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  1. Mail fix

    Stop complaining. There was a time when the prices were even higher then they were before they were reduced.
  2. A question about "GM Directive: LT+AOSP=NO "

    Hey i like bugged weapons. I collect them if anyone has any spare i will pay top dollar
  3. The pirate endorses this server
  4. old players not bought accounts

  5. Priests on PvP Servers - Missing Spells

    Im guessing its intended
  6. I can sleep in a bed on a bridge

    You would be surprised. In the past we have been able to find some very VERY entertaining bug's and coding exploits. Honestly figuring out how to use a bed in a cave isnt very different then some of the things you can figure out how to do if you pay enough attention
  7. I and Piper Farewell to Wurm

    Rolf is a goof. But its okay.
  8. Question for Freedom Vyn priests.

    Channeling is just a bunk skill to begin with. Do you know how much money Rolf makes off of it between the money spent to buy gems/saccables and the premium time for a priest alt? Lmao.
  9. General Discussion

    Rolf you did it again
  10. +1 i would like to see this happen
  11. Who Remembers "The Place"?

    Oh wow. That was 6 years ago ;o i havnt even been on that server in 5 years man.
  12. If its like everything else in this game itll be in for 5-6 months then one day rolf will change it without consulting or telling anyone....
  13. Does enchanting work the way it should?

    Bro i assure you that 100% NOTHING in this game works the way it should.