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  1. i have the delay too but my message is already there when i click on another thread! so it seems there is a loop in your code who doesnt close the "sending comment"! or maybe one of these is missing in your code: ( ) ; so that it becomes a zombie.
  2. these "lost 800 player"..... i wouldnt wonder me when these 800 players already sitting in wurm unlimited and having their own server or jumping around on sklotopolis.
  3. Wurm milestone

    hmmm.... how does "Becket the Ancient" or "Becket the Immortal" sound?
  4. Sklotopolis - PVE

    hahahahah.... these horse eggs are just funny! me has a picture-cinema in the brain now about sitting on the eggs and try to hatch them with my warmth body!!! ah, that is good that i will not lose the common newbie items! hmmm.... i should try your server out then. if i see it correct i have to register first, right?
  5. Sklotopolis - PVE

    what are "horse eggs"? and i have another question: if i die..... will i loose my newbie-items? that is something i hate on the normal wurm server..... edit: when i click on your homepage-link then it isnt there! are you working on your homepage by any chance?
  6. uuuuhhh.... invasion from cattles..... some horses and sheeps are there too.... thats that for the comment about lowering the ratio..... lol
  7. tyvm for slaying that nasty guy! ^-^
  8. here is a nice pic from the white dragon hatchling sitting on our harbor and kicking our buts!
  9. The white dragon hatchling is seen on S-18 south-coast (mainland). it is reachable from lormere or by boat! so, if you have the power then kill that guy!
  10. Hota

    No thies is a Test For the price i Kick it in the trash can
  11. Hota

  12. Hota

    wts Hota red Skorpion 5 s wts rare Fountain 3 S Transport to Lormere 4 birchwood Firework each 1 S 12 Straw yule Gaot each 1s 4 Straw yule reindeer each 1s 7 Red Clay guarden gnome each 2s 2 Pottery valenines each 1 S 3 snow Latern each 1 s 2 supreme, 2 rare, 1 Fantastic, champagne each 1 s + cod No private mail I do not answer