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  1. Hello,i want to price check my nahjo priest Thanks
  2. Hello everyone! Hopeless Highland recruiting new and returning players. If you want to become part of beautiful and friendly village it's place for you! Our village is a part of helpful bigger community, what contains few villages located at South point od Independece. We offer House, 3x3 with small 3x1 pen for cart/horses. At this moment we building public farm and pens for villagers where You can get you own plot If You want to know more, or just want to send recruitment to Us Contact with Kilamplaga, Kijan or Rafaello Or by Recruitment board.
  3. I will be too with my alt. So see You on the battlefield
  4. Bump, topic renamed and resized offer. Diffrent material lamps/candelabras and braziers avalible soon, you can order now. Marble pillar can be ordered with marble brick/mortar/gold brazier bowl, in a package!
  5. Sry I was clearing the cedars I grew 5 wagons fuill of trees using alt to pick up trees I just noticed your message.

  6. EDIT: 17s Aeryck was faster
  7. +1. No matter if Concrete or Mortar, that will give addtional use for concrete of course and will look awesome!
  8. Hello Everyone! Our Location is Indepedence S23 Contact ingame and forum: Kilamplaga Chain smithing Full Set Price Barding 70 QL 1,4s 2s 80 QL 2.4s 3,5s 85 QL 2.8s 4s 90 QL 4s 5s Blacksmithing Price 70 QL 40c 80 QL 50c Lamps* 10x Iron lamp/Torch lamp 10x Imperial street lamp 50 QL 1.5 s 2 s 60 QL 2 s 3 s *Brass/copper/bronze/silver/gold lamps, candelabras and braizers up to 60ql Avalible soon. Bulk orders Amount/Price Rock Shards Marble Shards 1k / 1s 1k / 1s Bricks Mortar 1k / 2s 1k / 3s Large nails Small nails 1k / 1.5s 1k / 1s Frying pans Support beams 100 / 1s 100 / 3s Clay/Tar/Dirt/Sand 1k / 1s Fence Bars Ribbons 100 / 1s 200 / 1s Planks 1k / 1s Shafts 1k / 1s More Coming soon If you would like to buy something that isn't listed here Contact me via forum or ingame! And there is what we have in stock: Counting..... When ordering please add your In-game nickname and your timezone so it will'be easier for us when delivering. Buyer Pays COD All orders can be picked up from the South Shore of Independence at S23 We deliver to any coast on freedom isles or you can pickup in our location Delivery cost is 20c-1s depending on your location Greetings!
  9. Super fast services, i really recommend! improved my L.maul in 2 hours. Thank you!
  10. For first: We never started attack on him. First action was a destroy next palisade to open farm ( his place ) on forrest and block second part of our farm. This is hositle action? NO Destroyed Guard towers is hositle action? No, towers are builded by us, we can. In the end, in palisade is still one way, and second part of farm is open. We dont block him, dont blame, we talked ^^ I talked with GM, i know situation from rules Only who blame and is rude is that, who dont know situation inside, saying on us a "child", sure, as you want ^^
  11. We dont want to grief and harass, and we never did it, we want to solve that peacefully and i think we are on god way to do this. We have talked with Amory. Ceno, neighbour, yes we have lot of farms, lot of them are open and free to settle. We can help him with setting up fences and teraform, you know us, we are always happy to help and make bigger project's
  12. 2 Hours left. Update i accept paypal payaments or ingame currency (Standard 1e-1s)