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  1. +1 makes a lot of sense. don't really see any downside.
  2. looking for some hell horses. send me an ingame pm when your on
  3. I am 100% fine with the server clusters never linking so long as the new cluster remains popular. the purpose of this new cluster is to benefit the players there, not to benefit players on the freedom cluster.
  4. dude that is the whole point. keep the new cluster seperate. new players are more likely to enjoy their experience if they are with other new players and not 10-15 year old accounts. i get that you will not enjoy being seperate from this new cluster, that is understandable, but it isnt about you. it is about increasing the player base.
  5. #3 assumes that steam will have zero impact in bringing new people to the game, very unlikely scenario. #1, #2, #4 become much smaller issues if steam brings in more new players per month than currently is the case.
  6. there was a deed named Grumble. i think that was the deed that had replaced mine sometime after deli had opened. was between the howl and freedom market.
  7. This option would make the most sense. The faster skilling was tried for epic, it did not do the trick. This would also have the added benefit of players keeping their skill gains if they decide to spend a weekend on epic. This would encourage more people to try or occasional visit epic, far more help than increased skill gain for that server only. do not see a reason why the effective curve can't stay.
  8. I Find this idea of having epic and freedom skills add together to make some sense. In addition, if this were to come about then it would make sense to have epic skill gain follow the same rules as freedom, so traveling back and forth one would keep and improve on the exact same skill set. Timers on epic could be shortened to make up for this maybe. The drawback would be for those new to wurm to take longer to get into pvp, but that approach was the main point of epic at its inception and did not produce fruit. This would increase more part time traffic to epic, for when someone travels to epic to make bricks and swords for the war effort, that skill gained will not be wasted upon return to their freedom home.
  9. excited to read about a possible epic revival, hope i can get enough free time for playing there. There has been some talk about oakshell, is it considered OP these days? been out of the loop not sure what possible changes are being considered as reasonable
  10. +1 could at least get some weekend warriors trying pvp out. Meditation needs to be done with on epic if im going to bother though.
  11. Valoria

    having a fantastic time exploring this map, thanks for building it!
  12. please leave steel creation alone. A few of us enjoy some of the very difficult aspects of this game and steel creations is one of the last remaining difficult processes. For the people that want easy stuff, they got the rest of wurm now. Leave a few hard things for those of us who need challenging tasks to get a good sense of accomplishment.
  13. PSalmon said he should have got premium through code club avenues, meaning using excess silver to buy premium time directly. Granted selling silvers privately then using the cash to buy premium can offer better gains, but this excess gain is called risk premium , with the risk free asset being dealings with code club directly. I imagine the risk selling silvers privately in low enough that one would still expect to come out ahead using this method, but one must still remember part of what you 'save' by selling silver privately is consumed by risk. Also i can not help but notice the parallels between this situation and the bank bailouts in the Great Recession. Some had made gains/profits from taking on risk, but then expect to be reimbursed when those risks show up. If paypal fixes this situation (I hope they do) then that is awesome, if not, then it would be mathematically disingenuous to expect Code Club to reimburse or bailout players who took part in the private sales. Unfortunately, our brains are not very efficient at dealing with abstract risks, particularly when we perceive these risks to be small. For those of you who have now awoken to this fact, I would like to recommend a great book that can help people better deal with abstract risks, it is called 'Fooled by Randomness' by Nicholas Nassim Taleb. While I do empathize with those here who may lose out, I do hope at least this could be used as a broader learning experience.
  14. If you increase the drop percentage of the loot then that just means rifts become obsolete sooner - bad idea. you don't do this event for the small lump either, you do it for the CHANCE at good loots. keep the damn 2 day warning. let the devs try to adjust mob numbers and strengths instead of trying to limit the number of people who can enjoy this event. That mindset pisses me off and is bad for the game.
  15. Hard to make that claim if there is a random element to rewards, we all know Rolf likes large standard deviations. They also mentioned they will monitor and adjust difficulty levels, so a little patience.