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  1. ... the eternal discussion with my wife...
  2. When redeeming a random affinity from the Marks shop and having the skills window open, it doesn't put the asterisk behind the skill. It works fine when you have the skill window closed though. After relogging the skill was updated. Cheers
  3. The "Cost" column in the Marks Ordering System window is set to sort by string, not by number. Not really a bug, just an oversight I guess. Grtz
  4. When I try to launch the client I get this error: Update failed. Error: Error opening connection to patch server Is this just me? Is there anything I can do? Edit: works on my laptop. Must be my pc. I already tried rebooting, updating java and reinstalling wurm. Anything else I could try? Edit2: Got it working again. Uninstalled some programs I installed yesterday. One of them must've been blocking Wurm connection. Weird.
  5. Sold pls close
  6. What is the command to switch gods for priests? And how long will this convert will be available ? Are we talking days, weeks, months? It's just I haven't fully decided which god to convert to and if given the time I want to stock on the spells I will lose.
  7. First impression: wow super fast loading ! Looks like Wurm on steriods
  8. Please fix this. I have my Summer cleaning on hold because of this
  9. Let's go for another year !