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  1. Damage is "submitted later", this has been always like that. Remember the time back in 2009 when there was no damage in caves, in the second when you took your stuff outside of the cave it decayed within seconds.
  2. Actually yes. There is also the way of downloading the server starting it up on some windows machine and going into the Server launcher and remove the powers there but that is also not as easy as it seems. Banning GMs on the other hand works fine, so best to just ban them.
  3. Defiance is already on the new provider
  4. The creatures there called and complaint about the lag
  5. Weren't hardware issues almost the only reason why Wurm Online was moved away from Hetzner? Not sure if that provider is any better than selfhosting is if they are only managing VMs on hardware servers without failover systems in place.
  6. Out of curisosity has that something to do with a bridge or a mine entrance by any chance?
  7. Forcing a player to multi box or to create multiple accounts to use all game mechanisms is bad Usability.
  8. Priest penalties are a relict of the past, it would be more than time to remove all penalties, so every character can also be a priest.
  9. Cheers:D

    You are asking that in the middle of a global pandemic. I am sure he is a millionaire by now
  10. Cheers:D

    Don't forget to check out Wurm Unlimited too
  11. Cheers:D

    It will not be the same without you. Enjoy your time and thanks!
  12. Yep, also recognized that on WU, the graphs are capped quite low. Two of the worlds on a project I work on have more than 1000 deeds but graph would only show 1000 deeds.
  13. I thought this was serious until I read this comment.
  14. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Update A critical bug has been fixed. Fixed an external API which is used for collecting the raffling list at events.
  15. Well it reserves a name but doesn't create a character so it should work.
  16. Actually you can reserve a name right now for up to 2 days. Just register the character with the desired name and don't complete the phase 2 of the registration process. This way you have it reserved 2 days and so you repeat the same process on the 23rd to have your account reserved until the character will be created on a location which let's him join both server clusters on the 24th. Am I right?
  17. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Small QoL Update Low stamina will no longer increase your action time when working on actions, since this was very annoying and stressful while performing actions. When stamina is close to running out then the penalty will come back and you need to regain stamina. The times of calculating if it is smarter to queue 2 or 3 or 4 actions before resting should be a thing of the past with this change. New players with playtime below 24 hours will be set to 100% food and 100% nutrition on login to make the start easier for them and give them some extra skillgain. You can now farm, harvest, replant, sow 7x7 (radius of 3) tile wide areas at 90 skill in farming. You can now cultivate 7x7 (radius of 3) tile wide areas at 90 skill in digging.
  18. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Update Fixed donation images to show correctly after server move. Fixed snow globe tabard images to show correctly after server move. Vein breaker charge prices have been reduced from 4s to 1s per charge. You can recharge them at a settlement token.
  19. Big deeds for example cause lag spikes as they are polled at once (if in one zone). I wouldn't call it I/O waits in general it is I/O so reading and writing not just the I/O delay, if that is what you mean. In general the problem is that most things are single threaded blocking player interaction if something is polled and things are polled non stop otherwhise animals wouldn't move for example.
  20. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Big Server move - Completed Today our servers were successfully moved to a completly new infrastructure providing a lot more performance and the abbility to expand Sklotopolis even further. The new servers using the newest generation of NVMe SSDs making sure that Sklotopolis will be fast, reliable and data safe for many years to come. The move only caused a downtime for about 30-40 minutes, for moving 4 islands in total, which is officially the fastest move Wurm has ever seen. Thanks for my team for making such a fast move possible. Enjoy your time on Sklotopolis.
  21. Those server names sound like some hobby WU servers and not like some professional servers run by a company.
  22. Didn't they say you can log into with a non-steam client even if the character was created via steam? As of now I just have no idea what they are doing, it seems that it just becomes a huge mess and nobody has an idea of what's going on