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  1. My next question is, If you manage to loot king robes or something else no drop off a nogump, will it dissappear out of your inventory when they abdicate or the kingdom crumbles?
  2. Your telling me that Boat pvp isnt glorious for all involved? Big ol gank - YouTube
  3. Fatigue is a system originally put in to combat macroing, however in this day and age according to the dev's macroing is caught these days by an automatic detection system, so yes i would have to agree, +1
  4. Do they always throw them back? Or is there a possibility you can loot (Rather someone ELSE can loot) Them off its corpse?
  5. Would that mean those of us who were banned for it get to play on our old accounts again xD
  6. Nvm. apparently it is stuck on pending? weird first time this has ever happened
  7. So i paid for a month of premium time today, it is showing that it was withdrew from my bank account but in game it says i do not have premium
  8. From now on we will be riding zombie horses into battle
  9. Well you certainly wont be getting hit by any arrows any time soon
  10. this thread gave me cancer
  11. Post here some of the best new animal names you have came across, wether it be unicorn horse or donkey.