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  1. The fishing update. Combined with the alleged weather/clothing update. I think I prefer the old Wurm with the bugs. Yes, it had bugs, but it was fun. Now, it killed the old bugs, got new ones, but the fun is fading away. It's becoming a tedious chore, not a fun semi-AFK game I started playing so many years ago.
  2. I take my words back. I definitely prefer Mario to the new fishing system :).
  3. Thanks for the description. It does sound overly and totally unnecessarily complicated. I hate seeing Wurm turn to an arcade game like Super Mario Bros...
  4. And how do you fish with a fishing pole? We tried several times (it took us some attempts to realize you have to click, when the target appears, to actually start fishing, although the timer is already running... totally unintuitive), but only get several random messages and nothing happens. Someone wrote something about clicking the fish, but I guess it was a joke, as they're just water tile decorations, right?
  5. I have no idea. But my point is: it shouldn't matter. Both our experiences are anecdotal, but the problem with repairing Guard Towers affects the general PvE population, which I bet does have a lot of players below 20 FS. (Edit: I haven't played much last year, hence no skill increases in the past 12+ months, as we mostly used my wife's account, but I've been playing regularly in 2017 and before). I understand requiring high FS in order to be able to fight harder foes. After all, it's the whole point of the system. I do not understand and refuse to accept requiring FS on a level (for whatever the reason) hard to obtain for a chunk of the PvE population to repair something that is absolutely necessary for such people to be safe from mobs they cannot handle by themselves exactly because they have low FS.
  6. Oh, did I mention I have a Fighting affinity?
  7. As I said, I've been fighting wolves, cats, spiders (with guards), scorpions (with guards), bears (with guards), hell, even trolls (with guards, obviously), and... well: These are my last two skill increases: Logging started 2017-02-04 - [12:26:01] Fighting increased to 13 Logging started 2017-09-24 - [19:38:12] Fighting increased to 14 And when I started playing on this toon, Golden Valley was not there yet.
  8. Well, I play for over a dozen years, I've built several guard towers, I'm 'renowned' in Carpentry and Digging (heh...), but guess what... no 20 FS! And I've been kiling many wolves and wild cats along the way. Fighting is one of the slowest skills to level.
  9. Your analogy is invalid. 1) Weaponsmithing is required to make weapons. Check. 2) Masonry is required to build Guard Towers (to, you know, have someone else to fight for you). Check. 3) Repairing is required to repair Guard Towers. Check. 4) Fighting is required to repair Guar... Wait WHAT?! It is absolutely ridiculous. While it is obvious you need a smith to make a weapon, it is also obvious you need a skilled mason/repairman to, well, you know... repair? Not a skilled fighter.
  10. Speak for yourself. I have high Masonry and Repairing skills, thank you. And no, I don't have and don't intend to have 20 FS. This mechanic has no place on Freedom.
  11. KyleBooze has it spot on. I don't find any of the things listed awesome. Especially the fishing update is hell on wheels.
  12. Actually... I'm playing Wurm for over 20 years, and I haven't hit 20 FS yet. I hate fighting, that's exactly why I build Guard Towers! Requiring FS to repair the towers that are needed to help people with low FS survive the spawns is ridiculous...
  13. Hey, people! They don't won't to listen to their playerbase? Maybe they'll listen to our money. We've been paying for premium and upkeep for years, and we're being blatantly ignored. So let's stop paying for premium for a month, two, as long as it takes to make them listen!
  14. But why? Leave this new crap for whoever is masochistic enough to want it, but bring the old system back for everybody else! Remove the skillgain from the old system, leave the fish, for crying out loud!
  15. 1. Hmm, didn't find this option... How exactly do you do that? 2. We tried replicating the recipe from Wurmpedia, but there's simply no such option. We take the iron lump and the small anvil, but there's only chain under Jewelry Smithing. That's sad