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  1. Oh no. It was fun talking and playing with you. But perhaps one day you remember, that Wurm is waiting.
  2. I'll be there too. Shipbuilding and carpentry. Can do masonry and pottery too but I don't think there is much demand for that.
  3. Easter Impalong

    Many thanks for hosting this impalong to Daash and his helpers Cecci, Facedancer and the ones i can't remember. Sure got my fill of imping boats at least on those zigozag left to me. And the musical chair game was a lot of fun. Now i have to find an honor-place for that chair...
  4. Easter Impalong

    I try to be there too. I can do shipbuilding. Or carp. Or masonry.
  5. Thanks a lot William, for the hosting and preparing! And the impers for the imping, the caster(s?) for the castings, Daash for the quizs and Enki for the spawns and healings. Was a lot of fun!
  6. Add me for pottery, carpentry, masonry and shipbuilding. And I bring some 90ql logs with me, when i come over. (Don't know when that is though...)
  7. If there is evidence it gets good: Nerf Berris! Totally OP
  8. Thanks a lot for comments! Are you sure your delivery was bricks and not rockshards, Stormblade? I thought i did every brick myself, but after some time got such an aversion for mining, that i whined for shards on kchat. Thanks for posting Rosedragon's art, Brash. I forgot to upload it. Well, I did some research in my logs and I found an appalling truth: I'm a big fat liar! I founded the deed in October 2010, but not before March/April 2013 I went crazy with it. Before it was just a house or two with some fences. So it's not 3 years, but 2,25 years I was building on the city. Yes, Kswords. I live here alone (with some good neighbours ofc). Alas it's a ghost town. I planned to take people in and give away houses for holidays or as a foothold on Indie or Crystal Lake when I'm done. But first, I take a wurm-break. Haha, no, Baloo, Masonry, Carpentry and Stone cutting are only 99.something and paving is 59 (wooden floors ftw). Yeah, mostly myself Rolandt. I bought/was given about 40k dirt of the 60k to fill up the land, traded for rockshards (or got them for free from Perodin and Pikakilei, Kraten, Journeya and some more people that are now mad at me (Stormblade?), because I don't remember them). Well and the altars were made by Zkovacs and blessed by him, Journeya and Boobaby. But the rest was me... I think. I hoped to inspire a few people, so help yourself with ideas, Sia!
  9. After 2,25 years of building, my deed is at last done. Come for a visit if you pass nearby. Salodurum, west side of crystal lake, o18 ingame map. There are two free inns, so make yourself at home. (I planned to do an opening-party-treasure-hunt, but i guess lag would have killed it for good.) There are 75 buildings, around 80k bricks and 80k mortar were used, no idea how many trees had to die. Here some pictures (I posted them on the screenshots-thread too, so I apologize for being redundant). Mainplace: View of the church from the inn at the mainplace: Inside the church with cherry trees peeking in: Approaching the fortress: Inside the fortress (note the pattern on the ground, crystals forming a star (I almost lost my mind doing those things)) Inside of the fortress temple: and 2 pictures of the construction
  10. After 3 years of building: Here some pictures of my deed. Salodurum on Indie, o18 on ingame map. So if you wonder, how the view is from up the tower, come visit me and look for yourself. Almost everything is open. Mainplace: View on the church from the inn: The church's inside (with cherry trees growing in...) Approaching the fortress Inside the fortess walls: Inside the temple in the fortress:
  11. Back again, Journeya XD I could come over when I see you ingame.
  12. From what I've seen of Journeya, she is far from being a slavedriver that preys on new players. I strongly believe that you would be in good hands at her deed and even might witness the building of awesome projects.
  13. Don't know if I am considered "local" but I have my deed at the west side of the lake, a bit south of 3 Hollows and I'm all for a connection to the east side. But I'm ALL AGAINST those bridges if they dont have the approval of every inhabitant of Maple Island (they chose to live on an island and that has to be respected). In my opinion the better connection between east and west coast could be made at Avvocano with a bridge, then a coastal road around the mountain (with the approval of the owners of Avvocano and Acme Harbor and what other deeds might be touched of course). This would even cost less than the estimated 300'000 dirts.