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  1. + cos i love climbing too:)
  2. closed

    Auction ended, charge 1 reserve not met, charge 2 goes to Titanic. Thanks for bidding
  3. closed

    Blood of the Angels, 2 charges: charge : #1 charge : #2 Starting bid : 55s each Buyout : 85s Increment : 1s hidden reserve Auction ends in :
  4. Advanced structures such as elvish looking filigran timbre work or high gothic detailed looking walls and arches depending on masonry skill to make a even better immersion into the game, would make it feel more personalised; and maybe simple mechanics for building water or windmills and other nice things that wurmians dream of:)
  5. And another idea: Why not having gambling eg dices what would be nice for splitting loot or just to have fun.
  6. Hello again, i´d love to have a greater variety in making jewelry, combining different materials like gems with rings eg and more designs; maybe even a marcro for own dedigns
  7. How about introducing medicine using higher ns skill to cure disease on onself and horses?
  8. A few ideas: 1. How about a mini game for makeing unique smithing items -depending on skill- so you could make a sword with a unique pattern maybe a form and gear e.g. 2. Springs to have a watersource in the mountains and creeks where you could find sweet water fish
  9. How about the idea to make books from sheets to get the role play aspect a bit more active, so you could make e.g guides or history books and it shouldnt be to complicated to implement this feature. Thanks and farewell, Sankara