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  1. Mail fix

    Stop complaining. There was a time when the prices were even higher then they were before they were reduced.
  2. Hey i like bugged weapons. I collect them if anyone has any spare i will pay top dollar
  3. You would be surprised. In the past we have been able to find some very VERY entertaining bug's and coding exploits. Honestly figuring out how to use a bed in a cave isnt very different then some of the things you can figure out how to do if you pay enough attention
  4. Channeling is just a bunk skill to begin with. Do you know how much money Rolf makes off of it between the money spent to buy gems/saccables and the premium time for a priest alt? Lmao.
  5. Oh wow. That was 6 years ago ;o i havnt even been on that server in 5 years man.
  6. If its like everything else in this game itll be in for 5-6 months then one day rolf will change it without consulting or telling anyone....
  7. Bro i assure you that 100% NOTHING in this game works the way it should.