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  1. Rift is still untouched, we could need some backup here, just 4 guys on it right now and still mining to the top.
  2. try to be there too:)
  3. ill be there too
  4. Hello there, a bug occured where i cant eat nor drop the meal in my pan at all nevertheless im not using it nor its active. so long, btw happend twice so far, sincerely Sankara
  5. 6.75s
  6. Count me in:)
  7. I`ll be there
  8. Hello Baid, still interested in sleep powders?

  9. Hello Mrslady, i could provide up to 45 sleep powders and i charge 1.45s for 1-10 powders, 1.35s for 11-20 powders, 1.20s up to 30 and 1.1s each for all, sincerely Sankara
  10. I´ll be there
  11. Sankara will be there
  12. Hello Sharkin, my price is 1.5s a powder, let me know if interested, sincerely Sankara
  13. Seid gegrüßt Freunde, schön endlich ein Paar Landsleute in der Nähe zu haben, Wilkommen! Melded Euch doch einmal wenn Ihr online seid, bis dann Sankara.
  14. 2 x 5 sleeping powders for auction, each charge starting at 6.5s with 25c increment. We all need some sleep sometimes:)