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  1. Spellcraft - Control the Spell System

    Some random ideas, no idea how many are viable (probably 1 or 2) but here we go; Summon spectral horse, spawns a horse that lasts for a time based on spell strength heat item. spell instantly makes an item in your inventory glowing hot Featherfall. no damage from falling/ouch that hurt. Waterbreathing, either immunity to water or resistance based on spell cast strength Farsight, spyglass Blink, teleport cast strength tiles in forward direction Hidden weapon; enchant makes weapons invisible Corruption; enchant, makes item unimprovable, unenchantable. adds random enchants of random strength. high shatter chance
  2. This is something i did openly for years. Join a town, play with them, pvp with them, maybe get one or two of them killed, then cart all their stuff out to my actual friends/next targets. I must have done this a dozen times over the years on Epic and wild and there wasnt ever any problem. If you think that; "infiltrating a PVP village for the purpose of looting" isnt pvp you're a ###### idiot. Spying is a part of war Sabotage is a part of war PvP is meant to be a war between kingdoms and groups in this game yes? stop acting like its a ###### girls pillow fight where everything needs to be sunshine and daisies.
  3. So we have this system in game where Champions need points to stay champions. We also have artifacts that need charges to stay in the world and not be buried away again. I believe the initial reasoning behind giving artifacts charges was to encourage situations where they could be lost, and to give strategic value to the 2 God altars. I also believe that the altars would gain even more value, and be more often fought over, if champions could gain points from interacting with their light, or perhaps the main enemy altar. This would encourage pvp over and around the 2 altars. I believe the interaction the champions do should be similar to that of the artifacts. A long timer, server-wide message, the sort of things that will let everyone know who is doing what and where. If this wouldn't be enough to cause people to show up hoping to get a champ kill, there could be other things that effect the champion during this time if necessary, maybe they are weakened in some way for the duration of the interaction, perhaps losing the ability to channel or their champion damage reduction? However i don't believe those sort of detriments should be needed to facilitate pvp, they could be an option to consider.
  4. Champion restrictions lifted

  5. Map Generator 2.9 [supports Wurm 1.4]

    i have 8g of usable ram but it doesnt even let me use 2, getting the standard C:\Users\e6000\Desktop\WURM TOOLS\Map gen>java -Xmx2g -jar WGenerator.jar Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for 2097152KB object heap C:\Users\e000\Desktop\WURM TOOLS\Map gen>pause Press any key to continue . . . i have 64bit java/windows/processor
  6. Map Generator 2.9 [supports Wurm 1.4]

    fixed the problem, guess i didnt have the right java?
  7. Map Generator 2.9 [supports Wurm 1.4]

    so i feel like i must be retarded here, what do i need in order for this to actually open because when i try to run the .jar nothing happens
  8. [WU] Datamining

    cant seem to figure out how strong the royal robes and crown are, i have a set of 90ql rare seyrll and dont know if 98ql robes and crown are stronger or not
  9. Champion permadeath return

    What we have now is a point system that is ridiculous. Champions have always seemed like they should be a long lasting, permanent, and strategic thing. It used to be a tough decision to champ, where you would consider gaining immense strength for the potential loss of your character. Now you gain a comparatively minor strength increase with hardly any drawbacks but this silly point system that discourages any casting being done by the champ and sets hard time limits. Its a complete reverse of what made champs good in the past. I completely agree with the idea that champs being permadeath helped create more pvp over the lights i'd say +1 to bringing back permadeath or at the very least heavily revamping the shitty point system. Hell just give server devs the option to in wurm unlimited, right click the lights and set champs to points or lives system.
  10. +1, always thought it silly how i could hit for 5 or 6 damage or 30-50 and it all says the same thing. it really cheapens how progress feels in the game when at a certain level the flavor text doesnt get any different.
  11. DesolationV4 - Evolution - Epoch 3

    I don't really get this defeatist mentality where if the enemy has a few more players or won over a certain area of the map that the game is over and there's no point playing anymore. it's extremely easy to start over somewhere else, to recruit new players and to catch back up specifically because of the epoch system
  12. DesolationV4 - Evolution - Epoch 3

    Part of the problem currently is the low skills and low quality of gear we have, later on fights will last longer and there will be more options for each player to take in a fight. Winning a 1v 2 or 1v3 is very possible if you understand this games combat
  13. DesolationV4 - Evolution - Epoch 3

    Something I had mentioned to jock numerous times while we were doing this was, it's a good thing we don't have to worry about locate soul. We were there for 5 hours. if at any point BL had priests locating us they could've done something about it by either contesting the dragon or setting up to fight us after. they didn't have this opportunity because there's no way to tell where anyone is atm.
  14. DesolationV4 - Evolution - Epoch 3

    So... what, if your town found out the best skill or method to grinding a certain characteristic or making a certain desired item, not an exploit just the best option available, you would freely share that information with everyone? I dont know if you've every actually played wurm online but that whole game was about getting ahead of everyone else. Just because we know something you don't doesn't mean we are hacking. Do you consider your superiors at the workplace cheaters because they have more experience or higher education?