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  1. Actually, here's an interesting question: Does (or rather "did") LWJGL 1 have this issue? Not that I'm suggesting moving to that instead of 3 lol...just curious.
  2. I know this is asking for above-and-beyond service, but...would it be possible for someone to post in this thread when that update happens? ?
  3. Ah. Looking forward to that update then! I forgot to mention this in my first post, but my drivers are up to date. Windows 10 won't let me have it any other way...
  4. Wait, it's a dual-screen issue?...That's...quite possibly the strangest bug I think I've ever heard of. Dare I suggest reaching out to Mojang? I've had one or two Minecraft modpacks in older versions that had this same issue, but no version older than 1.6.4 has ever had the issue.
  5. Wurm Unlimited isn't the only game that does this, but it's one of only a handful out of all the games I've ever played. When I launch WU, my entire computer lags for about a minute. When I say lags, I mean my cursor moves in bursts of about 10 pixels at a time, and it doesn't respond to clicks at all; nothing else works either, including my Logitech G13 gamepad's buttons that I have mapped to media control. Oddly, any sounds that were playing at the time the lag began work normally, no stuttering or anything. Here's a video showing the problem. It's not my computer. I just bought an EVGA 2080 Ti Kingpin, after all, and the rest of the computer is similarly powerful.
  6. Maybe a forum tag? Or even separate subforums.
  7. I...don't think so?...Um. One sec. Edit: I'm using the files from the linked in the first post.
  8. Found the log: To recap, the launcher refuses to load with modloader installed.
  9. From what I understand, the Wurm Unlimited launcher uses its own Java, and the main client uses your install. In other news...anyone have any clues as to what could be causing my issue? I couldn't find a log that looked useful in the slightest.
  10. Soooo...I just downloaded the latest modloader and installed it, ran the patcher. Went to run Wurm...and it wouldn't bring up the launcher. I watched my process list. WurmLauncher.exe pops up, hangs out for a while, then vanishes. Fixed this by renaming client.jar to client_broken.jar (lol) and renaming client_patched.jar to client.jar, effectively removing the modloader. I'm still trying to figure out which log I should post here.
  11. Captain Chaos: Truly a hero, he takes the time to support users of a game he doesn't play.
  12. Another option is the Manawurm server cluster. I'm playing on their PVE 2 server, and so far everyone I've met has been at the least polite if not outright friendly. Deeds are free to create, upkeep is enabled, farming timers are shortened, I think pregnancy timers are also shortened a touch, and mob spawns are pretty decent. The server owner is a nice guy, and he's hosting the server for free on very powerful hardware, so there's little chance of the server closing.
  13. Right-click with ebony wand, go to "special," hit "Vulnerable" or whatever it says.