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  1. Bag of Keeping (99QL 1.5 DMG) Starting bid 70 euro. Increment 1 euro. 2x Spyglass (94, 85 QL) Starting bid 1 euro 3x Res Stone Starting bid 1 euro 10 silver is also available. Is the going rate still 1 silver = 1 euro? All items are pickup at Northern Light on Independence. Not interested in silver or trades.
  2. Thanks for the info. I think i'll keep it for a bit and make an auction later on.
  3. Any interest in these items? I'm not playing the game, so only interested in EUR.
  4. Maybe we could start a small competition just for the fun of it and to promote some creativity? We make a list of 5-10 models that could get some imping and then we see who can make the best one? Then if the art-team like any they could have them as long as we can work out the copyright and such. Anyone intrested?
  5. I could also help out with lots of things in the 3D department but i get the feeling that they dont want the extra people. From an outside point of view it looks like their pipeline cant handle it really.
  6. Project FRAM

    If the player holding the deed havent given his/her ok to post the name it should NOT be om ANY map (not even the area around the map should be on it unless given a ok). They probably dont want to be on a map for a reason, you need to respect that! Why? Because you said so? I cant find anything about it in the rules though. I'm free to explore the server, thats what I'm paying for. What right do you have to take that away just because you dont want your area mapped? Deed it and build fence around it.
  7. There are lots of double menu entries like this, should have been fixed ages ago. Then name them all and help them instead...
  8. Just a small notice: While digging i get two "Stop" labels on the right click menu. Easy fix right EDIT: Using 2.6.8-1805
  9. Is there any chance we could keep our faith to Lib while on freedom? Doesnt seem quite fare that WLers can go between wild/freedom and keep theire faith while we cant?
  10. On the East side of a tile i can dig so i create a 95+ steep slope while on the West side i can only get 78. My skill is 26 so i should only be able to make 78 steep slopes if the correct formula is still (Skill * 3) The N and S side of this tile is about 20 so they shouldnt matter. If i try to dig above the 95 slope it correctly states that my skill is too low... (Picture comming later) EDIT: Found another strange thing, why is the prem time on /time written in a 12h mode? All other time is written in 24h mode... Could be very confusing. It says my time is out 10:40:10 GMT and it runs out now 22:40.
  11. I can confirm this. I noticed i had faith left after my trip to freedom so i tried building an altar to see what would happen. Lots of talk about it in kchat - i regret that i didnt /dev it immediately now... EDIT: And i agree with Drega. Spamming kchat about it wasnt such a great idea. Just more things to fix then when rolf gets the message.
  12. Just had a random-crash on the client, i hit F3 and boom! http://pastebin.com/m393f9b58
  13. Yup, i am living there. There is a deed down by the East coast of that island and a settlement on the North side also. I'm building a small house on the West side.