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  1. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the Team DAWGS group!
  2. This community is still going strong. Come join us today!
  3. Server Patched 12/11 Changes: Fixed a bug with the bounty mod where it would not properly divide the money given for killing mobs between all attackers (including tower and town guards).
  4. Server Patched 12/09 Changes: Redid the mob coin drop mod to make use of an existing Bounty mod framework so that it's compatible with modloader. The above change fixed 2 known bugs: Arrows not appearing on corpses of killed animals Items in inventory not dropping when dying
  5. I think the latest patch may have broken this tool. Post patch (after re-adding the 3 web class files), I tried to add some money into a players account, and it caused the server to crash.
  6. Come check out our great community of players on both our PVE and PVP islands!
  7. Happy Thanksgiving from us here at Primordial! After you wake up from your food coma, come join us!
  8. Hunt of the Ancients is here! Both Tranquility and Pandemonium maps have been updated to show the locations of the HotA zones.
  9. Pandemonium map has been updated with the locations of the various kingdom starter deeds.
  10. Server Patched 11/20 Changes: Official Patch NotesMod: The current season is now displayed when logging in, as well as when you type /seasons in chat.
  11. Whenever I try to change the power of a player it gives me the error: Unable to change players power. The player in question is currently at level 4 (Arch GM) and I want to demote back to level 0 (player). This character is not logged in.
  12. Server Patched 11/13 Changes: Mod: Custom coin drops on creatures. Now creatures will drop a random amount of coins based on a specific range per creature type along with modifiers that increase it based on a creatures age and difficulty (ie Champion).Mod: Can lead creatures other than horses across water.
  13. I am using Chrome, and tested on MS Edge. No errors are spitting out of the logs. I have the following settings enabled in the php.ini: error_reporting = E_ALL display_errors = On log_errors =On error_log="D:\Logs\PHP\php-errors.log" I checked and no recent errors relating to this.
  14. Trying to get it to work on my test server, but I am not able to get past the login screen. I modified the server.jar file with the 3 files in the webinterface folder. I've made sure the php.ini file has that one extension uncommented. I doubled checked the RMI port, and password, and used as the IP since the webserver and server are on the same host. Does the $serverRoot path need to be the full path including the \sqlite folder? Also, since I am running this in Windows, do I need to escape each "\", basically using double "\\"?
  15. So if it doesn't log which GM did it how does it know which .log file to put the entry into? Currently any GM activities are placed in a named log file. For example, my gm character is Odingm. So when I teleport to someone, the game writes an entry of that into a file in the root wurm folder called Odingm.log.