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  1. I got from 80 to 90 creating 700 half finished charcoal piles (max 10 logs I could carry) using <10ql logs. Got .15 gains per 10 half piles with food affinity, coffee and sb. These piles fit nicely in rafts in a cart to be dropped and finished later with high ql logs. One big fire and collecting tons of ash and charcoal
  2. I asume we'll be eating at Bruce's? Tasty
  3. Idk if this helps: - had 2 bottles inside a satchel in my inventory. - crossed server - on other server put satchel in my boat - crossed back to home server - upon putting the satchel back in inventory noticed the bottles disappeared - upon relogging the next day, the bottles appeared back in the satchel in my inventory
  4. The moment when you're hooked on Wurm for life. Welcome to the family !
  5. Timing couldn't be worse for me (ban school summer break ). Still managed tot introduce my 11yo to a Wurm impalong. We played a chess game and he won . Ofc after he went to bed I had to rematch and win for my journal goal lol. In the few hours of my stay I have seen (GM spawned cute chicks and devilish beasts) and smelled (Fabs cheesy DonD) all the wonders of Wurm people coming together. Thx to Virusmd and all the great staff and the glorious impers and priests to bring such joy to us many. *Bows*
  6. I better start hoarding more computer power. 360+ in local last slaying nearly killed me and my pc. And this on Xan, aiaiai. Gratz and thx tot the finders and keepers
  7. Well... Depends on context. The press are useless is also true I guess
  8. Thx Stan and co. But... Three uniques in three days...not very uniquey, right? Well, less complaining more killing I guess
  9. Hm, killing three Goblin Leaders in one week? We'll never get Goblin camps now
  10. Thx guys, maybe the goal description should be clearer on that.
  11. I completed all but the farming/harvesting goal in the hunting for clues entry in the journal. I got the claim button no problem. But when I want to complete that last goal harvesting oleander (in season) doesn't count towards that goal.
  12. Xanadu events are always the adventure. Set sail with my priest an hour ahead of time and got there just in time to summon my other four toons logged in on 4 different computers to prevent creating a black hole. Got my main in position at the last second to take a few swings at the dragon. So far so good. Now to take the long journey back and try to find my second boat which I had to abandon at the border at open sea. After 3 hours of sweeping the northern shores I gave up and went to bed. Spent another hour looking for it today and finally found it 50 tiles further than I thought it would be. Xanadu is unforgiving. In the end, happy to have participated and glad to have helped the sermons. Great memories. Cya next time!
  13. Bought the 4 speed horses today. Easy setup, nice deed. Nice doing business with you. Will come again for draft horses when available. Thank you. Grtz Chef
  14. Stan is on fire! Thanks again for doing this
  15. Hm, I had the same with queueing up fishing actions. 8 rods in 8 toolbelt slots, and only the first 5 of the queued up actions started. Only on time in a two hour grinding session it finished all 8 actions.