with much enthusiasm but too few planning, carried on until half ways working, and since then patched and band aided into oblivion. Every other month new bugs and loop holes come to light, read the forums ... Fixing the permissions would be much desirable, so +1. Another example how the permission system is only half ways done: We have 4 tiers for friends (trusted, friends, contacts, other). Only "friends" are used in all the permission system, "trusted" only in a few cases. "Contacts" and "other" aren't used at all ... Have fun!
  9. Unstable client 4.00-18ab465 now: No changes regarding performance, still ways slower (only up to 10 FPS) compared to Stable (up to 30) on the same machine, same settings. :/ Console.log: No way anybody would play Wurm with such ... Have fun!
  10. Hi, can acknowledge that IcedTea doesn't love the Unstable client. My LUbuntu committed suicide, so I installed Mint 18 64bit/ Mate. Using Nouveau drivers & IcedTea/ OpenJDK Stable run fine, Unstable started, downloaded, but never ever started the client loader. Stayed in memory for hours, had to manually kill it. Installed Oracle Java 8_101 this way, and both clients are running fine now, at ~ 30 FPS (still Nouveau drivers), Stable a bit more "snappy". Btw., starting the clients is ways faster with Java 8_101, compared to IcedTea ... Stimrol, guess Java 9 will not yet run Wurm, wasn't there a notice from the devs? Have fun!
  11. Hi, how comes that I waited for this? Well, done. 369.09 now, the one MS Update thinks it's up-to-date. Result: FPS drops ~ 2 FPS, in both clients, compared to 316.43 before ;-) Have fun!
  12. Same here. At least it gave 1 more FPS - got a max. of 11 now ;-) But I got something other interesting - I remembered that I have a Linux on the same machine! Blew away the cobwebs from my LUbuntu 16.04.1 LTS, updated it (eeek - same phat downloads as for Win10), and fired up the Unstable Wurm. And got 30+ FPS, sometimes above 40! Console.log: This is the same machine & the same config as above (the Wurm Folder is mapped for Linux). Differences are in the NVidia drivers: Win: 316.43; Linux: 316.42 Is it something in the Win OpenGL implementation? Have fun!
  13. Hi, hope this helps - linked are 2 console logs. Stable client, unstable client. Exactly same settings. Both just logging in in my house, waiting until all textures are loaded, walking a circle, logging out again. Stable brings up to 27 FPS (=> playable), Unstable stays below 10 FPS (=> unplayable). Console.log Stable: Console.log Unstable 4.00-d4c9045: Btw., performance is poor anyways, no idea why. It's Win10 64bit, 8GB RAM, Phenom II 4x 2600, GeForce GTX 750ti/ 2GB DDR5. And Java 64bit 1.8.0_101. Have fun!
  14. Hi, last time I tried "Cure light" worked as expected with "Healing hands" - sweet! But I have a hard time believing that "Healing hands" works with vanilla cotton healing ... Have fun!
  15. Hi, For sure, it would have killed PvP, again, as usual. And as usual, again, half of the PvP guys will rejoice, while the other half is raging. Of all 3 of 'em ;-) You're mixing something up. It's the Chaos guys on the west coast of Indy that cannot sleep well if they haven't at least 3 guard towers 'round their strongholds. I'm a peaceful Freedomer, not needing any towers nor ghosts, killing my trolls happily in cloth, since ever ;p Have fun!