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  1. I will be there as well, no bed is necessary since i don't know how much time i will have to actually play. Chainsmithing and Blacksmithing.
  2. Been saving up too many pelts, time to sell. All Pelts have no damage. Mountain Lion Pelts: 10c- 68.76 11c- 69.08 11c 50i- 69.67 11c 60i- 69.97 18c- 74.02 18c- 74.43 35c- 82.11 50c- 90.43 60c- 66.01 Coc 25 75c- 67.47 Coc 43 90c- 85.23 Coc 16 Wild Cat Pelts: 35c 10i- 82.52 60c- 97.48 1s- 86.31 Coc 39 Dog Pelts: 9c- 68.07 17c- 73.69 17c 50i- 79.59 35c- 82.52 90c- 84.53 Coc 23 Pendulums: Pm me an offer 32.26 Litd 30 43.22 Litw 63 Chain Amour: 3s- 60ql Full suit Can Be mailed COD, Located on The Independance Server, Approx: 55x 20y Pm me with other offers on these items, i may think about it. Pick up/delivery can be arranged. Prices May be too high/low, not sure, just guessed. Will add more items soon.
  3. Im thinking about selling my deed Ages li. Will only sell if i get a resonable offer otherwise i will keep it for a while longer. Been inactive for awhile so no animals and caved in mines. Id like to get Real money via paypal. but what do you know, i just might give in to silver idk. Please Message me with any questions/offers, you can leave comments but i might not see them till too late. Name: Ages li Size: 29x23 with 10 perimeter and 1 guard. monthly cost: 2s 74c 40i about 9s left in upkeep. I made it a castle like deed, its fully enclosed with tall stone walls and the deed reaches out 1 tile past the walls creating a safe zone for players. 9 buildings, 6 stone, 3 wood. was planning on 7 more but never got around to it. most of the 10 perimeter is flat usable space. 2 mines. 1 on deed that has iron and tin. 1 off deed right off my perimeter has many things but its mostly caved in. its a large mine. its just west of Silent Hill on the NE part of the Independance server Thanks, Hope to hear from yall soon.
  4. Ill be there for sure once i get my blacksmithing to 50 but for now I have: 50+ in CAS, mining, masonry, carpentry, HFC Would like to help in any way possible. Be there in a few weeks or sooner
  5. aww i want to be there so badly but its way too early for me
  6. I dont quite reach the requirements but id like to help anyway possible. I have: 35.86 FS 70ql large maul or swords high enchants, 50-60ql chain and plate armour w/ AOSP 70ql great helm also AOSP 35.79 first aid will be working up FS in the meantime.
  7. buying 1,000 mortar. may buy more if i can afford it. Give me a price.
  8. WTB 1k stone bricks for 1s already bought them
  9. I would be glad to accept a few new wurmians, we have a semi small deed and only 2 members atm including myself. Me and my villager both are in the PST but we try to be online as much as possible. The deed is like an incomplete castle with room for advancing for newer members. We are still trying to set up most of the area but having difficulties leveling out the deed. I can do it but it will take time and it takes me away from all other village chores as why i would like to have more villagers. if interested please pm me in game or send me a message in the forum Kingjared in game.
  10. Wow havent been on for 3 days, when i finally have time to come online its dead. This sucks
  11. Not again i wasnt even near my deed this time.
  12. yeah GV sucks when i have alot to do on Freedom.
  13. Its been down forever it seems