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  1. Hi there, please message me (belacane) in game or on the forums. I have a question for you.

  2. Hi, can you send the 6ql, 87coc hatchet cod to aldabest? Thanks.
  3. I sent a pm on the 10th March that you've apparently read? :/
  4. Could I get a 90ql carving knife cod to aldabest? Thanks
  5. I should be there, imping boats to 70 or so
  6. Wow this is the same guy :/ I can confirm that he is not to be trusted, going by the boat I was going to sell to him then he backed out of it in a very awkward and unresponsive manner. Hope everything works out Budda!
  7. Note to Elwood: The zombies have taken me prisoner, apologies for delays on the caravel whilst I free myself!
  8. Current Laptop: CPU: Core 2 Duo @ 1.66 Ghz (T5450) RAM: 4Gb (Forgotten make and speed. Either 1066 or 1333Mhz. DDR2 most likely) GFX Card: Integrated GMA X3100 OS: Win7 Prof 64bit HDD Size(s): 160Gb Planned Desktop: CPU: i7 950 OC'd to something between 3.5 and 4Ghz RAM: 6Gb 1600Mhz DDR3 XMS GFX Card: GTX 460 1Gb OC'd a bit. OS: Win 7 Home Prem 64bit HDD Size(s): Either 1tb or 2tb, 7200rpm 64mb cache etc
  9. i'll be at it in a few days Slight change Can I make that 3 90ql Forges? 1 forge and the low stone wall will be at PCG Mine, the other 2 forges and stove will be on my island.
  10. Same, or sleep bonus over the 5h limit.
  11. 2 90ql Forges 1 90ql Stove 1 Low Stone wall On Colossus Lake