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  1. if you're going to CR nerf any weapon make it hugeaxe during the first week of epic i solo'd someone with small axes and he dropped 5 silver make wurm great again
  2. hello make sleep powder go in the mailbox keep it no-drop otherwise though. easy
  3. lol if you think a hash is a good way to share your password anyways more or less put yourself at the mercy of the person you're renting to.
  4. Lol'd at the SD requirement best of luck.
  5. my friend wanted to know if he can have your stuff
  6. Eve Online

    oooo baby solo caracal from null-to-null is so much more fun than getting stuck in one of those entry systems like I kept doing in Provi. I was isk positive before I undocked the ship, having beaten off a 5-6 man interceptor fleet ( im a direct counter ) each of them warping off in structure while holding scrams on me, until the last tried to warp off, and I burnt after him & killed him Tackled a skiff, 4 reloads before this screenshot. on the 5th reload, thrasher stratios land. Stratios alone can easily cap me out allowing the skiff to get away, but I just sort of MWD'd away from him to the other side of the skiff while holding point. I guess it bought me enough time to reload, lower my sodium levels, pop the skiff, quickly pop the thrasher, and then at 50% shields - try to burn away with heated MWD & adaptive invulnerability field. I popped on the second pulse of aligned & heated MWD @ 20KM from the stratios. tldr: so pretty much because mining is terribad this guy has to mine for like 10 hours to recover his loss and my loss is covered in like 40 minutes tops. next time i hope to take something brawly but this was an easy contract buy. this ends my bad luck solo spree, on to greener pastures.
  7. c97 charcoal for 1.3s if interested cod to Unknownorganism
  8. i have 20fs rats are tough man if i had drake things would go differently between me and those rats
  9. WTS ACC

    hello where is the account i don't see a skill dump is skill dump in poland too
  10. at least you're getting updates, here i am waiting for them to nerf MR
  11. Am I ungrateful?

    next time rolf should just give everyone sleep powder, or nothing at all, if you think of it that way. stop crying because you got bad RNG. nobody had to give you anything, that's why it's a gift
  12. i thought this issue was supposed to be fixed like two months ago