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  1. Ship decay question

    That was my thought also...I've been gone for awhile and have not built a ship as yet to test, but as others have said it's not a huge amount of decay off-deed; and the repair and improvement process will garner one a bit of skill gain over time. Thank you for the replies and information and opinions.
  2. Ship decay question

    Is there a significant difference in the amount of decay my ship will experience over time when Moored off-deed versus on-deed? Trying to decide if it's worth it to include shoreline in Deed for one or two ships, or just repair and improve from time to time? Thank you for your time and assistance.
  3. Is the time & date of Wurm not the same on all if one on server A uses '/time' would they not get the same message as someone using it on server B (current time, day of the week and month)? I ask because recently in CA chat someone mentioned that certain fruits were in-season/harvestable, and another told them that it might be so on their server but not others. Thank you for your time and assistance.
  4. Xanadu down?

    Unable to log into Independence as of approx. 5 minutes ago. After entering password, etc. launcher tries to connect and then indicates server not available.
  5. Do Hedges cycle?

    Do Hedges planted on tile borders with five sprouts cycle through their growth stages/ages such as trees do...trees start small and eventually shrivel and then start again, going through cycles. If Hedges do this then they'd not be good to use as fences to keep animals in, correct? Since at their youngest/smallest size they do not block movement. Thank you for your time and assistance.
  6. Public Traders

    Is there a list of Public Traders (I am on Independance server)? Thank you for your time and assistance.
  7. How to re-name structure/building?

    Thank you for the reply and information...will check the permissions.
  8. How to re-name structure/building?

    Ok, this may be a bug...perhaps someone can enlighten me -- logged the 'Alt' in, which is the Deed Holder, and under 'Manage Building' he gets the option to change the name of the structure...but my character who started, finalized, and is building the structure cannot . In the end, I was able to change the structure's name, so I'm satisfied...but something seems 'off' about the way I had to do it.
  9. I recently returned to the game after leaving around 4-years ago, and am building my first 'new' building, and discovered I do not get a 'Writ' for the that working as intended (note: building only has 7/12 ground-floor walls completed)...will I get the Writ when it's completed? I've gone through all the options I can find for the 'Permissions', but find no-where that allows me to re-name the structure. When I r-click on a wall I have two choices under 'Permissions': 'Manage All Doors' 'Manage Building' Under 'Manage Building' I can assign a new owner, and assign permissions (access, use, modify, etc.) to various people but nothing about the name of the structure. Is it not possible now? Edit: Note -- the building is on my Deed, but an Alt. is the 'Deed Holder', if that makes any difference. Thank you for your time and assistance.
  10. Returning, with questions

    Thank you all for the replies and information...'Deed Stakes' are new since I was here last, as well as the ability to make the Deed rectangular rather than only square. The Deed Stake sounds really mentioned above saves me from having to go find a trader, etc. I love this game...logged in for 1st time in approx. 4 years and had to remember how to open inventory, how to manipulate the screens/windows, etc., and while I'm putzing around with all that a Troll walked up and 'Welcomed me back', lol -- 5-minutes in the game and dead. Thank you for your time and assistance.
  11. Returning, with questions

    Left in 2013 and re-subscribed yesterday...have a cpl. questions to get back up-to-date: >To place a Deed in an area that was previously Deeded and now abandoned will an existing structure hinder me? Does every wall have to be gone before I can Deed over it (currently it shows one or two walls left). >Deeds are still sold via Traders? Thank you for your time and assistance.
  12. Sail across server boundry as passenger?

    Ok, thank you. I was unclear about the part where it says you must be the owner of the ship/boat to cross from one server to another -- thought perhaps the passenger would have to disembark, swim across and then be picked up again on other side.
  13. If I sail from one server to another to pick someone up in my ship, will they be able to cross from one server to another as the passenger in my ship? Thank you for your time and assistance.
  14. Indy Just Crashed?

    Here we go again...
  15. 10 PM UTC here (11/13/2013) and have been disconnected four times in last 30 freezes for two to three minutes at a time, then disconnects. Been playing on this computer for cpl years now, with no issues on my end...something going bad in the servers or the service provider again?? This BS is getting old real fast.