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  1. this has never happened as long as I have been playing. only the god-specific demise spells could be removed.
  2. -1 you're libila and have different buffs and perks, as well as different limitations. the gods are more balanced now than they ever were. Magic itself may not be, but the gods are. it sounds like a problem with locate soul itself and in this case it may need a tweak. when used properly it can be very strong.
  3. Chaos suggestion

    you left out the part where you cried on vent (literally) after we told you your defense idea was stupid and they would use it against us they did, too, but you had rage quit by that time and left the village to be defended by people who didn't even live there
  4. I think people who pay money do so because they enjoy the game. I don't understand how people who don't enjoy a game care more about it than those who do, haha. I for one find that SWTOR and Mass Effect are fun enough to justify the price, and I'll play as long as that holds true. Anyone who complicates that is getting far too serious about something as un-serious as a video game. because biodrones I want to see them make the good games they are capable of, not a bunch of garbage to make a quick buck
  5. boy howdy you sound mad. I'll throw you a bone and say bioware was okay before EA took them over. anyone who gives them money now just encourages bad devlopment.
  6. Baldurs gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Kotor come from this so called awful troll is fail. biodrone
  7. "its not exploiting when we do it"
  8. I agree with removing skill gain from players with respect to archery and shield, period. increase skill gain a tad bit from hard animals to compensate.
  9. lol at rolf complaining about a no-win situation. its a situation you've put yourself in with previous judgments in the past. all you have to do is be consistent with punishment but that seems to be difficult for reasons unknowable to me.
  10. when I played FFXI, GMs would always tell us to put offenders on blacklist if it was done in private chat. linkshells (villages) were un-moderated because you could 1. leave the linkshell 2. kick the offender 3. blacklist (ignore) the offender their attitude was if the person is a problem then they shouldn't be there, or if you are the only person with a problem then you shouldn't be there. only things like /shouts (kchat) could draw the ire of gms. FFXI was and is a much bigger game than wurm and some of these rules (or lack thereof) might be due to necessity from lack of resources but it seemed to work well.
  11. Were they given two warnings? I seem to recall an incident in the past where people involved didn't know it was an exploit and received two warnings after a massive public outcry. ps. posteh why do you gaf if all of hots is painted with a brush ???
  12. I'm more impressed you found out how to freeze it first
  13. Asking for horses to back up slower has been going on for awhile now. Sucks rolf doesnt code around cow racing but thems the breaks.