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  1. closed

    Auction ended, charge 1 reserve not met, charge 2 goes to Titanic. Thanks for bidding
  2. closed

    Blood of the Angels, 2 charges: charge : #1 charge : #2 Starting bid : 55s each Buyout : 85s Increment : 1s hidden reserve Auction ends in :
  3. Advanced structures such as elvish looking filigran timbre work or high gothic detailed looking walls and arches depending on masonry skill to make a even better immersion into the game, would make it feel more personalised; and maybe simple mechanics for building water or windmills and other nice things that wurmians dream of:)
  4. And another idea: Why not having gambling eg dices what would be nice for splitting loot or just to have fun.
  5. Hello again, i´d love to have a greater variety in making jewelry, combining different materials like gems with rings eg and more designs; maybe even a marcro for own dedigns
  6. How about introducing medicine using higher ns skill to cure disease on onself and horses?
  7. A few ideas: 1. How about a mini game for makeing unique smithing items -depending on skill- so you could make a sword with a unique pattern maybe a form and gear e.g. 2. Springs to have a watersource in the mountains and creeks where you could find sweet water fish
  8. How about the idea to make books from sheets to get the role play aspect a bit more active, so you could make e.g guides or history books and it shouldnt be to complicated to implement this feature. Thanks and farewell, Sankara
  9. Hallo, hallo suche 1-2 deuschsprachige Siedler, die sich um alles kümmern, wenn ich mal nicht kann. Spiele schon etwas länger:) und kann euch alle Fragen bezüglich des Spiels beantworten, helfe gern mit Rat und Tat. Alles ist möglich-einfach mal schreiben. Achja ich bin im Spiel oft unterwegs, treibe viel Handel und mache des öfteren Rifts und "unique" Geschichten und ein Vynora Priester lebt übrigens auch hier. Zu finden bin ich in Plankenfels ( R24 in game map) auf Release. Bis bald... Hello, hello I'm looking for 1-2 German-speaking settlers who take care of everything when I can not. Play a little longer :) and can answer all your questions about the game, help with advice and action. Everything is possible - just write. Oh yes, I'm often in the game on the go, do a lot of trading and make more rifts and "unique" stories and a Vynora priest lives by the way, too. I can be found in Plankenfels (R24 in game map) on release. Bye for now...
  10. Rift is still untouched, we could need some backup here, just 4 guys on it right now and still mining to the top.
  11. pan bug

    Hello there, a bug occured where i cant eat nor drop the meal in my pan at all nevertheless im not using it nor its active. so long, btw happend twice so far, sincerely Sankara
  12. Hello Baid, still interested in sleep powders?