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  1. ANY weapon should be able to inflict SOME damage (no matter how slight). Sure, it might take real-time days, weeks, or even months to destroy a tower with arrows but it's still, technically, realistically possible.
  2. Any way to adjust rotate/turn speed? I hate how it's so much (~5km/h) slower.
  3. Timers don't seem to count down anymore but stay at starting time.
  4. After installing this, the "move" menu option is gone completely. Update: weird...not sure what I did, if anything, but now it's back. I didn't restart the server, quit WU, or anything (just rode a horse around to test the movemod a little and some cooking).
  5. Why only large mauls to destroy guard towers? Catapults, trebuchets, battering rams, ballistas, turrets, and any other weapon should be allowed.
  6. Any way to increase LOD more than "far" and rendering distances of terrain, trees, items, creatures, and structures more than "extreme"? This Java-based engine has aged horribly...
  7. As the subject says, I was on a 2nd floor above a large cart on the 1st floor below. I was trying to load a bed onto the cart through a floor opening but Wurm wasn't having it so I embarked on the cart as commander from the 2nd floor through the floor opening. The cart teleported to the 2nd floor but the animals (2 bulls) remained on the lower floor! I can't get the cart down and the animals just stop at the walls of the 2nd floor even though they're on the 1st floor. How can I fix this? Also, how to load cargo from different levels?
  8. Sortmod doesn't seem to work. Should the config file be named "sortmod.disabled"? Renaming it to "sortmod.enabled" doesn't work either.
  9. Delete old character how/where? Seems like WAY too much effort for something that shouldn't happen in the first place! I ended up using the regular (non-dedicated) Wurm Unlimited server to create a new character on an unsed database (Adventure in my case), then copied that character's passwordID from wurmplayers.db to the dedicated server Adventure wurmplayers.db and I could login fine with the same character name. No need to copy "old-saved world files" either.
  10. [RELEASED] Client mod loader

    Getting this error running patcher.bat: Error: Could not find or load main class org.gotti.wurmunlimited.patcher.PatchClientJar OK, seems I forgot to move patcher.jar into WurmLauncher folder and it worked. However, the launcher doesn't show up and gives this error in client.log: SEVERE org.gotti.wurmunlimited.clientlauncher.DelegatedLauncher: javassist.NotFoundException: com.wurmonline.client.resources.textures.PlayerTextureBuilderGL How to uninstall?
  11. Can you make a mod to make the whole game (inside and outside caves) darker at night? I used to be able to mod the client in gamesettings.txt or in some .jar file years ago but don't remember how anymore and have come back to Wurm (Unlimited, not Online) after a couple years to see how it's progressed. Edit: nevermind; I think all I did was lower gamma a bit in my display settings and it gets plenty dark at night yet still bright during day.