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  1. i would like to be forward towards the proper game master who can put me in contact with a request of getting a account unbanned? Shikohadou
  2. Mine Rock or ore, then add the option to mine the tile, which would take roughly 5 minutes to destroy, but adding the option to mine one tile in such a way might be interesting since the long task of clicking one tile 50 times can be rather annoying after mining to like 90 skill. Also adding a rail system to drag wooden mine carts to the surface would be cool. or even mining carts which are more designed to take loads of rock and ore to the surface and might require to players to move when full? ( second time iv suggested this.)
  3. Statues Representing Dead Players...

    and another note its actual unheard of...a game dedicated space or a statue to a dead player...?
  4. Steel smelter

    A smelter that pretty much does the long clicking each time to mix iron and charcoal together, but might take a lot longer to process it?
  5. I would like to see statues representing dead maybe in the main island a place where huge statues of dead players called "Heros of the dead" or something, im only thinking this since iv played wurm for years and i havent seen a single player tomb stone or even a proper way to show respect to actual dead players...? like a tomb stone and a statue with graphical righting saying who lies there so to speak...
  6. HMS Endeavour?

    Can anyone within the map indy, sighted the ship "HMS Endeavour" it should be 2 years old, not able to be moved...
  7. macro in game proplems

    it did, before it was in gold release, go do some research before opening your a very old player who used to play before this game was even in gold release
  8. macro in game proplems

    what if you just put the old coding you had in one of the old builds of your client which actual had a macro system for players to use, that would stop any users trying to find a means of marco outside of the client
  9. Client hack bans

    i was famous long ago, i dropped dirt in a tunnel....
  10. Client hack bans

    and? im disappintment in me? you dont even know me lol
  11. Client hack bans

    Rolf, i havent been online since i payed for my account last year, i recommend you unban me, serious dont shame for something i didnt do.....
  12. ~Independence Community Map

    i would like to see a dead player shrine icon added to mouse hole and to the key guide please
  13. 60 Mining Skill Player For Hire

    Hiya, if any village or player looking for a level 60 miner please contact shikohadou on the indy server, i am within the uk GMT time zone thanks shiko
  14. i have a large supplie of gems ready to be either collected or delivered to Freedom Market, worth a total of 20s willing to depart on them for about 20s maybe less if we can come to a agreement, inbox me or send me a pm under the player name of "shikohadou" i live in the grand steppe, also it would take me about 1 hour travel from the grand steppe to the freedom market zone